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Ship Type and Class Designations - 1968

The 1920 directive lasted more or less in its original shape for over 30 years, replaced only on 26 September 1952 with the release of SECNAVINST 5030.1. And as specialization of ships and craft classifications increased in the 1950s and 1960s, dozens of new ship categories meant the release of five (5) additional versions of SECNAVHIST 5030.1 by the end of the latter decade. Version E, released in 1968, and categorizes a very different Navy from half a century before, not the least of which was the breaking out of aircraft carriers from the cruiser type into its' very own type class.

Changing missions and increasing specialization chaged many of the designations as well, with amphibious warfare types now bearing symbols beginning with L, minecraft symbols beginning with M and combatant types subdivided between warships and smaller craft. A number of new type categories appeared, such as Ocean Escorts and Riverine Warfare Craft, as well as new ship types with guided missiles or nuclear propulsion. These changes reflect the evolving strategic needs of a Navy engaged in a hot war in Vietnam, and a tense Cold War with the Soviet Union, as well as the influence of technological change on the composition and capabilites of the Navy.

Letter prefixes are used in conjunction with classification symbols as follows:
E - To indicate a prototype -ship or craft that is in an experimental or developmental status.
T - To indicate that a ship is assigned to MSTS (Military Sea Transportation Service).
F - To indicate that a ship is being constructed for a foreign government.
The letter "N" when used as the last letter of a ship classification symbol denotes nuclear propulsion. When used as the last letter of a service craft classification symbol, the letter "N" indicates a non-self-propelled version of a similar self-propelled service craft.

List of Combatant Ship Classifications
1. Warships:
Battleship BB
Heavy Cruiser CA
Guided Missile Cruiser CG
Guided Missile Cruiser (nuclear propulsion) CGN
Light Cruiser CL
Guided Missile Light Cruiser CLG
Command Ship CC
Aircraft Carriers:
Attack Aircraft Carrier CVA
Attack Aircraft Carrier (nuclear propulsion) CVAN
ASW Support Aircraft Carrier CVS
Training Aircraft Carrier CVT
Destroyer DD
Guided Missile Destroyer DDG
Frigate DL
Guided Missile Frigate DLG
Guided Missile Frigate (nuclear propulsion) FLGN
Ocean Escorts:
Escort Ship DE
Guided Missile Escort Ship DEG
Radar Picket Escort Ship DER
Submarine SS
Submarine (nuclear propulsion) SSN
Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine (nuclear propulsion) SSBN
Guided Missile Submarine SSG
Patrol Ships:
Patrol Escort PCE
Patrol Rescue Escort PCER
Patrol Gunboat PG
2. Amphibious Warfare Ships
Amphibious Command Ship LCC
Inshore Fire Support Ship LFR
Amphibious Fire Support Ship LFS
Amphibious Assault Ship (general purpose) LHA
Amphibious Cargo Ship LKA
Amphibious Transport LPA
Amphibious Transport Dock LPD
Amphibious Assault Ship LPH
Amphibious Transport (small) LPR
Amphibious Transport Submarine LPSS
Dock Landing Ship LSD
Tank Landing Ship LST
3. Mine Warfare Ships:
Mine Countermeasures Ship MCS
Minehunter, Coastal MHC
Minelayer, Coastal MMC
Minelayer, Fast MMD
Minelayer, Fleet MMF
Minesweeper, Coastal (nonmagnetic) MSC
Minesweeper, Coastal (old) MSCO
Minesweeper, Fleet (steel hull) MSF
Minesweeper, Ocean (nonmagnetic) MSO
Minesweeper, Special (device) MSS
List of Combatant Craft Classifications
1. Patrol Craft
Patrol Craft (hydrofoil) PCH
Patrol Craft, Submarine PCS
Patrol Gunboat (hydrofoil) PGH
Fast Patrol Craft PTF
2. Landing Craft:
Landing Craft, Assault LCA
Landing Craft, Mechanized LCM
Landing Craft, Personnel Large LCPL
Landing Craft, Personnel, Ramped LCPR
Landing Craft, Utility LCU
Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel LCVP
Amphibious Warping Tug LWT
3. Mine Countermeasures Craft:
Minehunter, Auxiliary MHA
Minesweeper, Auxiliary MSA
Minesweeping Boat MSB
Minesweeper, Drone MSD
Minesweeper, Inshore MSI
Minesweeping Launch MSL
Minesweeper, River (Converted LCM-6) MSM
Minesweeper, Patrol MSR
4. Riverine Warfare Craft:
Assault Support Patrol Boat ASPB
Armored Troop, Carrier ATC
Command and Control Boat CCB
Monitor MON
Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle PACV
River Patrol Boat PBR
Patrol Craft, Inshore PCF
List of Auxiliary Ships Classifications
1. Auxiliary Ships:
Destroyer Tender AD
Degaussing Ship ADG
Ammunition Ship AE
Store Ship AF
Combat Storeship AFS
Miscellaneous AG
Escort Research Ship AGDE
Hydrofoil Research Ship AGEH
Environmental Research Ship AGER
Miscellaneous Command Ship AGF
Missile Range Instrumentation Ship AGM
Major Communications Relay ship AGMR
Oceanographic Research Ship AGOR
Radar Picket Ship AGR
Surveying Ship AGS
Auxiliary Submarine AGSS
Technical Research Ship AGTR
Hospital Ship AH
Cargo Ship AK
Cargo Ship, Dock AKD
Light Cargo Ship AKL
Stores Issue Ship AKS
Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry AKV
Vehicle Cargo Ship AKR
Net Laying Ship ANL
Oiler AO
Fast Combat Support Ship AOE
Gasoline Tanker AOG
Replenishment Oiler AOR
Transport AP
Self-Propelled Barracks Ship APB
Small Coastal Transport APC
Repair Ship AR
Battle Damage Repair Ship ARB
Cable Repairing Ship ARC
Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship ARG
Landing Craft Repair Ship ARL
Salvage Ship ARS
Salvage Lifting Ship ARSD
Salvage Craft Tender ARST
Aircraft Repair Ship (aircraft) ARVA
Aircraft Repair Ship (engine) ARVE
Aircraft Repair Ship (helicopter) A
Submarine Tender AS
Submarine Rescue Ship ASR
Auxiliary Ocean Tug ATA
Fleet Ocean Tug ATF
Salvage Tug ATS
Seaplane Tender AV
Advanced Aviation Base Ship AVB
Guided Missile Ship AVM
Aviation Supply Ship AVS
Auxiliary Aircraft Transport AVT
Distilling Ship AW
Fast Deployment Logistics Ship FDL
Unclassified Miscellaneous IX
List of Service Craft Classifications
1. Service Craft:
Large Auxiliary Floating Drydock (non-self-propelled) AFDB
Small Auxiliary Floating Drydock (non-self-propelled) AFDL
Medium Auxiliary Floating Drydock (non-self-propelled) AFDM
Barracks Craft (non-self-propelled) APL
Auxillary Repair Drydock (non-self-propelled) ARD
Medium Auxiliary Repair Drydock (non-self-propelled) ARDM
Submersible Research Vehicle (nuclear propulsion) NR
Target and Training Submarine (self-propelled) SST
Submersible Craft (self-propelled) X
Miscellaneous Auxiliary (self-propelled) YAG
Open Lighter (non-self-propelled) YC
Car Float (non-self-propelled) YCF
Aircraft Transportation Lighter (non-self-propelled) YCV
Floating Crane (non-self-propelled) YD
Diving Tender (non-self-propelled) YDT
Covered Lighter (self-propelled) YF
Ferryboat or Launch (self-propelled) YFB
Yard Floating Drydock (non-self-propelled) YFD
Covered Lighter (non-self-propelled) YFN
Large Covered Lighter (non-self-propelled) YFNB
Drydock Companion Craft (non-self-propelled) YFND
Lighter (special purpose) (non-self-propelled) YFNX
Floating Power Barge (non-self-propelled) YFP
Refrigerated Covered Lighter (self-propelled) YFR
Refrigerated Covered Lighter (non-self-propelled) YFRN
Covered Lighter (ranger tender) (self-propelled) YFRT
Harbor Utility Craft (self-propelled) YFU
Garbage Lighter (self-propelled) YG
Garbage Lighter (non-self-propelled) YGN
Salvage Lift Craft, Heavy (non-self-propelled) YHLC
Dredge (self-propelled) YM
Salvage Lift Craft, Medium (non-self-propelled) YMLC
Salvage Lift Craft, Light (self-propelled) YLLC
Gate Craft (non-self-propelled) YNG
Fuel Oil Barge (self-propelled) YO
Gasoline Barge (self-propelled) YOG
Gasoline Barge (non-self-propelled) YOGN
Fuel Oil Barge (non-self-propelled) YON
Oil Storage Barge (non-self-propelled) YOS
Patrol Craft (self-propelled) YP
Floating Pile Driver (non-self-propelled) YPD
Floating Workshop (non-self-propelled) YR
Repair and Berthing Barge (non-self-propelled) YRB
Repair, Berthing and Messing Barge (non-self-propelled) YRBM
Floating Dry Dock Workshop (hull) (non-self-propelled) YRDH
Floating Dry Dock Workshop (machine) (non-self-propelled) YRDM
Radiological Repair Barge (non-self-propelled) YRR
Salvage Craft Tender (non-self-propelled) YRST
Seaplane Wrecking Derrick (self-propelled) YSD
Sludge Removal Barge (non-self-propelled) YSR
Large Harbor Tug (self-propelled) YTB
Small Harbor Tug (self-propelled) YTL
Medium Harbor Tug (self-propelled) YTM
Drone Aircraft Catapult Control Craft (self--propelled) YV
Water Barge (self-propelled) YW
Water Barge (non-self-propelled) YWN

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