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On Point

The United States Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom


by General Tommy R. Franks
US Army, Retired

During a 38-year career as a soldier that included duty as an artillery forward observer in Vietnam and ended as commander of US Central Command during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF), I came to appreciate the value of the lessons learned concept to both commissioned officers and NCOs. Studying the successes and failures of recent campaigns is essential to leaders' professional development as they strive toward greater technical and tactical proficiency.

The obvious hard work and dedication that went into On Point reinforce that conviction. But this book is far more than a standard campaign history; like the operation it analyzes in admirable detail, the study is unique.

Although Army Chief of Staff General Eric K. Shinseki commissioned the work, the book transcends the Army perspective. OIF was America's first truly joint combat operation, with the services successfully integrated in the battlespace to a degree of mutual support and cooperation that would have been impossible five years ago. The book details the major elements in that evolution in joint warfare as they played out in the deserts, mountains, cities, and skies of Iraq.

The human dimension of war, especially the quality of the men and women in uniform who fought the campaign and won the historic victory, is a major element of the book.

Using hundreds of interviews of the troops and scores of detailed maps and illustrations, On Point provides a "user-friendly" guide to shape future force structure and training and help refine America's warfighting doctrine.

The authors worked rapidly and diligently to capture the essential lessons of the campaign; as a result, the study is available today to help leaders at every level.

As I read On Point, I was reminded once again of the great honor it was to serve with America's, courageous soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen.

General Tommy R. Franks
US Army, Retired

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