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04 November 1999 Military News

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  • BRIEFING BY HUMANITARIAN COORDINATOR IN KINSHASA 4 November 1999 -- The Democratic Republic of the Congo had suffered from the effects of 35 years of misrule and corruption, followed by wars in 1996 and 1997 and then, in August 1998, a second wave of conflict. Now, there were more than 800,000 internally displaced persons and some 150,000 refugees in other countries.
  • CONGO-HUMANITARIAN AID Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- Darioush Bayandor, the representative in Congo for the U-N High Commissioner for Refugees, says close to one million people in Congo are either displaced or have become refugees as a result of fighting between the government and rebel factions.
  • SENATE-CHECHNYA Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- Elena Bonner, the widow of the late Andrei Sakharov and a human-rights activist herself, denounced the latest Chechen war as a crime against humanity.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- Russia's emergency situations minister, Sergey Shoigu, says Russian authorities will take action to alleviate refugee overcrowding in Ingushetia.
  • Text: Sestanovich Statement on Chechnya to Senate Committee 04 November 1999 -- While recognizing Russia's "obligation to protect itself and its citizens from terrorist and other attacks," U.S. Ambassador-at-Large Stephen Sestanovich told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee November 4 that "this obligation does not and cannot justify indiscriminate attacks on civilians, the blocking of borders to prevent civilians from fleeing, or other violations of human rights."
  • THREAT INFORMATION U.S. Embassy Luanda 04 November 1999 -- The success of the (Angolan) government's recent offensive may prompt UNITA to retaliate against vulnerable economic and political targets, markedly increasing the threat to U.S. and foreign interests in Angola.
  • UNHCR / ANGOLA Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- The U-N Refugee Agency reports there has been a sharp increase in the number of people fleeing Angola into Zambia during the past four weeks.
  • ANGOLA / UNITA Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- Authorities in Dublin say they are continuing their investigation into the apparent presence in Ireland of an office operated by Angola's UNITA rebel movement.
  • INDONESIAN PRESIDENT / ACEH Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid gave his qualified support to the idea of an independence referendum in the troubled northern province of Aceh. But other officials in the government say such a referendum is still a long way off.
  • INDONESIA / ACEH Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- The Indonesian military has announced it will begin to withdraw troops from the troubled northern province of Aceh this month. But the move may not be enough to satisfy many Acehnese who want an independence referendum to be held in the province.
  • Text: Rubin: U.S. Is Concerned About Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan 04 November 1999 -- Up to 65,000 persons displaced by the military tactics of the Taliban in fighting since this summer are currently taking refuge in the opposition-controlled Panshir Valley. Another 80,000 have been displaced in the Kunduz/Takhar area to the north of the Panshir.
  • WHO / EAST TIMOR Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- The World Health Organization, W-H-O, warns that cholera, malaria and tuberculosis pose major health threats in East Timor.
  • LANKA ARTILLERY Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- Tamil separatists attacked two important strategic towns; Oddusuddan and Nedunkerni, under an operation code-named "Unceasing Wave Three" and took control of the areas Wednesday. A statement issued by the rebel headquarters in London says the army suffered more than one-thousand dead and injured in the battles.
  • KASHMIR ATTACK Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- Troops in Indian-administered Kashmir on Thursday closed down much of downtown Srinigar - the summer capital of India's Jammu and Kashmir state - following the first attack ever by Muslim militants on army headquarters.
  • KENYA / ETHIOPIA REFUGEES Voice of America 04 November 1999 -- Hundreds of Kenyan refugees are stranded along the border between Ethiopia and Kenya after the government of Kenya suspended a United Nations-sponsored operation to return them home.

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