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January 2000 - Russia Special Weapons News

  • Can Vladimir Putin Save Russia? Henry Plater-Zyberk Conflict Studies Research Centre, Sandhurst UK (O.B.73) January 2000 -- The industrialised democracies and especially the USA and Europe will have to accept that after 15 years of Gorbachev and Yel'tsin's generally friendly pro-Western foreign policy, things may become much colder on the international arena.
  • WHO IS PUTIN? Voice of America 28 January 2000 -- Despite his meteoric rise to power, many Russians - and western analysts - still ask the question: who is Mr. Putin and what does he really stand for?
  • RUSSIA: DUMA PACT, 'NUCLEAR DOCTRINE' PROMPT NEW QUESTIONS ON 'ENIGMATIC PUTIN' Foreign Media Reaction 27 January 2000 -- Media efforts to decipher "Moscow's new strongman" took on new urgency as a result of two recent developments: Russia's unveiling of a "revamped national security concept" that inveighs against an expansionist West and lowers the threshold for nuclear weapons use, and the "curious alliance" struck by "the Communists and the Kremlin" to control the new Duma. Taken together, they provoked anxiety in several quarters, as writers worried that Vladimir Putin's stress on "the need to create a strong, centralized state which...stands up for its national interests against the West" may lead to a Russia unwilling to divest itself of its communist past, more "aggressively nationalistic," and increasingly intent on "closing its door to the West."
  • RUSSIA / WEAPONS Voice of America 27 January 2000 -- Russia will boost weapons spending by 50-percent this year in an attempt to restore its battered military might. Putin says the main objective of the military expenditures is to rebuild Russia into a world-class military power.
  • ALBRIGHT / RUSSIA Voice of America 27 January 2000 -- Secretary of State Madeleine Albright travels to Moscow Sunday for a visit that will include her first meeting with acting President Vladimir Putin.
  • RUSSIA - SECURITY Voice of America 26 January 2000 -- Russia's new security doctrine is the fruit of months of debate among Russia's military and political elite and provides the first indication of acting President Vladimir Putin's strategic thinking.
  • RUSSIA / POLITICS Voice of America 25 January 2000 -- Russia's Acting President Vladimir Putin has hosted his first summit of leaders from the Commonwealth of Independent States (C-I-S).
  • RUSSIA / SPACE Voice of America 20 January 2000 -- Russian space officials have announced that the aging space station MIR will continue operating through August and several flights are already planned.
  • U-S / RUSSIA Voice of America 19 January 2000 -- U-S officials say Russia's new national security doctrine does not make the use of nuclear weapons more likely. Analysts had said the new policy unveiled last week is more aggressive than the previous security doctrine issued in 1997.
  • RUSSIA / POLITICS Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- Russia's newly elected parliament opened for its first session Tuesday. Acting President Vladimir Putin urged lawmakers to cooperate and to end years of confrontation with the Kremlin.
  • JOHN GLAD ON RUSSIA'S FUTURE Voice of America 18 January 2000 -- The crux of Mr. Glad's argument is that the weakened Russian government will probably be unable to maintain the unity of the Russian state. Mr. Glad believes secessionist pressures could soon extend beyond the Caucasus to regions like resource-rich Yakutia which derives few economic benefits from Moscow.
  • RUSSIA / PUTIN Voice of America 17 January 2000 -- Russian opinion polls released Monday show that a majority of Russians overwhelmingly support Acting President Vladimir Putin in the coming presidential elections March 26th.
  • RUSSIA: PUTIN WAGES WAR ON TWO FRONTS--WAR AND CORRUPTION Foreign Media Reaction Report January 14, 2000 -- News from Russia over the past week--notably Acting President Putin's "government reshuffle," and reports of mounting Russian casualties on the Chechen battlefront after last weekend's "spectacular" rebel counteroffensive--elicited comment from Russia-watchers from around the globe. Many underscored that a Putin presidential victory depends on his winning two wars: in Chechnya and against domestic corruption.
  • RUSSIAN-SECURITY-US Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- An expert in strategic issues says Russia's decision to make it easier to use nuclear weapons is a sign of weakness, rather than strength.
  • RUSSIA / SECURITY Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- Russia has published a new national security doctrine that was signed into law by Acting President Vladimir Putin on Monday.
  • RUSSIA POLITICS Voice of America 13 January 2000 -- Russia's acting president, Vladimir Putin, has formally accepted his nomination to run for the job full-time in a special election scheduled for March.
  • THE END OF THE YELTSIN ERA Voice of America 07 January 2000 -- After eight years in power, Russian President Boris Yeltsin shocked Russians by announcing his resignation on New Year's Eve. Prime Minister Valdimir Putin immediately became acting president. Presidential elections are scheduled for March, leaving Mr. Putin a strong favorite. Mr. Yeltsin's bold stroke was typical of his tumultuous presidency. He defied a Communist coup attempt in 1991, and sent tanks to attack a rebellious Russian parliament in 1993. In 1996, he won a second term as president against great odds. His legacy includes the dismantlement of Communism, but Russia's transition to democracy has been plagued by massive corruption and a failure to follow through on needed reforms.
  • BORIS YELTSIN RESIGNS - PUTIN TAKES OVER Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- The biggest foreign affairs news of the past week was Boris 's unexpected resignation on New Year's Eve as President of Russia.
  • RUSSIA: CHRONICLING YELTSIN'S LEGACY; EARLY SPECULATION ON PUTIN'S RULE USIA Foreign Media Reaction Report January 5, 2000 -- Boris Yeltsin's "surprise" New Year's Eve resignation as president of Russia and Vladimir Putin's appointment as acting president garnered extensive editorial coverage from all corners of the globe. Most agreed that Mr. Yeltsin's final move as president was a "masterstroke"--ensuring that his popular, hand-picked successor would have the advantage of incumbency in the lead-up to the March presidential elections, and that he himself would be exempt from future prosecution.
  • CLINTON-PUTIN Voice of America 05 January 2000 -- Last week's resignation of Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his hand-over of power to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took the Clinton administration by surprise.
  • RUSSIA / POLITICS Voice of America 05 January 2000 -- Russia's upper house of parliament has determined that early presidential elections will be held March 26th.
  • BORIS YELTSIN RESIGNS Voice of America 05 January 2000 -- In what some U-S papers are describing as a political master stroke, the ailing, 68-year-old Russian leader stepped down in such a way as to give his hand-picked successor, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a big advantage in the next election.
  • BORIS YELTSIN RESIGNS Voice of America 04 January 2000 -- The biggest news story of New Year's Day, aside from the changing of years, centuries and, some say, the millennium, was the resignation of Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
  • RUSSIA POL Voice of America 03 January 2000 -- Acting President Putin's first administrative move was to fire former President Yeltsin's daughter, Tatyana Dyachenko, from her post as presidential image-maker.
  • RUSSIA'S ECONOMY Voice of America 03 January 2000 -- Western economists are cautiously optimistic that Russia's acting president, Vladimir Putin, could bring a renewed commitment to market-based reform in Russia.
  • U-S-RUSSIA Voice of America 02 January 2000 -- Top Clinton Administration officials say the United States wants a good relationship with Russia's acting President Vladimir Putin.

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