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10 March 2005 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
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Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Transcript: Department of Defense Briefing on Detention Operations and Interrogation Techniques 10 Mar 2005 -- Vice Admiral Albert T. Church, III, Director, Navy Staff; Matthew Waxman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs; Colonel Pete Champagne, Army Deputy Provost Marshal; and Tom Gandy, Senior Human Intelligence Officer, Army Military Intelligence Staff
  • "The Church Report": Department of Defense review of detention operations and interrogation techniques: Executive Summary 10 Mar 2005 [PDF 539 KB]
  • US / DETAINEE ABUSE VOA 10 Mar 2005 -- A report issued Thursday by the U.S. Defense Department blames the abuse of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay on low level soldiers who went beyond the rules, and inadequate enforcement of military discipline. As a result, the report says, the U.S. commander in Iraq issued a new set of interrogation rules last month, in addition to other earlier changes in detainee procedures. But human rights groups and some members of congress say the report does not go far enough.
  • Church Investigation Says Policy Did Not Condone Detainee Abuse Washington File 10 Mar 2005 -- Navy Vice Admiral Albert Church briefed members of Congress and the press March 10 on the findings of his 10-month investigation into techniques used to interrogate detainees in U.S. military custody from 2002 through September 2004 as part of the War on Terrorism, saying there was "no policy that condoned or authorized abuse or torture."
  • DoD, Army Make Improvements in Detainee Processes AFPS 10 Mar 2005 -- The Army and DoD have made significant improvements in doctrine and training, policy and force structure in areas that deal with processing, confining and interrogating detainees, several defense and military officials said today.
  • U.S. Military Continues to Improve Detainee Handling AFPS 10 Mar 2005 -- Since allegations of detainee mistreatment have surfaced, the Defense Department and the military services have conducted 10 major reviews, assessments and investigations.
  • Admiral Issues Report: 'No Policy Condoned Torture, Abuse' AFPS 10 Mar 2005 -- The latest review of detention operations has found "no policy that considered or condoned torture," said the officer appointed to lead the investigation.
  • MSD 32 Returns from First Major Deployment Navy NewsStand 10 Mar 2005 -- Sailors from Mobile Security Detachment (MSD) 32 returned to Naval Air Station North Island March 8 after their first major deployment abroad.

  • U.S., French Defense Leaders Meet at Pentagon AFPS 10 Mar 2005 -- Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld hosted a meeting with French Defense Minister Michelle Alliot-Marie today at the Pentagon, the third in as many months.
  • Expansion Project Begins on Combat Feeding Lab AFPS 10 Mar 2005 -- With three successive swings of gold-painted sledgehammers, the $4.6 million Department of Defense Combat Feeding Directorate food laboratory expansion project officially began during a ceremony here March 7.
  • Communities Affected by BRAC Have Transition Partner AFPS 10 Mar 2005 -- As the next round of base realignment and closure looms on the horizon, the Office of Economic Adjustment stands ready to assist affected communities.

  • White House Daily Briefing, March 10 Washington File 10 Mar 2005 -- White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan briefed the press March 10 aboard Air Force One en route to Louisville, Kentucky
  • State Department Daily Briefing, March 10 Washington File 10 Mar 2005 -- Lebanon/Syria, Russia, Mexico, North Korea, Pakistan, Vienna convention, China/Hong Kong, Israel/Palestinians, Iran, China/Taiwan

Defense Industry

  • Boeing to Modernize Avionics for Sweden's C-130s Boeing 10 Mar 2005 -- Swedish Air Force has become the first international customer for the Boeing (NYSE:BA) C-130 Avionics Modernization Program, signing a letter of offer and acceptance (LOA) to modernize its fleet of eight C-130E/H aircraft.
  • EADS supplies radar and weapon coordination systems for air defence in the Netherlands EADS 10 Mar 2005 -- The Dutch ministry of defence has awarded a contract to EADS to supply technical systems for Future Ground Based Air Defence (FGBAD).
  • Eurofighter successfully concludes cold environmental trials in Sweden EADS 10 Mar 2005 -- In the afternoon of 9 March, a Eurofighter completed the up to now longest and most exceptional test campaign ever conducted away from its home site. The touch-down of Instrumented Production Aircraft IPA4 of EADS Military Aircraft Spain at Getafe near Madrid marked the successful conclusion of the Cold Environmental Trials (CET), during which for three months from 9 December 2004 the aircraft was stationed at Vidsel, close to the Arctic Circle in North Sweden, where it was exposed to the extreme cold. The purpose of these comprehensively documented extended trials was to verify the operational behaviour of the most advanced European fighter aircraft and its systems under inhospitable arctic conditions at temperatures constantly between -25 and -31 °C, EADS reported on Thursday.
  • First Horizon Frigate successfully launched Thales 10 Mar 2005 -- On 10 March, the Forbin, the first Franco-Italian Horizon class anti-air warfare frigate was ceremonially launched at the DCN shipyard in Lorient.
  • CACI Says Church Report Underscores Critical Value of Interrogation Services to Saving Military Lives and National Security CACI 10 Mar 2005 -- CACI International Inc (NYSE:CAI) announced today that it was pleased that a new review of interrogation practices by Navy Inspector General and Vice Admiral Albert T. Church recognized the value and diligent service of civilian interrogators provided by CACI and other private contractors. Since August 2003, CACI has supported military intelligence gathering efforts by providing interrogation and other information and intelligence analysis services in Iraq. CACI does not and never has provided interrogators in either Afghanistan or Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • Boeing Completes Work on Airport Security Program Boeing 10 Mar 2005 -- Boeing [NYSE:BA] announced today it has successfully completed its contract with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to enhance security while improving operational efficiencies at the nation's commercial airports.

Other Conflicts

  • RUSSIA TO ERADICATE TERROR RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- The death of Aslan Maskhadov, the leader of bandit groups operating in Chechnya and outside its borders, is the greatest achievement of the Russian security structures so far.
  • CHECHNYA: 12 DIE AS ARMY COPTER CRASHES RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- Twelve died and one was injured in a MI 8 helicopter crash in Chechnya, say preliminary reports. The information reached Novosti from the North Caucasian United Armed Forces Group HQ.
  • MOSCOW BAFFLED BY WARSAW'S REACTION TO MASKHADOV'S DEATH RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- The Russian Foreign Ministry says that a recent statement by a Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman calling the killing of Chechen terrorist leader Aslan Maskhadov "a mistake" has baffled Moscow.
  • MASKHADOV'S ELIMINATION NOT TO INFLUENCE SITUATION IN CHECHNYA RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- Russian President's authorized representative in the Southern Federal District Dmitry Kozak believes that the elimination of Aslan Maskhadov will not influence the situation in Chechnya.
  • MILITARY HELICOPTER CRASHED IN CHECHNYA RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- A military helicopter crashed on the border of the Urus-Martan district and Zavodskoi district in Chechnya, an officer on duty of the Chechen Interior Ministry told RIA Novosti.
  • NO GENETIC EXAMINATION OF MASKHADOV'S BODY IS REQUIRED RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- There will be no genetic examination of Aslan Maskhadov's body, Chechnya's prosecutor's office said.
  • 20% OF RUSSIANS DO NOT KNOW WHO MASKHADOV WAS RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- About 20% of Russians do not know who Aslan Maskhadov was.
  • WILL MASKHADOV'S DEATH DEEPEN RUSSIA-WEST DIVIDE? RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- The death of Aslan Maskhadov exposed anew the chasm between how the West sees Russia and how Russia sees itself. Once initial emotions die down, will his absence deepen this divide or help bridge it?
  • Chechens Name Maskhadov Successor RFE/RL 10 Mar 2005 -- Leading members of Chechnya's resistance movement have named a successor to rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov, who was killed by Russian forces in Chechnya.

  • Security Council extends mandate of UN mission in Sudan by one week UN News Centre 10 Mar 2005 -- The Security Council today voted to extend the mandate of the United Nations Advance Mission in Sudan (UNAMIS) by a week while members discuss plans to establish a fully-fledged peacekeeping mission in the south of Africa's largest country and set out measures to encourage peace in the troubled Darfur region in the west.
  • U.S. / SUDAN / DARFUR VOA 10 Mar 2005 -- An American who served as a monitor in the Darfur region of Sudan has returned to the United States to speak out about the atrocities he witnessed during his mission. He hopes his story will mobilize international efforts to stop what the United States has termed genocide.

  • World must persuade Israel to tear down barrier on Palestinian land - UN meeting UN News Centre 10 Mar 2005 -- A United Nations International Meeting on the Question of Palestine has called on the international community to adopt measures to persuade Israel to dismantle a separation barrier it is building on occupied Palestinian territory and to make reparations for all damages caused by its construction.
  • UGANDA: Rebels attack northwestern villages, kill six IRIN 10 Mar 2005 -- Rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) on Wednesday night raided villages in the northwestern district of Adjumani, where they killed six, the military said on Thursday.

News Reports

  • US Judge Dismisses Agent Orange Lawsuit VOA News 10 Mar 2005 -- A U.S. federal judge has ruled American chemical companies are not liable for damages caused by the spraying of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

  • CONGRESS/INDONESIA VOA 10 Mar 2005 -- Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been considering the future of democracy in Indonesia.
  • U.S. Welcomes Formation of Indonesia-East Timor Truth Commission Washington File 10 Mar 2005 -- The United States welcomes a decision by the governments of Indonesia and East Timor to form a joint commission to investigate human rights violations committed when the East Timorese voted for independence from Indonesia in 1999, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said in a March 9 statement.

  • UN/DEMOCRACY CONFERENCE VOA 10 Mar 2005 -- Delegates attending a U.N. conference on democracy have presented evidence of a strong trend toward universal acceptance of democratic values. Nations resisting democracy are becoming increasingly isolated.

  • ADB/TSUNAMI GRANTS VOA 10 Mar 2005 -- The Asian Development Bank has promised 600-million dollars in grants to the five countries worst affected by December's Indian Ocean tsunami. The president of the bank, Haruhiko Kuroda, who is visiting Indonesia, says the aid will be carefully monitored to avoid corruption.
  • Tsunami Relief Turns to Sustainable Development Washington File 10 Mar 2005 -- U.S. government assistance programs in Indian Ocean nations stricken by the December tsunami are providing short-term relief and a path to long-term sustainable development.
  • Tsunami Countries Offered Debt Repayment Freeze Through 2005 Washington File 10 Mar 2005 -- The Paris Club has announced that countries affected by the Asian tsunami crisis may halt debt repayments to major creditor nations represented by the group through December 31 so as to devote more resources to humanitarian and reconstruction efforts.

  • AMNESTY/ TORTURE VOA 10 Mar 2005 -- Amnesty International is calling for an absolute prohibition on torture and ill-treatment in all circumstances, including the war on terrorism. Amnesty says it will be pushing for action on this issue at the Commission meeting when it begins its annual session next week in Geneva.

  • UN envoy on Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon meets with Egyptian president UN News Centre 10 Mar 2005 -- The United Nations envoy seeking the withdrawal of some 14,000 Syrian troops from Lebanon today discussed his mission with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as he prepared for his second series of talks in a month with Lebanese and Syrian leaders.
  • U.S.-Lebanon-Hezbollah VOA 10 Mar 2005 -- The United States said Thursday it has not changed its view of Lebanon's Hezbollah organization as a terrorist group despite its show of political support this week in Beirut. A State Department official said that for Hezbollah to be accepted as credible on the international scene, it will have to get out of the terrorism business.
  • ASSASSINATION OF EX-LEBANESE PREMIER IS 'INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM' RIA Novosti 10 Mar 2005 -- The assassination of the former prime minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri, should be qualified as "international terrorism", leader of Lebanon's anti-Syrian opposition Walid Jumblatt has said on Thursday.
  • Ex-PM Forms Unity Government In Lebanon RFE/RL 10 Mar 2005 -- Lebanese President Emile Lahoud today reappointed Omar Karami to the post of prime minister and asked him to form a new government to lead the country until elections in May.
  • LEBANON VOA 10 Mar 2005 -- Lebanese President Emile Lahoud has reappointed Omar Karami as prime minister, just 10 days after Mr. Karami resigned in the face of massive anti-Syrian street demonstrations. The move to re-appoint him has angered opposition politicians
  • Lebanon: Hizballah Appears Too Strong To Be Ignored In Equation RFE/RL 10 Mar 2005 -- Hizballah, Lebanon's radical Shi'ite organization, showed its strength this week by staging a massive rally in Beirut in support of the Syrian presence in Lebanon. In light of such developments, the United States is reported to be reluctantly moving to accept Hizballah as a major political force. Branded by Washington as a terrorist organization, Hizballah nevertheless looks like it will be taken into account in U.S. efforts to get Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon and to strengthen democracy in the country.

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