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Dzerzhinskiy Division
ODON [Separate Special Purpose Division]

Motto: “Any time, any place – any task!”

Regalia: the orders of Lenin, the October Revolution, the Red Banner.

Mascot: Panther – a symbol of bravery, courage and chivalry.

The Division is fully motorized and mobile. It is in constant combat readiness. Within a short time its units can be transferred by air to anywhere in Russia to perform unexpected tasks. The objectives of the Division are to protect the public order in Moscow and the Moscow Region, to fight against terrorism and extremism, in wartime – to protect important public objects.

In addition, the division’s warriors maintain order at many sports and entertainment events in the capital. Even in the fact that the 2018 FIFA-2018 World Cup, which took place in Russia in Russia, was without incident and is considered to be a reference in terms of ensuring security, the soldiers and officers of the Separate Operational Division (ODON) also owe it to them. F.E. Dzerzhinsky.

On the fronts of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars, in the fight against post-war banditry, in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters, in the prevention of interethnic conflicts and in the restoration of constitutional order in the North Caucasus, Dzerzhin soldiers always carried out their military duty with honor. The division performs difficult tasks, and they are quite capable of today's generation of military personnel, as we are convinced of every day.

The division included the following military units (as of 01 January 2013):

  • 604th Red special-purpose center, w / h 3179, formed in 2008 combining (Vityaz and Rus)
  • 2nd Regiment of operational use, w / h 3186
  • 4th Regiment of operational use, w / h 3419
  • 5th Regiment of operational use, w / h 3500
  • 60th Training Regiment, w / h 3421
  • 344th separate battalion command, a / h 6771 (ORRiKS in / hr 3486)
  • Separate Battalion, a / h 3128
  • Separate Repair and Refurbishment Battalion, w / h 3187
  • Selected Medical Battalion, w / h 3532
  • 319th separate battalion for the protection and security training centers (centers village. New and Noginsk, Moscow region), in / hr 3058
  • 4th separate company for radiation, chemical and biological protection, w / h 3401
  • Garrison quarters and operations area, a / h 3492
  • 441st Separate Security Battalion, in / hr 6909 (formed in November–December 2012)
  • vGarrison military officers

The 1st ODON formerly controlled the Rus’ and Vityaz special forces elements, but in 2008 they were combined into the MVD VV’s 604th Special Purpose Center, a Moscow-based commando unit that can be used for counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency or counter hipster / liberal / protester operations at the Kremlin’s discretion.

The entire division employed more than ten thousand personnel, hundreds of armored vehicles, artillery (mortars and anti-aircraft guns). Overall, in Moscow or subject to a very quick deployment, the MVD/FSB disposed of perhaps 15,000 first-line security troops (including maybe 400 special forces) and another 12,000-15,000 second-line forces.

For courage and heroism in the performance of military duty, 19 division soldiers were awarded the title of Hero of Russia, the state awards of the Russian Federation - more than 6 thousand people. For Merits to the Fatherland the Division was awarded the Order of Lenin (1939), the Order of Red Banner (1944), the Order of October Revolution (1985) and the Order of Zhukov (2014).

The territory on which the illustrious compound of the Russian Guard is now located was formed in 1932. At first a camp appeared, and after the war it was decided that all the military units that were part of it should be transported here. Now it’s a very interesting view when the old buildings of the 1940s look against the backdrop of modern housing, which military divisions now receive. Here are comfortable conditions: a kindergarten, a school, a cultural and health center, a church, and a place of service, And this all unites all those who came here to serve. The uniqueness of the connection is that the heroes live with the Division.

The Combined battalion of the Division is a traditional participant of military parades in the Red Square. Soldiers and officers of the unit were involved in 140 military parades, including the historic parade on November 7, 1941 and the Victory Parade on June 24, 1945, when they plunged the banners of the defeated Nazi armies at the Mausoleum.

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