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Naming Ships

Type: World War II Current
Aircraft Carriers:
Nuclear Aircraft Carrier CVN Famous Navy ships;
Aircraft Carrier
Fleet Aircraft Carriers, Large
Famous battles;
Famous Navy ships;
famous battles;
Places associated with aviation history
Fleet Aircraft Carrier CV Famous Navy ships;
famous battles
Light Aircraft Carrier CVL Famous Navy ships;
famous battles
Escort Carrier CVE Sounds & bays;
battles of WW II
Amphibious Assault
Amphibious Assault, Helicopter LPH Famous USMC battles
Amphibious Assault, Aviation LHA
Amphibious Assault, Dock LHD Famous aircraft carriers
Landing Ships & Craft:
Amphibious Transport, Dock LPD Cities honoring pioneers
Landing Ship, Dock LSD Historic sites
Landing Ship, Tank LST none Cities;
Landing Ship, Vehicle LSV Old Monitors of USN
Battleship BB States of the Union
Large Cruiser CB Territories & possessions
Heavy Cruiser CA Cities & towns
Light Cruiser CL Cities & towns
Guided Missile Cruiser CG Distinguished Americans;
Famous battles
Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser CGN Distinguished Americans;
States of the Union
Destroyer Escort DE Distinguished USN/USMC officers & enlisted men
Destroyer DD Distinguished USN/USMC officers & enlisted men
Guided Missile Destroyer DDG
Frigate FF
Guided Missile Frigate FFG
Submarine SS Fish and marine creatures
Nuclear Submarine SSN Fish and marine creatures;
Cities & towns;
States of the Union
Ballistic Missile Submarine SSBN Presidents;
Distinguished Americans;
States of the Union
Minelayers & Coastal Minelayer CM Old monitors of USN
Light Minelayer DM
Auxiliary Minelayer ACM Obstructions
Minewsweeper AM Birds;
abstract qualities;
word of action
Coastal Minewsweeper AMc
Fast Minewsweeper DMS
Mine Countermeasures Support Ship MCS Famous USMC battle
Mine Countermeasures Ship MCM abstract qualities;
word of action
Coastal Mine Hunter MHC Birds
Patrol Craft:
Frigate PF Cities & towns
Gunboat PG
River Gunboat PR Islands
Converted Yacht PG Precious & semi-precious stones;
general words
Smaller Converted Yacht PY
Coastal Yacht PYc
Crane Ship AB
"Crane Ship No. 1" State nicknames;
Destroyer Tender AD Geographical areas of the US
Ammunition Ship AE Volcanoes Volcanoes;
words denoting fire and explosives
Provision Store Ship AF Stars
Combat Stores Ship AFS Cities;
Mythological figures;
Amphibious Force Command Ship AGC
MTB Tender AGP Mythological figures
Surveying Ship AGS Distinguished marine surveyors
Hospital Ship
Hospital Ship AH Peaceful or comforting words
Cargo Ship:
Cargo Ship AK Stars;
counties of the US
Medal of Honor recipients;
various other names
Cargo Ship, RO/RO AKR Stars;
various other names
Attack Cargo Ship AKA Counties of the US
Net Cargo Ship AKN Stars;
counties of the US
General Stores Issue Ship AKS Stars
Cargo Ships and Aircraft Ferry AKV Places associated with aviation history
Net-Laying Ship
Net-Laying Ship AN Trees or old USN monitors
Oilers & Tankers:
Oiler AO Rivers Rivers;
Famous battles;
famous ship designers or builders
Gasoline Tanker AOG
Transport Oiler AOT various names
Fast Combat Support Ship AOE Cities;
various other names
Transport AP Presidents;
Signers of Declaration of Independence;
distinguished generals & admirals;
famous women;
historic places
Attack Transport APA Counties of the US
Evacuation Transport APH Surgeons General of the USN
Barracks Ship APL famous hotels
Aircraft Ferry APV Places associated with aviation history
Repair Ships:
Cable Repairing Ship ARC Mythological figures
Repair Ship AR Mythological figures
Landing Craft / Light Repair Ship ARL
Battle-Damage Repair Ship ARB
Heavy Hull Repair Ship ARH
Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship ARG Islands
Salvage Vessel ARS Terms associated with marine salvage
Submarine Tenders & Rescue Vessels:
Submarine Tender AS Submarine pioneers;
mythological figures
Submarine pioneers
Submarine Rescue Vessel ASR Birds
Auxiliary Tug ATA Indian Tribes
Fleet Ocean Tug ATF
Seaplane Tenders:
Seaplane Tender AV Aviation pioneers;
bays, sounds & straits
Small Seaplane Tender AVP Birds

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