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Unified Quest

Unified Quest '03, a war game that the Army and the Joint Forces Command co-sponsored in April 2003 as an effort to experiment with new war-fighting concepts. Unified Quest was the first of a series of war games designed to give Joint Forces Command real power to bring about "jointness" in U.S. war fighting. The lessons from Unified Quest will begin to shape a new definition of joint. The problem is that each service derived its own definition of what joint operations are. It should not surprise anyone that the military ends up with interoperability problems-both technical and conceptual." The war game was designed to provide "a common joint context.

The scenario devised for Unified Quest, set in 2015, has the United States (the Blue force) engaged in a major conflict in Southwest Asia against a fictitious country called Nair (the Red Nair force). Another contingency also erupts in the Pacific area, where Islamic fundamentalist rebels (the Red Sumesia force) are trying to topple the secular U.S.-friendly government of Sumesia. All the while, terrorist threats against the United States turn into daily crises at the Department of Homeland Security.

The Blue force fighting Nair consists of three corps-size units, two Air Force expeditionary force packages, five aircraft carriers (four American and one British) and three battalions of special operations forces.

The Red Nair force is much larger, with 15-17 corps-size units. They are equipped with modern commercial communications systems and advanced weaponry purchased from other countries in the open market.

The Blue force in Sumesia consists of two Army brigades and two Marine expeditionary brigades. That adds to about 70,000 troops, including one brigade made up of Australian and New Zealand troops. The Red insurgents had 50,000 troops, many of them untrained guerrilla fighters, equipped only with small arms and portable surface-to-air missiles.

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