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Type-86 WZ501 IFV - Armament

The middle of the Type 86 infantry fighting vehicle turret shape is very low. Turret rotation and gun pitch are operated by the console and are manually operated. Turret maximum pitch speed greater than 6 degrees / sec, turret maximum speed greater than 20 degrees / sec. The turret is equipped with a small body of 73 mm low-pressure smooth-bore gun (The Type 86 infantry fighting main source of fire), artillery full weight of 110 kg, a total length of 2.185 meters, the maximum pitch angle of -3 degrees 30 minutes to +30 degrees 30 points, due to low chamber pressure, so the artillery has a simple structure, light weight characteristics.

On the right side of the gun there is a 7.62 mm parallel machine gun, prepared for 2000 rounds; in the artillery and artillery shield with a Red Arrow -73 anti-tank missile launchers; turret bottom of the basket; turret top of the right side with a white searchlight. The gunner is located in the turret, with 4 guns with periscope and a day and night light night vision sight.

The daytime sight system has field of view is 15 degrees, magnification 6X; night system field of view is 6 degrees, magnification 6.7X, night vision distance of about 400 to 900 meters. There are two types of armor and grenade in the sight.

Carrying infantry is not the only way the battle can be fought. In order to facilitate the infantry fighting, in the vehicle body on both sides and left rear door with a total of nine shooting holes and observation aimed at the device for the infantry class shooting. On both sides of the first front of the first perforation for class machine guns, 30 degrees to the front of the vehicle direction. The other 6 perforations are used to assault rifles or submachine guns, with a spherical bearing in the perforation that allows the gun upside down 12 degrees or so and 15 degrees to the left and right. Waste shells are collected in the cartridge case, the powder can be exhausted by the exhaust fan. In addition, the vehicle also has a 40 mm rocket launcher, 10 grenades.

When loading the artillery must return to the loading position, the time equivalent to the artillery into 3 degrees 30 minutes elevation angle, automatically controlled by the angle controller, firing rate of 7 to 8 rounds / min. If the automatic loading machine fails, it can be manually loaded. The turret is equipped with a 73mm tail stabilized rocket extended range of armor and tail stabilized steel bead grenades each 20, of course, can also be based on combat mission needs.

One anti-armor round weight of 3.5 kg, the initial speed of 410 m / s, direct distance of 780 meters, effective range of 1300 meters; grenade weighs 3.86 kg, the maximum range of 2900 meters. Red Arrow -73 anti-tank missiles are mainly used to deal targets at less than 3000 meters within the armored target, the vehicle uses cable-guidance, through the front of the top of the tower loading window, then the artillery should be raised to near the maximum elevation (About 28 degrees) position. Range of 500-5000 meters (5000 meters refers to the red arrow-73 improved).

In addition, every 3-4 infantry fighting vehicles also equipped with a Hongying-5 air defense missiles, an effective range of 4200 meters, effective shooting 50-2300 meters, with a certain degree of self-defense capability. The vehicle has three defenses, the vehicle can be the overall seal to the main collective protection, infantry can carry a gas mask for use when fighting off.

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