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Graphic - Center for Army Lessons Learned

On Point

The United States Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom





























A2C2		Army Airspace Command and Control		
AAA		Anti-Aircraft Artillery		
AAMDC		Army Air and Missile Defense Command		
AASLT		Air Assault		
ABC-BL		Army Battle Command Battle Lab		
ABCS		Army Battle Command System		
ABN		Airborne		
ACC		USAF Air Combat Command		
ACE		Armored Combat Earthmover (M9)		
ACE		Analysis and Control Element		
ACOM		US Atlantic Command		
ACP		Assault Command Post		
ACR		Armored Cavalry Regiment		
ACR(L)		Armored Cavalry Regiment (Light)		
AD		Armored Division		
ADA		Air Defense Artillery		
A-DAY		Initiate Air Operations		
ADC-M		Assistant Division Commander--Maneuver		
ADC-O		Assistant Division Commander--Operations		
ADCON		Administrative Control		
ADOCS		Automated Deep Operations Coordination System		
ADVON		Advanced Echelons		
AEF		Air Expeditionary Forces		
AEGIS		Advanced Electronic Guided Intercept System		
AFAC		Airborne Forward Air Controller		
AFAR		Airborne Field Artillery Regiment		
AFATDS		Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System		
AH		Attack Helicopter		
AHB		Attack Helicopter Battalion		
AHR		Attack Helicopter Regiment		
AIR		Airborne Infantry Regiment		
AMC		Army Materiel Command		
AMDWS		Air and Missile Defense Warning System		
AMPHIB		Amphibious		
ANGLICO		Air and Naval Gunfire Control Team		
AO		Area Of Operations		
AP		Assault Position		
APC		Armored Personnel Carrier		
APOD		Aerial Port Of Debarkation		
APOE		Aerial Port Of Embarkation		
APS		Army Pre-Position Stocks		
AR		Armor		
ARCENT		Army Central Command		
ARFOR		Army Forces		
ARNG		Army National Guard		
ASAP		As Soon As Possible		
ASAS		All Source Analysis System		
ASAS-RWS		All Source Analysis System-Remote Work Station (see also RWS)		
ASB		Aviation Support Battalion		
ASOC		Air Support Operation Center		
ASPB		Army Strategic Planning Board		
AT		Anti-Tank (i.e., AT-3)		
ATACMS		Army Tactical Missile System		
ATBM		Anti-Theater Ballistic Missile		
ATCCS		Army Tactical Command and Control System		
AUS		Australia		
AVCRAD		Aviation Certification Repair Activity Depot		
AVIM		Aviation Intermediate Maintenance		
AVLB		Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge		
AVN		Aviation		
AWACS		Airborne Warning And Control System		

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BCE		Before Common Era				
BCOTM		Battle Command On The Move				
BCT		Brigade Combat Team				
BCTP		Battle Command Training Program				
BDA		Battle Damage Assessment				
BDE		Brigade				
BFT		Blue Force Tracking				
BG		Brigadier General (1 star)				
BIFV		Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle				
BIAP		Baghdad International Airport				
BMD		USSR Design Airborne Vehicle (IFV)				
BMP		USSR Design Vehicle (IFV)				
BN		Battalion				
BOS		Battlefield Operating System				
BRDM		USSR Design Reconnaissance Vehicle (IFV)				
BRT		Brigade Reconnaissance Troop				
BTR		USSR Design Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)				
BTRY		Battery				
BUA		Battle Update Assessment				

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C1		Personnel Department at Combined Staff				
C2		Intelligence Department at Combined Staff				
C2		Command and Control				
C2X		Command and Control Exploitation				
C2PC		Command and Control for Personal Computers				
C3		Operations Department at Combined Staff				
C4		Logistics Department at Combined Staff				
C4ISR		Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance			
C5		Plans Department at Combined Staff				
C6		Communications Department at Combined Staff				
CA		Civil Affairs				
CACOM		Civil Affairs Command				
CALL		Center for Army Lessons Learned				
CARL		Combined Arms Research Library				
CAS		Close Air Support				
CAT-A		Civil Affairs Team--A				
CAV		Cavalry				
CBRN		Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear				
CENTCOM		US Central Command				
CFACC		Combined Forces Air Component Command				
CFLCC		Combined Forces Land Component Command				
CFSOCC		Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command				
CFZ		Critical Friendly Zone				
CG		Commanding General				
CGS		Common Ground Station				
CGSC		Command and General Staff College				
CGSOC		Command and General Staff Officers' Course				
CH		Cargo Helicopter				
CH		Chaplain				
CI		Counter Intelligence				
CID		US Army Criminal Investigation Command				
CJTF		Combined and Joint Task Force				
CMx		Collection Management and Dissemination				
CMH		Center of Military History				
CMTC		Combat Maneuver Training Center				
COE		Contemporary Operating Environment				
COG		Chief, Operations Group or Center of Gravity				
COL		Colonel				
COLT		Combat Observation Lasing Team				
COMCFLCC		Commander, Combined Forces Land Component Command				
CONPLAN		Contingency Plan				
CONUS		Continental United States				
COSCOM		Corps Support Command				
CP		Command Post		
CRC		Continental United States (CONUS) Replacement Center		
CS		Combat Support		
CSA		Chief of Staff of the Army				
CSC		Convoy Support Center				
CSG		Corps Support Group				
CSH		Combat Support Hospital				
CSI		Combat Studies Institute				
CSM		Command Sergeant Major				
CSS		Combat Service Support				
CSSCS		Combat Service Support Control System				
CTC		Combat Training Center				
CWO		Chief Warrant Officer (2 thru 5)				

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DAADC		Deputy Area Air Defense Commander				
DCG		Deputy Commanding General				
DCG-O		Deputy Commanding General for Operations				
DCG-S		Deputy Commanding General for Support				
DET		Detachment				
DISCOM		Division Support Command				
DIV		Division				
DIVARTY		Division Artillery				
DOD		Department of Defense		
DOTMLPF		Doctrine, Organizations, Training, Materiel, Leader Development, Personnel and Facilities		
DRE		Deployment Readiness Exercise		
DS		Direct Support		
DSN		Defense Switched Network		
DTG		Date-Time Group		
DTRA		Defense Threat Reduction Agency		

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EA		Engagement Area		
EADTF		Extended Air Defense Task Force		
EIS		Enhanced Information Systems		
EN		Engineer		
ENCOM		Engineer Command		
EOD		Explosive Ordnance Disposal		
EPW		Enemy Prisoner of War		
ERDC		US Army Engineer Research and Development Center		
ETAC		Enlisted Terminal Attack Controller		
EUCOM		US European Command		
EXORD		Execution Order		

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F/A		Fighter/Ground Attack Aircraft (i.e., F/A-18)		
FA		Field Artillery		
FAIO		Field Artillery Intelligence Officer		
FARP		Forward Arming and Refueling Point		
FBCB2		Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below		
FIF		Free Iraqi Forces		
FIST		Fire Support Team		
FLAGINT		Intelligence generated by "flag or general" officers		
FM		Field Manual		
FM		Frequency Modulation		
FOB		Forward Operating Base		
FORSCOM		US Army Forces Command		
FOX		M-93 FOX NBC Reconnaissance System		
FPF		Final Protective Fires		
FRAGO		Fragmentary Order		
FROG		Free Rocket Over the Ground		
FSB		Forward Support Battalion		
FSE		Fire Support Element		
FSSG		Force Service Support Group		
FSSP		Fuel System Supply Point		
FST-V		Fire Support Team Vehicle		
FWD		Forward		

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G1		Corps and Division Personnel Staff		
G2		Corps and Division Intelligence Staff		
G3		Corps and Division Operations Staff		
G4		Corps and Division Logistics Staff		
G5		Corps and Division Civil/Military Staff		
G6		Corps and Division Communications Staff		
GAC		Ground Assault Convoy		
GBR		Great Britain		
GCCS		Global Command and Control System		
G-Day		Start of Major Ground Combat Operations		
GEN		General (4 star)		
GI		Government Issue		
GOPLATS		Gulf Oil Platforms		
GPS		Global Positioning System		
GS		General Support		
GSR		Ground Surveillance Radar		
GSR		General Support Reinforcing		
GWOT		Global War On Terrorism		

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HE		High Explosive		
HEAT		High-Explosive Anti-Tank		
HET		Heavy Equipment Transporter		
HHB		Headquarters and Headquarters Battery		
HHC		Headquarters and Headquarters Company		
HHD		Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment		
H-HOUR		Time of Attack		
HHOC		Headquarters and Headquarters Operations Company		
HHSC		Headquarters and Headquarters Service Company		
HKT		Hunter Killer Team		
HOW		Howitzer		
HMMWV		High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle		
HMS		Her Majesties Ship (British Warship)		
HQ		Headquarters		
HRC		Heavy Ready Company		
HSC		Headquarters Support Company		
HSV		High Speed Vessel		
HUMINT		Human Intelligence		
HVA		High-Value Asset

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IBOS		Intelligence Battlefield Operating System		
IBS		Integrated Broadcast Services		
ID		Infantry Division		
IFOR		Implementation Force		
IN		Infantry		
INSCOM		US Army Intelligence and Security Command		
IO		Information Operations		
IREMBASS		Improved Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System		
IRF		Immediate Ready Force		
ISR		Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance		
ITO		Iraqi Theater of Operations		
IVIS		Inter-Vehicular Information System		

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JA		Unit Designator for Chemical Detachment (NBCE) (JA)		
JAC		Joint Analysis Center		
JACE		Joint Analysis and Control Element		
JDAMS		Joint Direct Attack Munitions System		
JDISS		Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System		
JFACC		Joint Force Air Component Command		
JFCOM		Joint Forces Command		
JLOTS		Joint Logistics Over The Shore		
JOE		Joint Operating Environment		
JOPES		Joint Operation Planning and Execution System		
JRAC		Joint Rear Area Coordinator /Command		
JRTC		Joint Readiness Training Center		
JSOTF		Joint Special Operations Task Force		
JSOTF-NORTH	Joint Special Operations Task Force-North Iraq		
JSOTF-WEST	Joint Special Operations Task Force-West Iraq		
JSTARS		Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System		
JTF		Joint Task Force		
JTFC		Joint Term Fusion Cell		

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kHz		Kilohertz		
KIA		Killed In Action		
KM		Kilometer		
KNB		Kuwaiti Naval Base		
KSA		Kingdom of Saudi Arabia		

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(L)		Indicates a non-mechanized (light) unit		
LAM-TF		Louisiana Army Maneuvers Task Force		
LBV		Load Bearing Vest		
LCD		Limited Conversion Division		
LCU		Landing Craft Utility		
LD		Line of Departure		
LMSR		Large, Medium-Speed Roll on/Roll off (RORO) Ships		
LOC		Line(s) of Communication		
LOS		Line of Sight		
LOTS		Logistics Over the Shore		
LNO		Liaison Officer		
LRASS		Long-Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System		
LRS		Long-Range Surveillance		
LRSC		Long-Range Surveillance Company		
LSA		Logistics Support Area		
LSE		Logistics Support Element		
LSV		Logistics Support Vessel		
LT		Large Tug		
LTC		Lieutenant Colonel		

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MCS		Maneuver Control System		
MDI		Military Demolition Igniter		
ME		Main Effort		
MECH		Mechanized		
MEDEVAC		Medical Evacuation		
MEF		Marine Expeditionary Force		
MET		Mobile Exploitation Team		
MEU		Marine Expeditionary Unit		
MEUSOC		Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable		
MI		Military Intelligence		
MIA		Missing In Action		
MICLIC		Mine-Clearing Line Charge		
MIL/mm		Millimeter		
MLRS		Multiple Launch Rocket System		
MOADS		Maneuver Oriented Ammunition Distribution System		
MOPP		Mission Oriented Protective Posture		
MOUT		Military Operations in Urban Terrain		
MP		Military Police		
MPF		Maritime Pre-positioning Force		
MPS		Maritime Pre-positioning Squadron		
MRC		Medium Ready Company		
MRE		Meal-Ready-To-Eat		
MRLS		Multiple Rocket Launch System		
MSC		Military Sealift Command		
MSE		Mobile Subscriber Equipment		
MSG		Master Sergeant		
MSR		Main Supply Route		
MTLB		USSR Design Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)		
MTMC		Military Traffic Management Command		
MTOE		Modification Tables of Organization and Equipment		
MTS		Movement Tracking System		

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MAJ		Major		
MARADMINS		Marine Administrative Messages		
MARDIV		Marine Division		
MASH		Mobile Army Surgical Hospital		
MAST		Main Aid Station		
NATO		North Atlantic Treaty Organization		
NAVCENT		US Naval Forces Central Command		
NBC		Nuclear, Biological, Chemical		
NCOIC		Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge		
NCW		Network Centric Warfare		
NGIC		National Ground Intelligence Center		
NIMA		National Imagery and Mapping Agency (now NGA)		
NMS		National Military Strategy		
NSA		National Security Agency		
NTC		National Training Center		

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OBJ		Objective		
ODA		Operational Detachment Alpha		
ODS		Operation Desert Storm		
OEF		Operation Enduring Freedom		
OH		Observation Helicopter		
OIF		Operation Iraqi Freedom		
OIF-SG		Operation Iraqi Freedom Study Group		
O/O		On Order		
OOTW		Operations Other Than War		
OPCON		Operational Control		
OPFOR		Opposing Forces		
OPLAN		Operations Plan		
OPORD		Operations Order		
OPS B		BCTP Operations Group B		
OPS C		BCTP Operations Group C		
OPS F		BCTP Operations Group F		
OPT		Operational Planning Team		
ORCON		Originator Controlled		
ORHA		Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance		

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PA		Position Area		
PAA		Position Artillery Area		
PAC		Patriot Advanced Capability		
PAO		Public Affairs Officer		
PAX		Passenger		
PEO		Program Executive Officer		
PERSCOM		Personnel Command		
PGM		Precision Guided Munitions		
PIR		Priority Intelligence Requirements		
PL		Phase Line		
PLEX		Plans and Exercises		
PM		Preventive Medicine		
POL		Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants		
POMCUS		Pre-positioned Equipment Configured in Unit Sets		
PROPHET 		AN/MLQ-40V Voice Collection System		
PSAB		Prince Sultan Air Base		
PSYOP		Psychological Operations		
PTDO		Prepare To Deploy Order		

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QM		Quartermaster		

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(R)		Retired		
RA		Regular Army		
RAF		Royal Air Force		
RAP		Rocket Assisted Projectile		
RB		Rubber Boat (RB-15, Inflatable Boat)		
RC		Reconnaissance Transport Aircraft (i.e., RC-135)		
RCC		Regional Combatant Commands (formerly unified commands)		
RCT		Regimental Combat Team		
Rx		Research and Development		
RECON		Reconnaissance		
REL		Releasable		
RFF		Request For Forces		
RG		Republican Guard		
RIO		Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil		
RMA		Revolution in Military Affairs		
ROE		Rules of Engagement		
ROWPU		Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit		
RPG		Rocket Propelled Grenade		
RRP		Rapid Refueling Point		
RSOI		Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration		
RTB		Ranger Training Brigade		
RTE		Route		
RWS		Remote Work Station (See also ASAS-RWS)		

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SAMS		School of Advance Military Studies		
SAW		Squad Automatic Weapon		
SBCT		Stryker Brigade Combat Team		
SE		Supporting Effort		
SEAD		Suppression of Enemy Air Defense		
SEN		Small Extension Node		
SETAF		Southern European Task Force		
SF		Special Forces		
SFLE		Special Forces Liaison Element		
SG		Study Group		
SGT		Sergeant		
SIPRNET		Secure Internet Protocol Router Network		
SOCCE		Special Operations Command and Control Element		
SOCCENT		Special Operations Command for CENTCOM		
SOCOM		Special Operations Command		
SOF		Special Operations Forces		
SOP		Standing Operating Procedure		
SP		Self Propelled		
SPACECOM		United States Space Command		
SPG		Special Republican Guard		
SPOD		Sea Port Of Debarkation		
SRG		Special Republican Guard		
SSC		Small-Scale Contingency		
SSE		Sensitive Site Exploitation		
SSG		Staff Sergeant		
SST		Site Survey Team		
SWA		Southwest Asia		

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TAC		Tactical Command Post (TAC CP)		
TACFIRE		Tactical Fire Control System		
TACON		Tactical Control		
TACP		Tactical Air Control Party		
TACSAT		Tactical Satellite		
TAMD		Theater Air and Missile Defense		
TBM		Tactical (or Theater) Ballistic Missile		
TC		Tank (or Track) Commander		
TCP		Traffic Control Point		
TDC		Theater Distribution Center		
TEK		TeleEngineering Kit		
TF		Task Force		
TOC		Tactical Operations Center		
TOE		Tables of Organization and Equipment		
TOPSCENE		Tactical Operational Scene		
TOW		Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided Missile		
TPFDD		Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data		
TPFDL		Time-Phased Force and Deployment List		
TPIO-ABCS		TRADOC Program Integration Office for ABCS		
TPT		Tactical PSYOP Team		
TRADOC		US Army Training and Doctrine Command		
TRANS		Transportation		
TRANSCOM 		US Transportation Command		
TROPO		Troposphere		
TSC		Theater Support Command		
TSV		Theater Support Vessel		
TTP		Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures		

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UAV		Unmanned Aerial Vehicle		
UH		Utility Helicopter		
UK		United Kingdom		
UN		United Nations		
US		United States Army		
USAID		US Agency for International Development		
USAF		United States Air Force		
USAFE		United States Air Forces in Europe		
USAR		United States Army Reserve		
USAREUR		US Army Europe		
USAV		United States Army Vessel		
USCENTCOM		US Central Command		
USC		United States Coast Guard		
USMC		United States Marine Corps		
USN		United States Navy		
USS		United States Ship		
USSOCOM		United States Special Operations Command		

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WFX		Warfighter Exercise		
WMD		Weapon(s) of Mass Destruction		
WO 		Warrant Officer (WO-1)		

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XTF		Exploitation Task Force		

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ZULU		Greenwich Mean Time	

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