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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Administration of Special Units [USCH]

On 27 April 1946, the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Office for the Protection of important enterprises of the industry created a special department for the protection of research institutes and laboratories of the USSR Academy of Sciences, involved in research in the field of nuclear energy. And today this day is celebrated as a professional holiday of military units of the Russian Interior Ministry troops for the protection of sites of special works, important state facilities and maintenance of special and military cargoes (MoPDC, VGO and SG).

The troops of this kind is informal, but it is well-established name - "Special Section". And their professional holiday, the military called it the Day of special units. Full name of the holiday is: Day of the military units for the protection of sites of special works, important state facilities and maintenance of special cargo.

For a long time the work of these units has been hidden from the general public due to the nature of their tasks. Even today, in the press do not often see information about their service and combat activities.

Like any other military unit, military units for the protection of certain public facilities and areas, manifested themselves throughout the entire period of its existence. They especially distinguished themselves during the Great Patriotic War. However, in the past, in the early 1930s. the Elektrostal regiment originated. The purpose of its creation was to protect industrial complexes, but for the most part it took place in the fight against the Nazis. Results of the latest highly impressive: about 1,000 were killed by the German invaders. In 1975, the Simple Machines regiment received the Order of the Red Star for his selfless military activities. As many as two awards: the Order of Suvorov of III degree and the Red Banner - handed leadership of the USSR team Nizhny Tagil regiment. The merits are the same: exemplary, well-established work at the time of armed conflict.

The system of protection of important state objects formed after World War II, when the country originated the nuclear industry, increasing its military-industrial complex, created many research institutes that develop strategic weapons. They needed to provide a reliable safety and security, to take measures to preserve state secrets, and secrets are born in laboratories and institutes.

Doing this kind of task was entrusted to a specially created as part of Interior Ministry military units and formations. Already by June 1946 it was formed five commandants, the first of which was the commandant's office for the protection of laboratory instrumentation number 2 of the USSR Academy of Sciences, now - the Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute". In August 1946, army units have begun to carry out tasks for the protection of sites of special works.

The servicemen of military units for the protection of important state facilities and special cargoes are always conscientiously perform their service and combat missions, often risking their own lives, protecting the population from natural and man-made disasters.

The troops took part in liquidation of consequences of accidents at the plant "Mayak" in 1957 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. A huge role in the life of the population of the Soviet Union played a special registry in 1986, at the time of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Soldiers did not stop the deadly radiation, they continued to carry out their direct duties and left the guard post of the affected object only for urgent medical advice. A similar heroism was observed in the 1990s during the elimination of consequences of the disaster at a chemical plant in Siberia.

Today, the military units of internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry for the protection of places of special works, important state facilities and special cargoes to perform combat tasks on the basis of the federal law "On Internal Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation" and provide reliable protection of more than 100 important state facilities.

Under the protection of the troops are objects of the nuclear weapons complex, nuclear power plants, research institutes and design bureaus, particularly sensitive sites, facilities of defense industry, munitions manufacture and storage of explosives, the state values.

The number of objects that need enhanced protection from prying eyes and ears, grew along with the number of their "guardian angels." It increases the size of the protected structures and if at the start of the activities of special units in the list included only small objects such as laboratories and institutes, but now it has been the whole city. In 1954 therw was added a special registry of responsibilities, including the list of protected objects of the Ministry of Aviation, the defense industry and mechanical engineering. Only in the late 1980s did information about the existence and characteristics of these special forces began their operations periodically flashed in the media to the general public, but submitted to the reader very carefully.

Modern special units differ markedly from those institutions that took care of the security of sensitive sites in the past. They are much better equipped and better prepared soldiers: effect a breakthrough in technology, science, the emergence of information technology. Under the protection of the special units are reliable storage space weapons, research institutes, nuclear power - in short, everything the same as before.

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