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Infantry Division (Motorized)

The infantry division (motorized) was organized to meet the security demands of the dynamic and potentially volatile international environment, and to be highly flexible and strategically responsive across a broad spectrum of conflict. It is organized, equipped, and trained for combat in desert and arid mountainous areas and it retains the utility to respond to appropriate missions in nato or to provide increased mobility and firepower in a low-intensity conflict.

The infantry division (motorized) is a lethal, flexible, and versatile fighting force capable of responding quickly to crisis situations. The division is organized for responsive deployment, immediate combat operations upon arrival in any conflict environment, and quick retrieval from the operational area after the mission is completed. To meet a worst-case armored threat, the division is organized around combined arms battalions equipped with a substantial number of long-range anti-armor weapons. These weapons can be maneuvered quickly about the integrated battlefield using organic air and ground mobility.

The division maintains the capability to see far enough into the battlefield to execute operations and influence the airland battle. It achieves maximum combat effectiveness including survivability, through force mobility system agility, distribution of command and control, and force-oriented tactics emphasizing indirect approaches and stand-off attacks to ensure survivability, the division habitually operates widely dispersed and relies on deception to mask its location and intentions. Such dispersion and the nature of the maneuver battle requires that motorized units be organized on a combined arms basis the division can be deployed in conjunction with heavy divisions and may be employed in an economy of force role thereby freeing heavy units to conduct other missions the division can also accept air assault, airborne, infantry, and armor units with appropriate combat support (CS) and combat service support (CSS) slices.

The division is capable of operating on a nuclear or chemical battlefield. It has essential CSS capabilities to operate for up to 72 hours except for having water in arid environment and Class V (artillery) in high-intensity conflicts.

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