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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

B-1B Deployments

A total of 93 B-1B Lancer bombers were in service as of 01 June 2001. This number was reduced to 92 aircraft following a crash on 12 December 2001 of an aircraft participating in Operation Enduring Freedom.

The B-1 has had a remarkable combat history: In Desert Fox, its combat debut in Iraq in 1999, with the Allied force there and the effort that went forward. The B-1 created an unparalleled record in Kosovo that may be unsurpassed in history, in which it completed 100 of 100 combat missions and took off on time 100 percent of the time. Just seven B-1s dropped 20 percent of the bombs, over 2 1/2 million pounds of munitions, during that conflict.

During Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, B-1s flew a large percentage of the bomber missions in Afghanistan and have destroyed a large percentage of the total targets. B-1s dropped precision weapons and carpet bombing Taliban strongholds on a continuous basis.

The Department of Defense decided in 2001 to retire 33 B-1B aircraft at three locations and use a portion of the savings to upgrade the remaining 60 aircraft in the fleet. The Pentagon claimed the proposal would save enough money to modernize the remaining fleet.

The Air Force program budget decision plan cut the B-1B force structure by more than one-third. This had a substantial impact on a variety of Air Force bases that currently have a B-1B mission, and actually eliminated the B-1B entirely from Mountain Home Air Force Base and from McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas. This would result in the removal of eight B-1 bombers located at Robins Air Force Base currently being used by the 116th Bomb Wing of the Air National Guard. Such a drawdown in the B-1B fleet has the same national impact as would BRAC. The Air Force agreed to offset the economic effects of cuts in the B-1B Lancer bomber force by assigning new missions to Air National Guard members of two bomb wings set to lose B-1Bs

After Congress blocked use of FY 2001 funds to make the cuts, the Air Force agreed to delay the cuts until 2002. A provision in the FY 2001 Supplemental Appropriations Act Conference Report prohibits the use of funds from the current fiscal year from being used to downsize the current B-1 bomber fleet.

Removal of the B-1B from Mountain Home Air Force Base called into question DOD's support of the composite wing which is the basis for the air expeditionary wing concept and raised other long-term strategic and mission questions.

The B-1 missions for the National Guard at McConnell and Robbins Air Force bases have a 15 percent higher mission capable rate than active duty units at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas and Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, with 25 percent less cost per flying hour, due to decreased wear and tear on the aircraft

. Also, the National Guard repairs B-1 engines for the whole fleet at 60 percent of the depot cost. As a result of the high costs associated with traveling to others bases for training, other B1-B wings from Dyess Air Force Base and Ellsworth Air Force Base take part only once a year in composite wing training, whereas the B1-B wing at Mountain Home Air Force Base conducts this type of training twenty four times per year.

The result is that aviators from Mountain Home are rated higher in operational inspections and training because of the enhanced training opportunities which they receive at reduced cost to the government.

The Air Force anticipates completing the retirement and relocation of 33 B-1B bombers by 01 October 2003. The number of operational B-1B air bases will also be reduced from five to two. The Air Force anticpates that these initiatives will save $1.4 billion over five years. A total of eight of the retired B-1Bs are to be placed on display at various Air Force bases.

The remaining 24 are to be sent to the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona. Of these, 10 of the B-1Bs at Davis-Monthan will be placed in storage, and the remainder used to provide spare parts for the 60 bombers still in service. The retiring aircraft will comprise all of those built in 1983 and most built in 1984.

All of the B-1s have reportedly had nicknames, though in some instances these names are not reported in readily available sources, and it appears that some aircraft do not currently have nicknames. Aircraft nicknames are chosen by the aircraft crew chief, subject to approval by the Wing commander. Some aircraft have been renamed at least once, with a few aircraft having been renamed several times. Both 85-0070 and 86-0122 are apparently nicknamed "Excalibur" and both 85-0067 and 86-0128 are reportedly named "Mis Behavin."

ACC40 Dyess AFB, TX7th Bomb Wing
ACC20 Ellsworth AFB, SD 28th Bomb Wing
ACC8 Mountain Home AFB, ID366th Air Expeditionary Wing
ANG10 Robins AFB, GA116th Bomb Wing
ANG12 McConnell AFB, KS184th Bomb Wing
AMC2 Edwards AFB, CAtest aircraft
92 TOTAL INVENTORY [as of 12 Dec 01]
7 lost to mishaps [as of 12 Dec 01]
1 eliminated under START II Treaty

Airframe Inventory
#Tail #NameLocationComment
1 eliminated under START II Treaty
283-0065 Star of AbileneDyess
383-0066 Ole' PussDyess
483-0067 Texas RaiderDyess
583-0068 PredatorDyess
683-0069 The BeastDyess
783-0070 7 WishesDyess
883-0071 SpitfireDyess
984-0049 NO NAMEEdwardsALCM Test Aircraft
1084-0050 Dawg B-OneDyess
1184-0051 Boss HogDyess
1284-0052 NO NAMELost 28 Sep 1987 @ La Junta, Colorado
1384-0053 Lucky 13Dyess
1484-0054 Rage [Tasmanian Terror]Dyess
1584-0055 Shockwave [Lethal Weapon]Dyess
1684-0056 Sweet SixteenDyess
1784-0057 HellionDyessLost 18 Feb 1998 @ Marion, KY
1884-0058 Eternal GuardianDyess
1985-0059 Better Duck
2085-0060 NO NAME [ex Night Hawk]McConnell
2185-0061 NO NAME [ex French Connection]Ellsworth
2285-0062 UncagedDyess
2385-0063 NO NAMELost 08 Nov 1988 @ Dyess AFB, Texas
2485-0064 EliminatorMcConnell
2585-0065 Texas Armor
2685-0066 On DefenseEllsworth
2785-0067 Mis Behavin
2885-0068 NO NAMEEdwardsACM Test Aircraft
2985-0069 Daisy MaeMcConnell
3085-0070 Excalibur
3185-0071 Liberator
3285-0072 PolarizedDyess
3385-0073 CerberusMcConnell
3485-0074 Crew DawgDyess
3585-0075 BansheeEllsworth
3685-0076 BlackjackLost 17 Nov 1989 @ Ellsworth AFB S.D.
3785-0077 HamptonEllsworth
3885-0078 Heavy MetalEllsworthLost 19 Sep 1997
3985-0079 Classy LadyEllsworth
4085-0080 Screamin Demon
4185-0081 Equalizer
4285-0082 Global PowerDyess
4385-0083 Dark StarEllsworth
4485-0084 Pandoras BoxEllsworth
4585-0085 No Antidote II [ex America #1]Ellsworth
4685-0086 My MistressEllsworth
4785-0087 GremlinEllsworth
4885-0088 Phoenix
4985-0089 Midnight Prowler
5085-0090 Trail BlazerEllsworth
5185-0091 ThorRobins
5285-0092 EnforcerEllsworth
5386-0093 Ruthless RavenEllsworth
5486-0094 Night HawkEllsworth
5686-0096 Thunder ChildEllsworth
5786-0097 Iron EagleRobins
5886-0098 Freedom IEllsworth
5986-0099 Ghost RiderEllsworth
6086-0100 PhoenixDyess
6186-0101 Heavy MetalDyess
6286-0102 Lady HawkEllsworth
6386-0103 Reluctant DragonDyess
6486-0104 American FlyerRobins
6586-0105 Snake EyesDyess
6686-0106 Lone WolfLost 01 Dec 1992 @ IR 165, Van Horne TX
6786-0107 Valkyries
6886-0108 Alien With An AttitudeDyess
6986-0109 SpectreDyess
7086-0110 Stairway to HeavenDyess
7186-0111 Ace in the HoleEllsworth
7286-0112 Black WidowDyess
7386-0113 ViperEllsworth
7486-0114 Live Free Or Die [ex Wolfhound]Ellsworthcrashed 12 Dec 2001, near Diego Garcia
7586-0115 Top Secret
7686-0116 VictressRobins
7786-0117 Night StalkerDyess
7886-0118 Iron MistressRobins
7986-0119 The PunisherDyess
8086-0120 Iron HorseDyess
8186-0121 Maiden AmericaRobins
8286-0122 Excalibur
8386-0123 NO NAME [ex High Noon]Dyess
8486-0124 Winged ThunderDyess
8586-0125 Shack AttackRobins
8686-0126 Command Decision
8786-0127 Nightmare
8886-0128 Mis BehavinEllsworth
8986-0129 PegasusEllsworth
9086-0130 Bad CompanyDyess
9186-0131 The Ultimate WarriorRobins
9286-0132 Oh, Hard LuckDyess
9386-0133 NO NAME [ex The Outlaw]Ellsworth
9486-0134 Wild Ass RideRobins
9586-0135 Deadly IntentionsDyess
9686-0136 Special Delivery
9786-0137 Ace In The HoleDyess
9886-0138 Grand Illusions IIRobins
9986-0139 Gallant WarriorRobins
10086-0140 Last LancerDyess

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