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Exercises - Joint Forces Command

U.S. Joint Forces Command

NAMETypeCost $MFrequencyDateHost
Central Asian CJTF EXFTX0
Cooperative NuggetFTX0.1
Cooperative OspreyCPX0.1
Cooperative SafeguardAIREX0.1
Cooperative SupportAIREX0.1
Cooperative TelosCPX0.1
Cooperative Tide
Cooperative ZenithAIREX0.1
Ellipse AlphaFTX0
Eloquent NuggetCPX0.1
Focused Logistics Wargames (FLOW)CPX
JRAPTOR Experimentation
Joint Red FlagFTX / CPXbiennial
Linked Seas
Millennium Challenge
Northern LightFTX2.9
Northern VikingFTX3.3
Roving SandsFTX12.8
Sorbet RoyalNAVSUBEX0.5
Strong Resolve
Unified EndeavorCAX0.44/year
Unified SpiritJTFEXquadrennial
Unified QuestCPX
Unified WarriorJTFEXbiennial

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