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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

30 September 2004 - Iraq Special Weapons News

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United Nations
Reconstruction Issues
Foreign Reactions
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US Policy

  • Presidential Debate in Coral Gables, Florida 2004 Presidential Documents Online via GPO Access 30 Sep 2004
  • Bush, Kerry End Crucial 1st Debate VOA News 30 Sep 2004 -- President Bush - in the first of three presidential debates - has strongly defended his decision to invade Iraq, but challenger John Kerry called the decision a "colossal error of judgement".

  • Powell Discusses Iraq Conference, Possible French Participation Washington File 30 Sep 2004 -- An Iraqi government proposal to organize an international conference to help the Iraq government prepare for a democratic future may take place at the end of November, Secretary of State Colin Powell says.
  • Iraqis, Coalition Working Out Fallujah Solution, Myers Says AFPS 30 Sep 2004 -- The situation in Fallujah "cannot remain the status quo," the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told National Public Radio in a Sept. 28 interview.
  • White House Report, September 29: Iraq, U.K. Washington File 30 Sep 2004 -- Even though stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction have not been found in Iraq, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan says President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair both believe that the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime was "the right decision."
  • NO MNF ORDNANCE DROPPED IN RAMADI FOR MORE THAN A MONTH CENTCOM 30 Sep 2004 -- CNN International erroneously reported yesterday that Multi-National Force aircraft dropped bombs on the Coalition of Iraqi National Unity building in Ramadi.
  • CPIC ISSUES APOLOGY TO CNN MNF-I/MNC-I 30 Sep 2004 -- The CPIC inadvertently issued a news release today (Release #A040930e) concerning CNN International's reporting of MNF aircraft initiating air strikes in Ar Ramadi yesterday. CNN International had already corrected the information before the news release was distributed.

United Nations

  • IRAQ: Food security still problematic - WFP IRIN 30 Sep 2004 -- Food security is still a problem in Iraq, a new survey released on Tuesday by the World Food Programme (WFP) revealed, stressing that some 25 percent of the population - 6.5 million people - are extremely poor and still totally dependent on the Public Distribution System (PDS).

Reconstruction Issues

  • Treasury Department Hails IMF Assistance to Iraq Washington File 30 Sep 2004 -- U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow has welcomed the decision by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to make more than $435 million in Emergency Post-Conflict Assistance (EPCA) available to Iraq on the strength of the Iraqi government's 2004-05 economic program.
  • Powell, Jordan's Muasher Discuss Security, Elections in Iraq Washington File 30 Sep 2004 -- Efforts to stabilize the security situation in Iraq in advance of Iraqi national elections, scheduled for January 2005, topped the agenda as Secretary of State Colin Powell and Jordanian Foreign Minister Marwan Muasher met in Washington September 29.
  • Iraq`s Human Rights Min: 3,322 MKO members imprisoned in Iraq IRNA 30 Sep 2004 -- Interim Iraqi government`s Human Rights Minister Bakhtiar Amin said here on Wednesday, "3,322 of the total 9,877 inmates in Iraq`s various prisons are the Iranian outlawed group, MKO (terror organization) members."
  • IRAQ / ELECTIONS VOA 30 Sep 2004 -- Despite the rising level of violence in Iraq, the country's election officials are actively recruiting and training Iraqis to help conduct the country's first free election in almost a half-century. Government officials say they fully intend to hold an open election by the end of January, as planned. And, even though many Iraqis say they aren't sure the election will produce legitimate results, there is also a belief that the election must be held in order to start Iraq on the path of democracy.
  • Allawi Says Elections On Course RFE/RL 30 Sep 2004 -- Speaking in London today, Iraq's interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said his country will hold elections as scheduled in January and vowed the poll will be fair.
  • IRAQ: Detainee board approves prisoner releases IRIN 30 Sep 2004 -- As violence continues in many parts of Iraq, a recently formed detainee release board has the delicate job of deciding who should be freed from jail.
  • IRAQ: Property commission sets to work amid widespread scepticism IRIN 30 Sep 2004 -- Not everyone in Iraq is happy with the job Tahsin Hamid Yassin does. Following a series of death threats, he now carries a gun wherever he goes, and his heavily guarded office in the northern city of Kirkuk sits at the end of a street cordoned off to prevent car bomb attacks.

Foreign Reactions

  • Iraq: Syria Agrees To Tighten Border Controls RFE/RL 30 Sep 2004 -- U.S. officials have announced that Syria has agreed to take steps to tighten control over its 600-kilometer border with Iraq. The announcement followed talks in Damascus between U.S., Syrian, and Iraqi officials. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says the Syrians must now prove their commitment. The State Department has declined to discuss specific details of the agreement, and Damascus has yet to official comment on the talks. U.S.-Syria relations, never good, hit a new low earlier this year when Washington imposed economic sanctions on Damascus for its alleged support of terrorism and refusal to fight anti-American insurgents crossing the border into Iraq.
  • IRAQ ELECTION / ARABS VOA 30 Sep 2004 -- The planned elections in Iraq are now just four months away. But the country continues to be hit by violence virtually every day. Many in the Arab world, including senior officials, are wondering how valid elections can be held under these circumstances and some are already suggesting a postponement, which U.S. and Iraqi officials say will not happen.
  • Analysis: Armenians Uneasy At Proposed Iraq Deployment RFE/RL 30 Sep 2004 -- The Armenian government's decision to send noncombat personnel to serve with the international peacekeeping force in Iraq has met with resistance from civic groups, opposition parties, one member of the three-party ruling coalition, and some senior military officers.

News Reports

  • Iraqi Media Monitoring UNAMI 30 Sep 2004
  • Iraq: Christians Seek To Escape Pressure From Islamist Extremists, Kidnappers RFE/RL 30 Sep 2004 -- Iraq is home to some of the world's oldest communities of Christians, who traditionally have made up some 3 percent of the population. But today their numbers are reported to be decreasing. Iraq's Christians say they are routinely targeted by Islamist extremists who attack their shops and restaurants which sell alcohol and sometimes bomb churches. Separately, kidnappers prey on wealthy Christians as well as other Iraqis to extort ransom from them -- sometimes killing hostages when families cannot pay. As such pressures mount, many Christians are choosing to leave Iraq's larger cities and move to safer areas in the north of the country or abroad. Estimates of the number of people leaving their homes vary widely and exact numbers are not available.
  • Group Says It Is Holding 10 New Hostages In Iraq RFE/RL 30 Sep 2004 -- Al Jazeera television quotes an Iraqi militant group as saying that it had kidnapped 10 people, including two Indonesian women, who work for an electronics firm.
  • IRAQ: Hostage release brings small comfort to NGOs IRIN 30 Sep 2004 -- Their aid agency friends are ecstatic, but Tuesday's release of the "two Simonas" is not expected to bring other foreign aid workers back to Iraq soon, NGOs say.

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