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ZhK-360MTS Neptun

DeveloperKB "Ray"
Developedbeginning in 2014, coastal complex was adopted in 2020
  • Kharkiv Aviation Plant
  • Motor Sich
  • SPE Radionics
  • KP SPB Arsenal
  • Vizar, Zhulyany Mash-Zavod

  • and other enterprises of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex
    Weight870 kg
    warhead weight 150 kg
    Length5050 mm
    Diameter380 mm
    Operating range280 km
    Speed900 km / h
    ready to shoot15 minutes
    Launch platformUSPU-360 on the basis of KrAZ-7634 NO
    Unit Composition
  • 72 R-360 cruise missiles
  • 4-6 launchers
  • 6 transport-loading vehicles
  • 6 transport vehicles
  • 1 movable command post RKP-360
  • Chassis of all aggregates of the systemwheel-type, with high cross-country ability
    Launching controlout of launcher or mobile launcher operator cabin’s pendant
    Starting time from full readiness state, s60–90
    Combat alert duration, h24 (7 days with alert support machine on water reserves, 30 days with alert support machine at scheduled replenishment of water reserve)
    Assigned service life, years10

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