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Heavy Division (Armored or Mechanized)

The heavy division (armored and mechanized) has a division base of command and control, and combat service support capabilities, and ten maneuver battalions. Heavy divisions have large amounts of mobile, armor protected firepower. Because of mobility, survivability, and firepower, the heavy divisions are normally employed where battles are fought over wide areas against a threat with similar capabilities. During offensive operations, heavy divisions move rapidly, concentrate overwhelming combat power against the threat, break through the threat's defenses and then strike deep to destroy the threat's field artillery, The heavy divisions operate best in open terrain where they can move quickly and can use their long-range direct fire weapons to their best advantage. The heavy divisions are not designed to operate in jungles, dense forests or mountains infantry is most often used in these areas) large cities towns and built-up areas restrict operations of the heavy divisions; although in europe, these divisions will have to operate in built-up areas from time to time.

The Army is undergoing an intensive period of modernization and is about to initiate a major reorganization of its divisions to better accommodate new weapons systems and maximize their effectiveness. Heavy armored and mechanized infantry divisions are planned to normally have ten maneuver battalions. Armored divisions will have six tank battalions and four mechanized infantry battalions while the mechanized infantry division will have a mix of five tank and five mechanized infantry battalions.

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