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Naval Mobile Construction Battalion TWENTY-SEVEN

NMCB-27 was established in July 1968. Until September 1968, units of the 27th met in Boston for monthly drills, afterwards units began meeting at various sites throughout New England. In the chain of command, NMCB-27 joins NMCB-13 of Camp Smith, NY and NMCB-21 of Lakehurst, NJ as members of the 7th Naval Construction Regiment. NMCB-27 is one of 15 Reserve Seabee Battalions in the United States. The command for all the Reserve Naval Construction Forces is the Second Naval Construction Brigade. NMCB-27's administrative headquarters is located at the Naval Air Station in Brunswick, Maine. This Readiness Support Site (RSS) is manned by active duty personnel who support battalion activities. At the RSS are the staff and personnel offices, offices for the various supply services and the training department. Heavy construction equipment is kept and maintained at the RSS by drilling reservists and Operations offices are maintained at the RSS to facilitate a direct communications link with the staff and command. Members from NMCB-27's various New England detachments are supplied with travel orders to and from their centers and the RSS to train with staff personnel and other members of the battalion. The chain of command in NMCB-27 extends from the Commanding Officer to the Executive Officer and out to the various detachments. The Command Master Chief is the direct representative of the enlisted personnel to the CO. The Chief Master-At-Arms and Career Counselor have direct links to the Executive Officer. The Chaplin Serves the command as a religious and spiritual leader.

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