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Walls, Lines and Frontier Fortifications

"Good fences make good neighbours"

Bonum est erigere dumos cum vicinis

"Before I built a wall, I'd ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offence."
"Mending Wall" by Robert Frost

Thou shalt call thy walls Salvation and thy gates Praise.
Isaiah 60:18

[various]Iron Curtain19471989
Abkhazia Kelasuri Wall / Great Abkhazian Wall....
AbkhaziaGeorgia Border Fence2008
Argentina Bolivia/Paraguay 2017
AustraliaBrisbane Line ....
AustriaSlovenia Border Fence2015..
BulgariaTurkey Border Fence 2014present
Botswana Zimbabwe2003present
BruneiLimbang, Malaysia2005present
BulgariaBorder Fence with Serbia2015....
Cambodia Bamboo Wall....
ChinaBamboo Curtain19491972
ChinaWillow Palisade....
ChinaGreat Wall of China [Ming]14741688
ChinaNorth Korea2006present
CyprusGreen Line1974present
CzechoslovakiaBenes Line19361939
Dominican RepublicHaiti2021..
EgyptGaza Strip200xpresent
EstoniaRussian Border Fence2018
FinlandMannerheim Line
FranceMur de la peste1721..
FrancePr Carr16781814
FranceEarly Fortifications1814
FranceSere de Rivieres Forts
FranceMaginot Line19301940
FranceRoute Coloniale 4 / RC4
FranceDe Lattre Line
GeorgiaKelasuri Wall / Great Abkhazian Wall
GeorgiaAbkhazia Border Fence2008
GeorgiaOssetia Border Fence2008
GermanyCoast Defense
GermanyFortresses / Festungen
GermanyHindenburg Line
GermanyWestwall / Siegfried Line
GermanyFestung Europa / Atlantic Wall
GermanyGustav Line
GermanyGothic Line
GermanyBerlin Wall
GreeceAthens Long Walls461 BC404 BC
Greece Hexamilion Wall....
GreeceMetaxas Line....
GreeceTurkish Cyprus19present
GreeceTurkish Border2011present
HungaryBorder Fence with Serbia and Croatia2015....
IndiaGreat Hedge of India....
IranSassanid Walls - Gorgon Wall ....
Iraq - Ur IIIAmorite Wall2032BC???
Iraq - KassiteDur-Kurigalzu1300BC..
Iraq - MedesMedian Wall600BC..
Iraq - BabylonBabylon Walls600BC
Iraq Baghdad Barriers2007present
Iraq Baghdad Wall2016present
Iraq Iraq-Syria Border2008present
Iraq Iraq-Iran Border2004present
IsraelBar-Lev Line19681973
IsraelGaza Strip Barrier1993present
IsraelEgypt Fence2010present
IsraelLebanon Technical Fence19present
IsraelSyria Alpha Fence19present
IsraelJordan Fence19xxpresent
IsraelJordan / Timna Airport2016present
IsraelSecurity Fence, Palestine2001present
KenyaAnti al-Shabab Wall2015present
KuwaitIraq - The Berm1991present
KyrgystanSokh District Border Fence2013present
LatviaBelarus Border Fence2018
LatviaRussian Border Fence2018
LithuaniaRussia Border Fence2018
MoldaviaGreuthungi Wall / Upper Trajan's Wall....
MexicoGuatemala bordernonenone
MoroccoWestern Sahara1975present
Nigeria Sungbo's Eredo....
NorwayGlomma River / Glma River Line19401943
NorwayStorskog Border Fence2016
OssetiaGeorgia Border Fence2008
PakistanDurand Line - Afghanistan2006present
PanamaPanama Canal Fence....
PeruGreat Wall....
QatarNational Security Shield2007..
RomaniaAthanaric's Wall ....
RomaniaIntegrated Border Security200xpresent
Roman EmpireHadrian's Wall122410
Roman EmpireLimes Germaniae
Roman EmpireLimes arabicus....
Roman EmpireLimes Tripolitanis....
RussiaOrenburg Line....
RussiaCrimea Barrier2018present
Saudi ArabiaUnited Arab Emirates200xpresent
Saudi ArabiaIraq200xpresent
Saudi ArabiaOman200xpresent
Saudi ArabiaQatar200xpresent
Saudi ArabiaYemen200xpresent
SloveniaCroatia Border Fence2015present
South AfricaLesotho-South Africa Fence19present
South AfricaMozambique Border Fence19present
South AfricaNorex Border Fence19present
South AfricaVeterinary Fences19present
South AfricaZimbabwe Border Fence2020present
South KoreaCheolli Jangseong....
South KoreaSamnyeonsanseong....
South KoreaROK-DPRK Demilitarized Zone1953current
South OssetiaBorder Fence2013present
Soviet UnionStalin Line....
Soviet UnionMolotov Line....
SpainMorocco (Ceuta)1990spresent
SpainMorocco (Melilla)1990spresent
SyriaWall of Syria 2400BC ..
TunisiaFossa Regia146 BC..
TunisiaLibya Wall2015..
TurkeyAnastasian Wall....
TurkeyIran Wall2017..
TurkeySyria Wall2015..
UkraineDragon Walls / Serpent WallsBC ?..
UkraineRussian Border Fence2014 ?..
UKOffa's Dyke
UKWatt's Dyke
UKWan's Dyke
UKRoman Walls61410
UKAgricola's Lines61412
UKHadrian's Wall121412
UKAntonine Wall138412
UKSeverus' Wall210412
UKPeace Line [Belfast]present
USASeacoast Fortification - First System
USASeacoast Fortification - Second System
USASeacoast Fortification - Third System
USAHarbor Defenses - Great War
USAHarbor Defenses - World War II
USAROK-DPRK Demilitarized Zone1953current
USACuba (GITMO Cactus Curtain)1961present
USAMcNamara Line19671968
USAGreat Wall of Mexico
USSRMolotov Line19391945
USSRStalin Line19281945
VietnamWall of Reeds / Dong Hoi Wall....
Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)Zambia19present

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