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7th Naval Construction Regiment [Reserve]

Seventh Naval Construction Regiment's mission is to command and control three NMCBs, and one CBMU for mobilization, readiness, training and contributory support in terms of construction, maintenance, and repair of facilities in crisis and peacetime operations for Navy, Marine Corps, and joint commands.

Today, in addition to the staff, the Seventh NCR is comprised of Naval Mobile Construction Battalions TWENTY ONE, TWENTY SIX and TWENTY SEVEN, and Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit TWO ZERO TWO. In total, the SEVENTH NCR is comprised of over 2,000 Seabees assigned to detachments located in twelve North Eastern U.S. States. If mobilized, the regiment with its units would provide approximately 10 percent of the Naval Construction Force.

Over the last year alone, Seabees of the SEVENTH NCR provided more than 19000 mandays of construction and other support to Navy, Marine Corps, and other Department of Defense activities. It trained militarily on both an independent basis with Joint Forces and participated in exercises located in Korea, Guam, Australia, and the U.S.

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