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17 December 2003 Military News

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Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 17 Dec 2003 [PDF]

  • TASK FORCE "ALL AMERICAN" CAPTURES FINANCIER, TRAINS ICDC, AND CONDUCTS CIVIL AFFAIRS OPERATIONS CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- The 82d Airborne Division and attached units, also known as Task Force "All American," continued security operations and civil affairs projects within the Al Anbar Province.
  • Task-Force Ironhorse Wrap-up CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- A Fedayeen leader and anti-Coalition activity financier was captured along with 72 others when soldiers from C Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry, raided a building west of Balad, in the early morning of Dec. 16.
  • 101st CONTINUES TO MAKE NORTHERN IRAQ SAFER CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- Elements of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) conducted numerous operations, both civil and military, over the past 24 hours in northern Iraq.
  • 4th ID's 24-HOUR ACTIVITY CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- Soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division and Task Force Ironhorse have, over the past 24 hours, conducted 163 patrols, one raid and captured 21 individuals.
  • OPERATION IVY BLIZZARD CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- Early this morning the 4th Infantry Division and Task Force Ironhorse initiated Operation Ivy Blizzard, a joint operation with Iraqi security forces within Samarra at the request of local leadership.
  • CIVIL AFFAIRS FUNDS SECURITY CHECKPOINT AND EDUCATION RENOVATIONS CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- Task Force "All American" Civil Affairs (CA) personnel met with the Babil Province finance officer and local officials in Iskandariyah to review police effectiveness. Most police sub-stations have limited effectiveness due to budgetary constraints. They advised the finance officer that the department needs a $6,000 monthly operating budget for daily operations.
  • Stryker brigade encounters first combat in Iraq Army News Service 17 Dec 2003-- Infantrymen from 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, took to the roads and villages north of Baghdad on Dec. 14, patrolling to keep the peace.
  • JUBILANT FAMILIES WELCOME V CORPS ENGINEER BATTALION HOME FROM IRAQ V Corps Release 17 Dec 2003-- Excited spouses and children gathered at Bamberg's Warner Barracks holding banners and flowers to greet Soldiers of the corps' 54th Engineer Battalion, 130th Engineer Brigade who returned recently after a 10-month Iraq deployment. Loud cheers and patriotic songs, courtesy of the 1st Infantry Division band, greeted more than 300 smiling Soldiers Dec. 9 and 10. Many tears of joy were shed as spouses and children embraced their Soldiers for the first time in almost a year.
  • PATIENT EFFORT BY 4TH INFANTRY LED TO SADDAM'S CAPTURE V Corps Release 17 Dec 2003-- The image of a bearded and bowed Saddam Hussein, captured in this small farming village Dec. 13, is already burned in the memories of people worldwide.
  • 4th ID Follows up Big Catch with Operation in Samarra AFPS 17 Dec 2003 -- The Army's 4th Infantry Division is continuing its aggressive fight against enemy cells with a raid in Samarra that picked up 73 men and a significant amount of material useful in making improvised explosive devices.
  • Capture of Saddam Not Luck, but Skill, Abizaid Says AFPS 17 Dec 2003 -- Coalition successes in Iraq - including the capture of Saddam Hussein - are not the result of lucky breaks, but the patient, exacting work of intelligence professionals and the soldiers who act on their information, U.S.Central Command chief Army Gen. John Abizaid said here today.
  • IRAQ/BLAST VOA 17 Dec 2003 -- An apparent car bomb has exploded in Baghdad. Iraqi police tell V-O-A the blast killed at least 12 people and wounded many more.
  • Iraq: Fuel Truck Explodes In Baghdad, As U.S. Military Continues Operation In Samarra RFE/RL 17 Dec 2003 -- A fuel truck blew up early this morning in Baghdad, causing a fiery explosion that engulfed other cars, killing at least 12 people and wounding 15 others.
  • TASK FORCE "ALL AMERICAN" ENGAGES ENEMY CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- The 82d Airborne Division and attached units, also known as Task Force "All American," continued security operations within the Al Anbar Province.
  • TASK FORCE "ALL AMERICAN" DISCOVERS WEAPONS CACHES CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- The 82d Airborne Division and attached units, also known as Task Force "All American," continued security operations within the Al Anbar Province.

  • Briefing on Afghanistan Reconstruction by James Kunder, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for Asia and the Near East US Dept. of State 17 Dec 2003
  • Bush Authorizes $135 Million in Military Assistance for Afghanistan Washington File 17 Dec 2003 -- President Bush issued a memorandum December 16 to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell authorizing the supply of $135 million in defense articles, defense services, and military education and training by the Department of Defense for Afghanistan.
  • CJTF-180 AFGHANISTAN UPDATE CENTCOM Release 17 Dec 2003-- In coordination with the Islamic Transitional Government of Afghanistan, Combined Joint Task Force 180 continues to train the Afghan National Army; provide civil affairs support; and disrupt, deny, and destroy terrorist and anti-ITGA forces in order to establish a stable and secure Afghanistan.
  • Afghanistan: Is A Strong President Needed? RFE/RL 17 Dec 2003 -- About 500 Afghan delegates are assembled in Kabul this week for a Loya Jirga, or Grand National Assembly, designed to finalize Afghanistan's constitution. Opinions are divided between those in favor of the strong presidential system laid down in the draft and those favoring a parliamentary system to counterbalance the president.
  • AFGHANISTAN SECURITY VOA 17 Dec 2003 -- The U-S military in Afghanistan says catching accused terrorist Osama bin Laden offers different challenges than did the capture of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.
  • AFGHANISTAN LOYA JIRGA VOA 17 Dec 2003 -- Controversy has surfaced at Afghanistan's constitutional assembly, as one delegate denounces some of her colleagues as "war criminals." But many members of the assembly see debate on the new constitution as proceeding smoothly.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • State Department Noon Briefing, December 17, 2003 Washington File 17 Dec 2003 -- Afghanistan, Powell's condition/telephone calls, International Religious Freedom Report, Baker's travels, Iran, North Korea, France, China, Greece, Europe, Burma, Taiwan, Iraq, Qatar, Austria
  • Bolton Says Anti-Proliferation Meeting Successful Washington File 17 Dec 2003 -- The State Department's top arms control official expressed pleasure with the results of a two-day meeting in Washington on the U.S.-sponsored Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), according to a department statement.
  • Additional Stryker Brigade Acquistions Approved 17 Dec 2003 -- The Department of Defense approved plans for the Army to field six Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCT). Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld approved an Army enhancement plan on Dec. 8 that provides for the acquisition of Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCT) 5 and 6. The Army's plan focused on enhancing the aviation, fire support, network, and sensor capability of SBCTs 5 and 6, and retrofitting brigades 1 through 4 with newer technology as it becomes available. The approval gives the Army permission to begin expending funds for the new brigades' acquisition and fielding.
  • Wolfowitz Calls Spread of Terror Weapons 'Urgent Threat' AFPS 17 Dec 2003 -- "The spread of weapons of mass terror is one of the most urgent threats facing the globe today," Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told members of the Proliferation Security Initiative here today.
  • Enterprise Carrier Strike Group Deploys Unmanned Surface Vehicle Navy Newsstand 17 Dec 2003-- Dec. 1, USS Gettysburg (CG 64) and the entire USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Carrier Strike Group (CSG) wrote a new page in the history books with the successful launch of Spartan Scout. Spartan Scout, a rigid hull inflatable boat with an enhanced engine and hi-tech camera and sensor gear, completed an unmanned, three-hour mission driven remotely from three laptop computers in the Combat Direction Center (CDC) aboard Gettysburg.
  • USS Hartford Arrives in Norfolk Naval Shipyard for Repairs Navy Newsstand 17 Dec 2003-- The fast-attack submarine USS Hartford (SSN 768) arrived at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Va., Dec. 16, to repair exterior damage caused by an accidental grounding off the coast of Italy in October.
  • 22d MEU lands in northwest florida for ESGEX Marine Corps News 17 Dec 2003-- Under a cloudless blue sky and across pristine white sand beaches, the 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) landed in Northwest Florida for the second portion of its Expeditionary Strike Group Exercise (ESGEX) December 12, after weeks and planning and coordination on the part of the MEU, Navy, and local and state officials in Florida.
  • C-17 debuts in exercise AFPN 17 Dec 2003-- For the first time, the C-17 Globemaster III was included in a mission-employment exercise held here the first two weeks of December.
  • 'Spirit of Freedom' dedicated at AF museum AFPN 17 Dec 2003-- U.S. Air Force Museum officials formally inducted a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber into the institution's aircraft collection Dec. 16. The Air Force's national museum is the first place to permanently exhibit the stealth bomber to the public.
  • AF identifies operational shortfalls AFPN 17 Dec 2003-- Air Force officials released a list of operational shortfalls Dec. 17. The list came from a two-year analysis of current and future warfighting effects and capabilities, a process called a capabilities review and risk assessment.
  • Replacements sought for aging helicopters AFPN 17 Dec 2003-- An aging fleet of combat search and rescue helicopters is leading Air Force officials on a quest for a new personnel recovery vehicle.
  • 5th BW, ANG team up for Beaver Flag ACC News 17 Dec 2003-- Aircrews here joined forces with the Air National Guard to participate in a large force exercise at the Smoky Hill Range in Kansas recently.

  • Farewell speech to the Council by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson NATO 17 Dec 2003
  • NATO / ROBERTSON VOA 17 Dec 2003 -- NATO Secretary General George Robertson chaired his last NATO meeting today (Wednesday) as his four-year term ends this year. Observers say Mr. Robertson is credited with transforming the alliance from a cold-war relic to a body responding to new global security threats.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 17 Dec 2003 -- After traumatic year, 2004 offers NATO stiff challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan / Iraq official pushes for UN return to Baghdad / U.S. says size of Iraq debt relief to be determined / Japan to start sending troops to Iraq on February 21, 2004 / Voluntary handover of weapons finishes with "relative success" in Macedonia (sic)
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 17 Dec 2003 -- Finland debates neutrality as EU expands military role / Swedish parliamentarians call for debate on NATO membership / UN envoy warns on Afghan election date / EU gives extra 50 million Euros to help Afghan police, fight drugs trade / Analysts: Lack of international will keeps Karadzic safe
  • 2003 & Beyond: Wounded UN Looks For Ways To Rebound, Reform RFE/RL 17 Dec 2003 -- After a year in which it was dismissed, maligned, and brutally attacked, the United Nations is in the midst of soul searching about its role in maintaining world peace. The U.S. move to oust Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, carried out despite strong opposition among UN membership, exposed deep rifts on the UN Security Council and raised questions about its ability to act against new threats.
  • Macedonia: Weapons Amnesty A Success, But Many Stick To Their Guns RFE/RL 17 Dec 2003 -- In a recent weapons amnesty, Macedonian authorities offered people who handed in their guns the chance to win a car in a lottery. Despite the somewhat unusual incentive, only a fraction of the thousands of illegal weapons believed to be in private hands were collected. International experts say that, nevertheless, the campaign was a success.
  • GUINEA: Suspect soldiers released as election draws near IRIN 17 Dec 2003 -- Dozens of Guinean soldiers and gendarmes detained secretly by the government at the end of November were released on Tuesday night, sources close to the military said.
  • MADAGASCAR: Former president sentenced to five years in prison IRIN 17 Dec 2003 -- The authorities in Madagascar remained tight-lipped on Wednesday over whether the government would seek to extradite Didier Ratsiraka from France after a court had sentenced the former president to five years in prison for his role in last year's political crisis.
  • Orbital Awarded Contract For Two GEO Communications Satellites By Optus of Australia Orbital Sciences Corp. 17 Dec 2003 -- Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) announced today that it has signed a major new contract in its geosynchronous (GEO) communications satellite manufacturing business.
  • ANGOLA: Dos Santos at the helm IRIN 17 Dec 2003 -- Long-standing president Jose Eduardo dos Santos is once again firmly established at the helm of Angola's ruling MPLA after he was elected without opposition to the party's presidency.
  • ETHIOPIA: Defence hearings at Mengistu trial IRIN 17 Dec 2003 -- An Ethiopian court trying former Marxist ruler Mengistu Haile Mariam and his supporters on genocide charges began hearing defence witnesses on Tuesday.

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