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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


In parallel with the project "106" in the OKB considering options more profound modernization of the original aerodynamic configuration of the aircraft Tu-22. It was suggested to use the new aircraft delta wing, the side air intakes okolofyuzelyazhnye (which was subsequently applied to the Tu-22M) or move the package with two engines NK-B under the fuselage. All these works were in the bureau under the code: the plane "106b". After evaluation and preliminary study of all the options it was decided to focus on wing combined with the relative thickness of 3.5% and a central part formed by the proposed new delta wing.

In connection with the installation of a new wing fuselage further developed, especially in the middle and rear parts in payload bay area. The mechanization of the wing aileron system were introduced, spoilers and new, more efficient double-slotted flaps. With the increase in the take-off and landing masses intensified chassis. All gruzootseke was under decompression of center part of the wing, where, depending on the modification or were flying bomb on beamed holder, or intelligence and ECM equipment. It changed the layout of the fuselage and wing fuel tanks.

The most recent "106b" airplane project, designed by taking into account all previous elaborations on the theme. The front part of the fuselage was completely used by Tu-22K, the average of the re-designed for the new "thin wing" by analogy with the Tu-106K (-samolet base "106"). Front fuselage tank is reduced in volume, set new fuselage tank and coffered tanks of the central part of the wing to increase the number and volume of the rear fuselage tanks.

Payload bays [gruzootseke] was installed on the entire length of the center section of decompression. The cargo-compartment located under the beam carrier aircraft missile Kh-22 (Kh-22P). The aircraft could also be used as a bomber or a carrier of nuclear bombs, in this payload bays provided for the installation of appropriate holders for the bombing of the Tu-22 type. Calibers and types of bombs and mines, as Tu-22. All renovations were possible to carry out in the field, as was done in line units on the Tu-22P. Equipment and weapons control system is fully consistent with the Tu-22K. ECM system based on complex "Lilac" elements.

By 1963, the design work on the aircraft "106" and "106B" gone far enough. The final choice was in favor of the aircraft was made with the "thin wings", which worked out the major issues associated with the use of a new power plant with engines NK-6, designed the basic elements of the airframe, made the selection and coordination of the main pieces of equipment, weapons systems, and ECM systems, mainly It was prepared design documentation for the production of a prototype aircraft. It began production of the new wing and tail section.

However, in 1963 at the military and political leadership of the country had doubts whether to continue "106" aircraft of creating programs and systems based on it. At a high level, there were proposals to stop work on a plane, and in the engine NK-6. In this regard, Tupolev decided to speed up work on the aircraft and release oppny sample already in 1963 in the form in which it was provided by a person approved by the technical plane with all new or modified elements, he could go to trial only in 1964. Therefore, the collective Tupolev, to save the theme, has been tasked to prepare a prototype aircraft in the shortest possible time, spending the minimum necessary modernization of serial Tu-22.

These works included the completion of the Tu-22, in part:

  • A new rear fuselage;
  • New engine nacelles under the HK-6;
  • New socks wing;
  • Installation of the aileron-spoilers;
  • Set the gain of the main landing gear with a shift of 200 mm forward and implement an elastic suspension.

In addition to these necessary changes on serial Tu-22 was planned to introduce the new flaps and instead KDU set fairing REP "Reseda" station. All other work on the Tu-22 modernization had to be carried out only under the normal operation of engines NK-6, ailerons, spoilers, flaps and reinforced chassis. The project team has been visited by the entire list of works on the aircraft "106" in order to minimize them at this stage.

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