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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

2002 China Special Weapons News

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  • CHINA / DISSIDENT RELEASE VOA 24 Dec 2002 -- China has freed a prominent dissident from prison for medical reasons and he is on his way to the United States. The release comes a week after a senior U-S human rights envoy visited China
  • HONG KONG SECURITY LAW VOA 22 Dec 2002 -- Thousands of people rallied in Hong Kong in support of proposed national security laws, one-week after a large demonstration by opponents of the new laws
  • CHINA DISSIDENT VOA 20 Dec 2002-- China has arrested a U-S based dissident and charged him with spying and terrorist activities, six-months after he and two other Chinese democracy activists disappeared in Vietnam
  • CHINA US MISSILES VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- China voices concern over the U-S decision to deploy a missile defense system. China has long feared that an American anti-missile shield might weaken its nuclear deterrent
  • YEARENDER: CHINA / TIBET VOA 19 Dec 2002 -- Developments early in the year gave some Tibetans in exile hope that China may be willing to work toward reconciliation on the Tibet issue. But the recent death sentences given to two Tibetan activists dampened those hopes. Does the new leadership in Beijing provide a new opportunity for Tibet?
  • CHINA US HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 18 Dec 2002-- A senior U-S official has gone to China's Xinjiang Province to examine complaints about human rights abuses there
  • CHINA-US MILITARY VOA 17 Dec 2002-- China says a visit by a senior American military commander has increased understanding between the two countries.
  • CHINA / US / MILITARY VOA 12 Dec 2002-- China says it is pleased with increased military ties with the United States and the high-level talks between Chinese and American defense officials this week in Washington
  • CHINA WTO VOA 11 Dec 2002-- China has just ended its first year in the World Trade Organization. Business leaders say Beijing has made progress in opening its markets to trade, but work remains to be done
  • Chinese Government Still Jams VOA, RFA Broadcasts Washington File 10 Dec 2002-- "Beijing is working hard to prevent the news we report from getting through to the Chinese people" says Joan Mower, communications coordinator for the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the agency that oversees Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Asia (RFA).
  • Daily Press Briefing State Department 10 Dec 2002 -- Washington Post Article on Chinese Missiles Aimed at Taiwan
  • Hyde: Good U.S.-China Relations Require Clarity, Directness Washington File 10 Dec 2002-- It is important that the United States and China clearly and frankly state their positions and acknowledge differences in order to maintain good relations between the two nations, according to Representative Henry Hyde (Republican of Illinois).
  • U.S., China Seek to Resume Military-to-Military Cooperation AFPS 10 Dec 2002-- U.S. and Chinese officials want to renew the two countries' military-to-military cooperation, which had been cut off since April 2001.
  • HONG KONG SECURITY LAW VOA 10 Dec 2002 -- Two international human rights watchdogs have voiced concerns that a planned new anti-subversion law will curtail press freedom and other civil liberties in Hong Kong. A top Chinese official also says foreign countries have no say in the issue
  • Under Secretary Feith Media Roundtable On U.S. China Defense Consultative Talks 09 Dec 2002-- Feith: As you know, the U.S. relationship with China is important and complex, and we discussed in these talks the range of issues of common interest, areas where we agree and where we disagree. In the areas of cooperation, we covered issues like the U.N. work on Iraq, and the North Korean nuclear weapons program. And the areas of disagreement were, of course, headed by the issue of Taiwan, but also touched on China's military modernization, its proliferation policies, and how these affect the stability of Asia.
  • U-S/CHINA MILITARY TALKS VOA 09 Dec 2002 -- The United States and China have held their highest level military talks since the start of the Bush administration, with a top Pentagon official saying Washington was less than fully satisfied with the outcome, especially on the issue of weapons proliferation. The United States tried but failed to get a commitment from Beijing to press North Korea to abandon its newly revealed nuclear weapons program
  • CHINA MILITARY VOA 09 Dec 2002-- China has issued a new defense document - outlining a military strategy based on multilateral cooperation, fighting terrorism and plans to spend more to upgrade armed forces technology. The report emphasized a tough stance on the issue of Taiwan's independence and U-S weapons sales to the island.
  • Analysis of China's Strategic Power by Lim Tai Wei, Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) website contributor, Cornell PhD Student and SAGE scholar, 8 Dec 2002. [MSWord]
  • CHINA TIBET VOA 05 Dec 2002 -- China hands a death sentence and a suspended death sentence to two Tibetans for carrying out a series of bomb blasts in the country's southwest. One of those convicted appears to be an influential Buddhist leader
  • PUTIN CHINA VOA 03 Dec 2002 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will seek cooperation with the United States, but acknowledges the interests of the two countries often differ. The comments came in a speech at Peking University as he wrapped up a two-day visit to China
  • CHINA - RUSSIA VOA 03 Dec 2002-- China says its partnership with Russia is not directed at any third party. The statement comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin wraps up a visit to China to cement ties between the two countries - even as Beijing and Moscow improve their relations with Washington


  • PUTIN / CHINA PREVIEW VOA 29 Nov 2002 -- Russia's President Vladimir Putin travels to China Sunday where he will meet with the country's new Communist Party chief and work to boost the already-good relations between Moscow and Beijing
  • CHINA TAIWAN FLIGHTS VOA 27 Nov 2002 -- China is renewing its call for direct charter flights from Taiwan to the mainland - and ridicules Taiwan's insistence that the planes fly hundreds of kilometers out of the way to make stops in Hong Kong
  • U-S CHINA AMBASSADOR VOA 25 Nov 2002 -- The U-S Ambassador to China says the United States will keep pressing Beijing to make progress on human rights. The diplomat is urging American businesses to help on rights issues
  • CHINA / US SHIP VOA 24 Nov 2002 -- A U-S Navy warship is visiting a mainland Chinese port for the first time since a mid-air collision soured relations between Beijing and Washington last year. The improved relations are in large part a result of China's cooperation in the war on terrorism
  • CHINA LEADERSHIP TRANSITION VOA 22 Nov 2002-- China's ruling Communist Party has just changed leaders without the bloodshed or political turmoil that usually accompanies such transitions
  • CHINA PARTY CONGRESS: TRANSITION BUT NO CHANGE Washington File 21 Nov 2002-- There is widespread agreement that China has "a self-contradictory system...open for economics but politically closed." / Many perceive Jiang Zemin to be in a "more dominant position" after the Congress. / Most papers downplayed hopes for drastic reforms under Hu Jintao's ostensible rule./ Some see communism as "evaporating" due to the upsurge of "pragmatic capitalism."
  • PETER GRIES, SPECIALIST IN CHINESE POLITICS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO VOA 15 Nov 2002 -- China's ruling Communist Party has made some major leadership changes. President Jiang Zemin has stepped down from the top leadership post, taking other top leaders with him. Peter Gries (Greece) is a specialist in Chinese politics at the University of Colorado in the western United States
  • BUSH/CHINA VOA 15 Nov 2002 -- The Bush administration has congratulated Hu Jintao on his promotion to general-secretary of China's ruling Communist Party. Mr. Hu's selection puts him in line for the Chinese presidency next year
  • CHINA / LEADER VOA 15 Nov 2002-- China's ruling Communist Party has chosen a new generation of leaders, headed by 59-year old Hu Jintao
  • CHINA / HU JINTAO VOA 15 Nov 2002-- China's Communist Party has named Vice President Hu Jintao as its new leader
  • CHINA LEADERSHIP VOA 14 Nov 2002-- China's president and five other top leaders are stepping down from their Communist Party posts, as a new generation steps in to take their place. The announcement comes during the closing session of the 16th Communist Party Congress
  • CHINA CONGRESS / SATURDAY VOA 09 Nov 2002 -- The man expected to be China's next leader says he will keep the nation on a Marxist path, while working to bring Chinese people more wealth. The Chinese Communist Party is consulting on the second day of its congress - held only once every five years
  • CHINA / PARTY CONGRESS VOA 07 Nov 2002 -- China's President Jiang Zemin opened the 16th Communist Party Congress by calling for talks with Taiwan and urging the country to quadruple its economic output. Mr. Jiang also proposed sweeping changes for the party as he prepares to step down as its head
  • CHINA / HU JINTAO VOA 06 Nov 2002 -- China is expected to announce a new leader to succeed President Jiang Zemin, during the 16th Communist Party Congress. Vice-President Hu Jintao is likely to become the new party chief when the congress ends this month, and the new president next March. But very little is known about the man tipped to govern the world's most populous country, or how much real power he will wield
  • CHINA / IRAQ VOA 06 Nov 2002 -- China says a new U-S draft resolution on disarming Iraq appears to address concerns of critics, but Beijing has not said if it would support the measure. The U-N Security Council has been debating this latest resolution and could vote on it Friday
  • CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY CONGRESS VOA 06 Nov 2002 -- China is making final preparations for a landmark Communist Party meeting that begins Friday in Beijing. The Party Congress is expected to usher in a new generation of leadership and open the party to private business people
  • ASEAN / SPRATLYS DEAL VOA 02 Nov 2002-- Southeast Asian nations and China have agreed on a declaration to avoid an outbreak of hostilities in the South China Sea, an area that includes the disputed Spratly Islands
  • TAIWAN NAVY VOA 01 Nov 2002-- China is using some new naval maneuvering to increase political and military pressure on Taiwan
  • CHINA - PARTY CONGRESS VOA 01 Nov 2002-- China's President Jiang Zemin appears likely to give up his position as head of the Communist Party at a crucial meeting of Chinese leaders next week [EDS: Friday, 11/8]. But recent high-level appointments indicate that Mr. Jiang will continue to maintain a tight grip on power from behind the scenes


  • Speeding up the Development of Advanced Strategic Weapons Liu Bao Yong (Chinese booster rocket technology research institute, Beijing, 100076) Astronautics Periodical Fifth Issue 2002 -- The international situation forces us to have to develop the advanced strategic weapon, the impetus country modernization must develop the advanced strategic weapon, the new technical rapid development requests us to have to accelerate the development advanced strategy weapon.
  • CHINA TAIWAN FALUN GONG VOA 30 Oct 2002-- Beijing says the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement has interfered with China's satellite television broadcasts again
  • CHINA JAPAN SHRINE VOA 28 Oct 2002-- China's president has told Japan's prime minister (Sunday) that his visit to a controversial World War Two shrine seriously hurt relations between the two nations and should never happen again
  • Senior Official Calls Bush-Jiang Meeting "Very Positive" Washington File 26 Oct 2002-- President Bush's meeting with Chinese President Jiang Zemin in Crawford, Texas October 25 was "very positive," according to a senior administration official speaking on background.
  • BUSH CHINA OVERNIGHT VOA 25 Oct 2002-- President Bush meets Chinese leader Jiang Zemin Friday to discuss North Korea's admission that it is has nuclear weapons
  • TAIWAN US-CHINA SUMMIT VOA 25 Oct 2002-- Taiwan officials are keeping a wary eye on the Texas summit meeting between Chinese President Jiang Zemin and President Bush
  • CHINA / HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 24 Oct 2002-- Two prominent Chinese dissidents Thursday called on President Bush to urge visiting Chinese President Jiang Zemin to make urgently needed human rights reforms.
  • US-China Summit VOA 23 Oct 2002-- When President Bush welcomes President Jiang Zemin [jah-ng zuh-MEEN] to his Texas ranch Friday, he will likely ask the Chinese leader for his help in stopping Iraq and North Korea from building up nuclear arsenals. Mr. Jiang's current visit to the United States is expected to be his last as China's head of state.
  • Transcript: NSC's Rice Briefs on Oct. 25 Bush Talks with China's President Washington File 23 Oct 2002-- White House National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice says President Bush "looks forward to a candid and constructive discussion on a variety of topics, including North Korea, Iraq, cooperation in the war on terror, trade, human rights, and religious freedom," in his October 25 meeting at his Texas ranch with President Jiang Zemin of China.
  • Commission Suggests Specific Issues for Bush-Jiang Meeting Washington File 23 Oct 2002-- The bipartisan United States-China Security Review Commission has released the text of a letter it sent to President Bush urging him to raise specific nonproliferation, trade, and prison labor issues with Chinese President Jiang Zemin when the two heads of state meet October 25 in Crawford, Texas.
  • CHINA-RESHUFFLE VOA 23 Oct 2002-- A leadership transition in China has officially started with the transfer of senior Communist Party officials in two major cities
  • U-S / CHINA SUMMIT VOA 22 Oct 2002-- When President Bush welcomes Chinese President Jiang Zemin to his Texas ranch for talks on Friday (10/25), he will likely ask the Chinese leader for his help in stopping Iraq and North Korea from developing nuclear arsenals
  • CHINA WEAPONS VOA 22 Oct 2002-- China says it will limit its arms sales in an effort to stop the spread of technology that can be used to make weapons of mass destruction
  • JIANG BUSH SUMMIT PREVIEW VOA 22 Oct 2002-- Chinese President Jiang Zemin heads to Texas this week to meet with President Bush at his home. Despite the relaxed atmosphere of President Bush's ranch, the two leaders will grapple with some tough issues, from rogue nations with nuclear arms to a long-standing dispute over Taiwan
  • JIANG / CHICAGO VOA 21 Oct 2002-- China's President Jiang Zemin is stopping in Chicago Tuesday on his way to meet with President Bush in Texas. Human rights activists are making sure China's poor human rights record is on the summit's agenda
  • CHINA / MILITARY EXPORTS VOA 21 Oct 2002-- China is stepping up efforts to curb weapons proliferation by issuing new controls on military exports
  • CHINA TAIWAN VOA 19 Oct 2002-- Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian has cautiously welcomed a statement by China's vice premier, hinting that the two sides could discuss direct transportation links without getting into the divisive issue of sovereignty
  • US-CHINA / HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 09 Oct 2002-- Congressmen, human rights and labor rights advocates at a Washington rally (Wednesday) have likened Chinese President Jiang Zemin to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein
  • CONGRESS - CHINA / HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 02 Oct 2002-- A congressional panel has issued a report criticizing human-rights abuses in China and recommending ways the United States can help China improve its rule of law. The panel also calls on President Bush to press China on the issue of human rights when he meets later this month in Texas with Chinese President Jiang Zemin


  • U.S-CHINA RELATIONS VOA 25 Sept 2002-- China is preparing for it's sixteenth Communist Party Congress in November. The Party Congress is expected to anoint a new generation of leaders and set the direction of Chinese politics and policies for years to come. The Congress will take place at a time when tensions between the United States and China have eased as a result of cooperation in the war on terrorism. Chinese leader Jiang Zemin will meet with President George W. Bush October 25th at the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas. China has been criticized by the United States for selling ballistic missile technology to countries such as Iran and North Korea. In August, China announced it would restrict such sales, but has made such promises before. What is the state of U-S-China relations and will they be affected by the ongoing war on terrorism and the upcoming Party Congress? I'll ask my guests -- Gordon Chang, author of "The Coming Collapse of China;" Claude Barfield, a resident scholar at The American Enterprise Institute; and human rights activist, Dimon Liu. Welcome. Thanks for joining us today.
  • CHINA MILITARY MODERNIZATION VOA 12 Sept 2002-- Chinese strategists are applying lessons learned from the wars in Afghanistan and Kosovo to their own military modernization effort. American analysts say China is trying to prepare for the possibility of a limited war using high technology
  • CHINA TAIWAN U-N VOA 12 Sept 2002-- Taiwan has failed for the 10th consecutive year to regain a seat in the United Nations.
  • CHINA/TERROR VOA 12 Sept 2002-- China is welcoming the U-N move to name a Muslim Uighur separatist group a terrorist organization
  • CHINA / TIBET VOA 10 Sept 2002-- Beijing and Tibet are taking a very small step toward resolving their decades-long dispute over how to rule Tibet


  • CHINA JAPAN GERMWAR VOA 28 Aug 2002 -- Beijing is demanding that Japan take responsibility for wartime atrocities against China after a Tokyo court rejected compensation for germ warfare victims from World War Two.
  • CHINA JAPAN GERMWAR VOA 28 Aug 2002 -- China is demanding Japan take responsibility for conducting germ warfare during World War Two. The call comes after a Japanese court this week rejected a civil suit by 180 Chinese who say their relatives were killed by Japan's experiments.
  • CQ CHINA-IRAQ-US VOA 28 Aug 2002 -- A top Chinese official says Beijing has friendly ties with Iraq. China this week also indicated it opposes Washington's talk of using force to make Baghdad comply with U-N resolutions.
  • CHINA/NONPROLIFERATION VOA 27 Aug 2002-- China calls on the United States to lift a ban on American satellite launches on Chinese rockets
  • CHINA/MISSILE VOA 26 Aug 2002-- China has issued new controls on missile technology exports after more than a year of prodding by Washington
  • CHINA-TAIWAN VOA 08 Aug 2002-- Taiwan says it will not hold a referendum on independence unless forced to do so by China
  • U.S. One-China Policy Remains Unchanged, Official Says Washington File 09 Aug 2002-- NSC spokesman also discusses Iraq, Israelis-Palestinians, Afghanistan
  • CHINA-TAIWAN VOA 07 Aug 2002-- China rejects Taipei's efforts to defuse tensions after Taiwan president made comments about the island's political status
  • CHINA/TAIWAN VOA 06 Aug 2002-- China is stepping up the pressure on Taiwan's president, accusing him of sparking a serious crisis in cross-strait relations. This, after the Taiwanese leader backed a referendum on possible independence for the island.
  • CHINA/TAIWAN VOA 05 Aug 2002-- China has warned Taiwan it is risking serious trouble because of the Taiwanese president's support for a referendum on possible independence for the island
  • CHINA-SUCCESSION VOA 05 Aug 2002-- Speculation is rising that China's president, Jiang Zemin, wants to hold onto his job as Communist Party chief despite expectations he would retire this fall. The development, if confirmed, could trigger a power struggle in the upper reaches of China's leadership
  • CHINA/TAIWAN P-L-A VOA 01 Aug 2002-- China says it wants to peacefully reunite with Taiwan, but does not reject using force to retake the island
  • CHINA REGIONAL SECURITY VOA 01 Aug 2002-- China outlines its vision of security for the world and calls on Asian countries to put aside their differences to fight global threats


  • ASEAN-CHINA-SPRATLYS VOA 30 Jul 2002-- China says it must review a code of conduct put forward by ASEAN members regarding territorial disputes in the South China Sea. The 10 member Association of Southeast Asian Nations hope to sign an agreement with China at an annual regional forum in Brunei this week
  • Transcript: Powell Says U.S. Will Monitor China's Arms Buildup Washington File 11 Jul 2002-- The United States will carefully watch how China goes about modernizing its armed forces, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell.


  • CHINA PENTAGON VOA 28 Jun 2002-- Top U-S and Chinese military officials finished talks aimed at improving relations badly strained by last year's deadly collision between American and Chinese warplanes. But details of progress were sketchy.
  • CHINA-US-SUBS VOA 27 Jun 2002-- Both China and Taiwan are reportedly shopping for advanced submarines to boost their naval forces in the Taiwan Strait



  • CHINA-TAIWAN VOA 09 Apr 2002-- China is reacting angrily to a top Pentagon official's statement that the United States will do whatever it takes to help defend Taiwan against attack.


  • LETA HONG FINCHER VOA 14 Mar 2002-- China is showing increased dissatisfaction over what it sees as U-S unilateralist foreign policies, singling out Washington's recent top-level military talks with Taiwan and the U-S nuclear strategy among its latest grievances
  • CHINA U-S VOA 12 Mar 2002-- Beijing is demanding an explanation of reports that the United States could target China with nuclear weapons in a crisis
  • CHINA NUKE TARGET VOA 11 Mar 2002-- Beijing has a mild response to reports that Washington is rethinking its contingency plans for nuclear war -- putting China higher on its list of possible targets
  • U-S TAIWAN DEFENSE VOA 08 Mar 2002-- The private U-S Taiwan Business Council says one of the keynote speakers at a special defense industry meeting it is sponsoring next week will be Deputy U-S Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz
  • CHINA MILITARY BUDGET VOA 04 Mar 2002-- China is expected to announce a major increase in military spending Wednesday


  • CHINA ARMS CONTROL VOA 27 Feb 2002-- China is sending a special negotiator to Washington next month, hoping to resolve a disagreement over the spread of Chinese weapons technology to other nations
  • CHINA / US VOA 10 Feb 2002-- China's government is reacting angrily to comments by the head of the U-S intelligence community that Beijing is a threat to America
  • CHINA FALUN GONG VOA 07 Feb 2002-- China rejects a report that it violated the human rights of members of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement during a police crackdown that saw thousands of people taken into custody. China's Foreign Ministry says the human rights group that issued the report is "irresponsible" and wrong


  • CHINA / TAIWAN VOA 30 Jan 2002-- China says when it invited members of Taiwan's ruling pro-independence party to the mainland last week - the offer did not include President Chen Shui-bian
  • CHINA/TAIWAN VOA 25 Jan 2002-- Taiwan is cautiously welcoming a goodwill gesture from Beijing this week as a step toward improving relations.
  • U-S/CHINA/IRAN VOA 25 Jan 2002-- China rejects as unreasonable U-S sanctions imposed against three Chinese entities for transferring chemical and biological weapons technology to Iran, and calls on Washington to lift the penalties. The punitive measures come less that a month before President Bush is to visit Beijing for a summit with his Chinese counterpart, Jiang Zemin
  • Text: China -- Nonproliferation Sanctions Imposed on Chinese Entities Washington File 25 Jan 2002-- On January 16, 2002, the U.S. imposed penalties on two Chinese companies and one Chinese national pursuant to the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000. The Chinese entities are: Liyang Chemical Equipment, China Machinery and Electric Import and Export Company, and Q.C. Chen
  • U-S/China/Iran VOA 24 Jan 2002-- The State Department has announced the U-S is imposing sanctions against three Chinese entities for transferring chemical and biological weapons technology to Iran. The move comes less that a month before President Bush is to visit Beijing for a summit with his Chinese counterpart, Jiang Zemin
  • CHINA BUGS VOA 22 Jan 2002-- China's government says the recent spy scandal involving its presidential airplane will not hurt relations between Beijing and Washington
  • "East Turkistan" Terrorist Forces Cannot Get Away With Impunity Information Office of the State Council 21 Jan 2002 -- Terrorism is a big public hazard in the world today, posing an enormous threat to the peace, security and order of the international society.
  • CHINA / US RANDT VOA 21 Jan 2002-- Washington's ambassador to China says the recent release of a detained Tibetan scholar helps Sino-American relations as President Bush gets ready to visit China next month. The envoy says the two sides still disagree on human rights, but find common interest in the fight against terrorism
  • Text: Pentagon Official Discusses Export Policy Toward China Washington File 21 Jan 2002-- U.S. export policy toward China must strike a balance between protecting national security and ensuring the ability of U.S. companies to compete internationally, according to Lisa Bronson, deputy under secretary of defense for technology security policy and proliferation.
  • U-S CHINA PLANE VOA 20 Jan 2002-- Top Bush administration officials are downplaying reports listening devices were found in an American jet built for use by Chinese President Jiang Zemin. They say no such concerns have been raised by the Chinese
  • Text: China the Focus of U.S. Export Control Policy, Official Says Washington File 17 Jan 2002-- China is the focus of U.S. export control policy because it is a growing regional military power and because Chinese entities have been involved in proliferation-related activities, says Vann H. Van Diepen, acting deputy assistant secretary of state for nonproliferation control.
  • BUSH CHINA VOA 15 Jan 2002-- Chinese officials say terrorism and North Korea will be on the agenda next month when President Bush visits China
  • ISRAEL-CHINA-RADAR VOA 10 Jan 2002-- Israeli military officials are in Beijing negotiating compensation for a failed deal to sell a high-technology radar plane to China. The deal collapsed more than a year ago when Washington put intense pressure on Israel to cancel the order
  • CHINA MISSILES VOA 10 Jan 2002-- Beijing says a new U-S intelligence report outlining a growing missile threat from China is basically "speculation." The report says that within the next 15 years, China will have five times the number of nuclear missiles capable of reaching the United States

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