Walls, Lines and Frontier Fortifications

"Good fences make good neighbours"

Bonum est erigere dumos cum vicinis

"Before I built a wall, I'd ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like to give offence."
"Mending Wall" by Robert Frost

Thou shalt call thy walls Salvation and thy gates Praise.
Isaiah 60:18

location barrier from to
[various] Iron Curtain 1947 1989
Abkhazia Kelasuri Wall / Great Abkhazian Wall .. ..
Abkhazia Georgia Border Fence 2008
Argentina Bolivia/Paraguay 2017
Australia Brisbane Line .. ..
Austria Slovenia Border Fence 2015 ..
Bulgaria Turkey Border Fence 2014 present
Burma Bangladesh 200x present
Botswana Zimbabwe 2003 present
Brunei Limbang, Malaysia 2005 present
Bulgaria Border Fence with Serbia 2015.. ..
Cambodia Bamboo Wall .. ..
China Bamboo Curtain 1949 1972
China Willow Palisade .. ..
China Great Wall of China [Ming] 1474 1688
China North Korea 2006 present
Cyprus Green Line 1974 present
Czechoslovakia Benes Line 1936 1939
Denmark Danevirke .. ..
Egypt Gaza Strip 200x present
Estonia Russian Border Fence 2018
Finland Mannerheim Line
France Mur de la peste 1721 ..
France Pré Carré 1678 1814
France Early Fortifications 1814
France Sere de Rivieres Forts
France Maginot Line 1930 1940
France Route Coloniale 4 / RC4
France De Lattre Line
Georgia Kelasuri Wall / Great Abkhazian Wall
Georgia Abkhazia Border Fence 2008
Georgia Ossetia Border Fence 2008
Germany Coast Defense
Germany Fortresses / Festungen
Germany Hindenburg Line
Germany Westwall / Siegfried Line
Germany Festung Europa / Atlantic Wall
Germany Gustav Line
Germany Gothic Line
Germany Berlin Wall
Greece Athens Long Walls 461 BC 404 BC
Greece Hexamilion Wall .. ..
Greece Metaxas Line .. ..
Greece Turkish Cyprus 19 present
Greece Turkish Border 2011 present
Hungary Border Fence with Serbia and Croatia 2015.. ..
India Great Hedge of India .. ..
India Bangladesh 200x present
India Myanmar 200x present
India Pakistan 19 present
Iran Pakistan 200x present
Iran Sassanid Walls - Gorgon Wall .. ..
Iraq - Ur III Amorite Wall 2032BC ???
Iraq - Kassite Dur-Kurigalzu 1300BC ..
Iraq - Medes Median Wall 600BC ..
Iraq - Babylon Babylon Walls 600BC
Iraq Baghdad Barriers 2007 present
Iraq Baghdad Wall 2016 present
Iraq Iraq-Syria Border 2008 present
Iraq Iraq-Iran Border 2004 present
Israel Bar-Lev Line 1968 1973
Israel Gaza Strip Barrier 1993 present
Israel Egypt Fence 2010 present
Israel Lebanon Technical Fence 19 present
Israel Syria Alpha Fence 19 present
Israel Jordan Fence 19xx present
Israel Jordan / Timna Airport 2016 present
Israel Security Fence, Palestine 2001 present
Jordan Iraq 200x present
Jordan Syria 200x present
Kazakhstan Uzbekistan 200x present
Kenya Anti al-Shabab Wall 2015 present
Kuwait Iraq - The Berm 1991 present
Kyrgystan Sokh District Border Fence 2013 present
Latvia Belarus Border Fence 2018
Latvia Russian Border Fence 2018
Lithuania Russia Border Fence 2018
Malaysia Thailand 1990s present
Moldavia Greuthungi Wall / Upper Trajan's Wall .. ..
Morocco Western Sahara 1975 present
Myanmar Bangladesh 2009 present
Nigeria Sungbo's Eredo .. ..
Norway Glomma River / Glĺma River Line 1940 1943
Norway Storskog Border Fence 2016
Ossetia Georgia Border Fence 2008
Pakistan Durand Line - Afghanistan 2006 present
Panama Panama Canal Fence .. ..
Peru Great Wall .. ..
Qatar National Security Shield 2007 ..
Romania Athanaric's Wall .. ..
Romania Integrated Border Security 200x present
Roman Empire Hadrian's Wall 122 410
Roman Empire Limes Germaniae
Roman Empire Limes arabicus .. ..
Roman Empire Limes Tripolitanis .. ..
Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates 200x present
Saudi Arabia Iraq 200x present
Saudi Arabia Oman 200x present
Saudi Arabia Qatar 200x present
Saudi Arabia Yemen 200x present
Slovenia Croatia Border Fence 2015 present
South Africa Lesotho-South Africa Fence 19 present
South Africa Mozambique Border Fence 19 present
South Africa Norex Border Fence 19 present
South Africa Veterinary Fences 19 present
South Korea Cheolli Jangseong .. ..
South Korea Samnyeonsanseong .. ..
South Korea ROK-DPRK Demilitarized Zone 1953 current
South Ossetia Border Fence 2013 present
Spain Morocco (Ceuta) 1990s present
Spain Morocco (Melilla) 1990s present
Syria Wall of Syria 2400BC ..
Thailand Malaysia 200x present
Tunisia Fossa Regia 146 BC ..
Tunisia Libya Wall 2015 ..
Turkey Anastasian Wall .. ..
Turkey Syria Wall 2015 ..
Turkmenistan Uzbekistan 200x present
Ukraine Dragon Walls / Serpent Walls BC ? ..
Ukraine Russian Border Fence 2014 ? ..
UAE Oman 200x present
UK Offa's Dyke
UK Watt's Dyke
UK Wan's Dyke
UK Roman Walls 61 410
UK Agricola's Lines 61 412
UK Hadrian's Wall 121 412
UK Antonine Wall 138 412
UK Severus' Wall 210 412
UK Singapore
UK Gibraltar present
UK Peace Line [Belfast] present
USA Seacoast Fortification - First System
USA Seacoast Fortification - Second System
USA Seacoast Fortification - Third System
USA Harbor Defenses - Great War
USA Harbor Defenses - World War II
USA ROK-DPRK Demilitarized Zone 1953 current
USA Cuba (GITMO Cactus Curtain) 1961 present
USA McNamara Line 1967 1968
USA Great Wall of Mexico
USSR Molotov Line 1939 1945
USSR Stalin Line 1928 1945
Uzbekistan Afghanistan 1990s present
Uzbekistan Kirghistan 1990s present
Vietnam Wall of Reeds / Dong Hoi Wall .. ..
Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) Zambia 19 present
.. ..

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