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Internal Troops - Order of Battle

OMSDON Dzerzhinsky DivisionReutov, Moscow region
19th Convoy Division Tbilisiactive 1969
28th Division USCH chronology uncertain
36th Convoy Division Moscowactive 1969
38th Convoy Division Kizel, Perm regionchronology uncertain.
39th Convoy Division
42th Convoy Division Vilnius active by early 1980s
43th Convoy Division Minskactive 1969
44th Convoy Division Leningradactive 1969, inactive 1980s
48th Convoy Division Pyatigorskchronology uncertain
50th Convoy Division chronology uncertain
54th Convoy Division Rostov-on-Donactive 1969, inactive 1980s
68th Convoy Division Gorkychronology uncertain
75th Convoy Division Alma-Atachronology uncertain
76th Convoy Division Petrovskchronology uncertain (77th?)
79th Convoy Division Kirovactive 1969, inactive 1980s
80th Convoy Division Kuibyshevactive 1969, inactive 1980s
83rd Convoy Division Syktyvkaractive 1969, inactive 1980s
84th Convoy Division Permactive 1969, inactive 1980s
86th Convoy Division Karagandachronology uncertain
87th Convoy Division Sverdlovskactive 1969, inactive 1980s
88th Convoy Division Tashkentactive 1969, inactive 1980s
89th Convoy Division Novosibirskactive 1969, inactive 1980s
90th Convoy Division Kemerovoactive 1969, inactive 1980s
91st Convoy Division Irkutskactive 1969, inactive 1980s
92nd Convoy Division Khabarovskactive 1969, inactive 1980s
93rd Division USCH Chelyabinsk-40active 1969, active 1980s
94th Division USCH Arzamas-16active 1969, active 1980s
95th Division USCH Moscowactive 1969, active 1980s
96th Division USCH Kalinovka-1active 1969, active 1980s
97th Division USCH Novosibirskactive 1969, active 1980s
98th Division USCH Tomsk-7active 1969, active 1980s
101st Convoy Division Chelyabinskchronology uncertain
102nd Convoy Division Krasnoyarskchronology uncertain
guards brigades and regiments
Special motorized militia units
Military Academies

By 1976, the MVD guarded 300 critical facilities, 1087 correctional labor colony and 142 medical and labor dispensary, where the were taken prisoners to 4522 facilities, served 468 scheduled routes escorting convicted and remand prisoners, 292 ships and 603 exchange offices, carrying patrol inspection service in 50 major cities across the country, carried out a number of other important tasks.

The Administration of Special Units [USCH] was created to exercise leadership at the internal security concerned with the protection of critical industrial facilities. Created after the separation boundary and internal forces April 1, 1957 based on the Special department of the 2nd Department headquarters GUPVV Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR.

On March 21, 1989 a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR ordered the MVD (along with Border Troops KGB and railway troops) to be withdrawn from the Armed Forces of the USSR. The Forces were managed by the General Directorate of Internal troops, internal and convoy protection - internal troops (since February 1969 - the Main Department of Internal Troops), Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR.

Sofrino Brigade

The Sofrino brigade (named after the suburb of Moscow where it is stationed) is a special destination unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of RF. By April 1995, the Sofrino brigade had not yet seen combat in Chechnya, much less lost any men to it. Then the unit marched into the of Chechen village of Samashki, in what was officially described as a zachistka - "a cleansing." After a tour in Chechnya, the unit pulled out of Grozny and moved towards the neighboring republic of Ingushetia.

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