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Jinan Military Region - Order of Battle

Group Army
(Jituan Jun)
BattalionLocationUnit #Equipment
Jinan MR
Queshan Combined Arms Tactical Training Base72506
MR Tankmen Training BaseJinan72253
MR Recon Training Dadui
MR Tech Rapid Reaction UnitJinan72959
MR Pontoon REGTMangshan71621
MR Special Operations DaduiLaiwau71770
U/I Tech DaduiLaiwau72850
U/I Survey and Cartography Dadui
U/I Army Aviation Helicopter REGTXinxiang
20 Group ArmyKaifeng71320
58 Mechanized Infantry BDEXuchang71622
U/I Motorized Infantry BDE54650
U/I Artillery BDEQueshan71262
U/I AAA BDEShangoiu71315
U/I Engineer REGTXinyang54639
U/I Armored DivisionZhumadian71811
26 Group ArmyWeifang71146
U/I Motorized Infantry BDE
U/I Motorized Infantry BDE71916
U/I AAA BDEJinan71939
8 Armored DivisionWeifang71375
138 Motorized Infantry Division71217
8 Artillery DivisionWeifang71602
U/I DivisionLaiwu71345
54 Group ArmyXinxiang71521
U/I Motorized Infantry BDE71522
U/I Armored BDEZhenping71669
U/I Air Defense BDE71834
U/I Artillery BDELuoying71426
U/I Engineer REGTQinyang54776
127 Lt Mechanized Infantry Division
"Red Army Division"
162 Motorized Infantry DivisionAnyang71352
Shandong Military DistrictXinxiang71521
U/I Shandong Army RSV Log Sup BDE
76 RSV Infantry DivisionYantai
U/I Shandong Reserve AAA DivisionQingdao (Prob)
U/I Shandong RSV Artillery DivisionJining
Henan Military DistrictXinxiang71521
136 RSV Infantry Division
U/I Henan Army RSV AAA DivisionZhengzhou

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