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13 September 1999 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • New "Smart" Network To Reduce Boeing JSF Life-Cycle Costs Boeing 13 Sep 1999 -- Boeing has demonstrated a prototype of its innovative logistics network -- the Joint Distributed Information System -- which will significantly reduce Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) life-cycle costs. The time it takes to deliver aircraft replacement parts will be reduced to hours, compared to weeks or months under current practices.
  • Boeing Wedgetail Negotiations With Australia On Track Boeing 13 Sep 1999 -- Boeing says contract negotiations have begun with the Australian Department of Defence on Project Wedgetail, an Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) system for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Other Conflicts

  • 13 September 1999 - DAILY PRESS BRIEFING OF OFFICE OF SECRETARY-GENERAL United Nations 13 Sep 1999
  • Transcript: Clinton September 12 Photo Opportunity Remarks (on Timor) USIA 13 September 1999 -- The United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan have a common interest in stability and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, common concerns about events in East Timor, and a commitment to try to find a common ground on economic issues as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings and at the upcoming World Trade Organization (WTO) in Seattle, according to President Clinton.
  • Text: Ambassador Holbrooke's UNSC Remarks on East Timor USIA 13 September 1999 -- "Indonesia's government must allow an international security presence ... to enter immediately in order to create conditions necessary for the U.N. process to move forward," U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke said September 11.
  • Transcript: Remarks by President Clinton on East Timor USIA 13 September 1999 -- President Clinton welcomed the statement of Indonesian President Habibie inviting the United Nations to send a security force into East Timor, calling it a "a real tribute to the determination of the friends of the people there, the Australians, the New Zealanders here, all the people here at APEC who express solidarity."
  • E-U / FOREIGN MINISTER Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- E-U Foreign Ministers have declared (Monday) an arms embargo against Indonesia for four-months and have suspended military cooperation with that government.
  • UNHCR / EAST TIMOR Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- The U-N High Commissioner for Refugees, Sadako Ogata is urging a speedy deployment of international peacekeeping troops in East Timor.
  • U.S. Department of State Daily Press Briefing 13 September 1999 -- EAST TIMOR -- UN Security Council will meet today. Indonesian and Australian foreign ministers are in New York today. US seeks rapid passage of a resolution authorizing a multinational force. US role is expected to be in transport, logistics, communications and intelligence. US is considering humanitarian air drops of food and supplies.
  • Armed Intervention Is The Only Answer For East Timor By Jos Ramos-Horta International Herald Tribune September 13, 1999 -- More than 200,000 people have been driven from their homes by the military and the so-called militia gangs they sponsor. More than 100,000 East Timorese have been deported to various parts of Indonesia by truck, on foot and by ship to try to reverse the outcome of the self-determination plebiscite organized by the United Nations.
  • HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NOON BRIEFING BY FRED ECKHARD SPOKESMAN FOR THE SECRETARY-GENERAL UN HEADQUARTERS, September 13, 1999 -- There is a strong preference, including on the part of the Secretariat, for a multinational force because it is simpler and quicker. A peacekeeping force would be recruited by the United Nations -- the military leadership would be appointed by the United Nations and the logistical support -- transport, housing, food, all the rest -- would be supplied by the United Nations, and the cost would be divided among the Organization's 185 (soon to be 188) Member States. For a multinational force, the Council authorizes a group of nations, and usually specifies the lead nations to organize a force and carry it out. The logistics then are handled by the lead nation and the costs are borne by the contributing countries.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS HIGH COMMISSIONER WELCOMES INDONESIAN DECISION ON PEACEKEEPERS IN EAST TIMOR AND RECOMMENDS INTERNATIONAL PROBE 13 September 1999 -- United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson today welcomed the Indonesian Government's decision to accept international peacekeepers for East Timor and recommended the establishment of an international commission of inquiry as a step towards "establishing accountability for the grave violations committed in the territory".
  • E.TIMOR - MARY ROBINSON Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- U-N Human Rights High Commissioner Mary Robinson says preliminary evidence indicates the Indonesian military carried out a systematic campaign of terror in East Timor. Thousands of people are believed to have been killed in the territory.
  • CLINTON WRAP Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- The Clinton administration is hailing what they describe as an easing in tensions in Asia as a result of several recent developments. President Clinton attended a trade summit in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • CLINTON -INDONESIA Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- U-S officials say hundreds of American troops are expected to be involved in a U-N peacekeeping operation in East Timor that will help restore order and implement an independence referendum.
  • U-N - TIMOR Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- Indonesia's willingness to accept a U-N- backed international peacekeeping force has brought calls for a swift deployment to the violence torn province.
  • EAST TIMOR PEACKEEPER REACT Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- In Indonesia, there has been mixed reaction to the announcement by President B-J Habibie that the government would accept U-N peacekeepers in East Timor. Some Indonesian government officials have questions about which countries should be allowed to participate in the peacekeeping force.
  • EAST TIMOR / PEACEKEEPERS Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- Pacific-rim countries are pledging their support for Indonesia's decision to allow U-N peacekeepers into East Timor. Australia's defense minister says troops could be sent in as early as the end of this week.
  • E. TIMOR RIGHTS Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- U-N Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson says Indonesian President B-J Habibie is considering the establishment of a joint U-N Indonesian panel to look into human rights abuses in East Timor.
  • E. TIMOR / AID Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- U-N Human-Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson says humanitarian aid must be brought immediately to refugees in East and West Timor, where many are reported to be facing starvation.
  • CLINTON - TIMOR Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- President Clinton has welcomed Indonesian President B-J Habibie's decision to allow an international peacekeeping force in East Timor to restore order in the territory. Mr. Clinton is attending an Asia-Pacific Economic summit.
  • UGANDA FIGHTING Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- Hundreds of people are dead in Uganda after three-days of ethnic clashes -- the attack was by the Bokora tribe against members of the Matheniko tribe.
  • RWANDA BISHOP Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- A Roman Catholic bishop accused of genocide and crimes against humanity goes on trial Tuesday in the Central African nation of Rwanda.
  • SRI LANKA FIGHTING Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- A fresh offensive by government troops in Northern Sri Lanka has claimed more than 160 lives.
  • ANGOLA / U-N Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- Human Rights Watch, has issued a new report sharply critical of the failed U-N peacekeeping mission in Angola.

News Reports

  • RUSSIA BLAST Voice of America 13 September 1999 -- Another powerful bomb has exploded in Moscow, demolishing an apartment building and killing at least 34 people. Many others are believed buried in the rubble.

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