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Radionix is a research and production enterprise of the defense-industrial complex of Ukraine, which is engaged in the development, manufacture, modernization, maintenance and repair of onboard radar systems and optoelectronic equipment. The company was [re?]organized in 2006 with 10 people, and by 2022 had more than 250 people. It had 3 plants and was working with many customers from many countries.

The company performs modernization of optoelectronic sighting systems and radars H001 (for Su-27 fighters) and H019 (for MiG-29 fighters). The company took part in the program of modernization of Su-25 attack aircraft to the level of Su-25M1. In 2013, the company introduced an onboard complex of individual electronic protection "Omut" for MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters. The complex can be manufactured in several different versions and is designed to suppress radar systems of anti-aircraft missile systems, fighters, as well as active and semi-active homing warheads.

In November 2014, Radionics manufactured the first prototype of the Omut-KM electronic defense system, designed to protect Su-24 aircraft from anti-aircraft missiles by interfering. In October 2015, it was announced that the Ukrainian company Radionics LLC and Artem Machine-Building Company began to jointly develop a new AR (ZR) -260T anti-aircraft missile based on the R-27 aircraft with an extended range of up to 55 km (according to due to equipping the missile with a launch accelerator) and a new guidance system. Together with the state design bureau "Ray" created a deep modification of the S-125 - S-125M "Cave".

SPE "Radionics" at "Weapons and Security 2018" presented new active homing warheads for missiles, suspension system REB for Su-24 and multifunction radar "Esmeralda". The multifunctional radar control system "Esmeralda" is designed for use in medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems and fighter aircraft, in particular, can be installed on Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters. Its feature is the use of encoded phase-pulsed signals, increased range of detection and tracking of targets (90-160 km for air targets and 40-150 km for ground / sea), as well as the ability to work with new missiles with active radar warheads.

Radionix presented a full spectrum of options for modernising Russian-made fighter aircraft and air-defence systems during the 8–11 October Arms and Security 2019 expo in Kiev. The options that the company offers would enable countries still operating the Mikoyan MiG-29 or Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30 models “to carry out a complete upgrade of their air force”, said one of the senior engineering executives. The company also emphasises as its primary strength is that it does not require the assistance of Russian industry to carry out these modifications. This gives any country that adopts a Radionix upgrade autonomy from Russian suppliers, which are increasingly difficult to work with due to sanctions.

Radionix LLC is in the market of development, modernization and production of radar, navigation systems and radio communication systems. The company is ready to use electronic warfare system and the main function of this system is to generate false signal and the enemy aircraft cannot understand where the real target is. Radionix company is also working on seekers for air-to-air missiles, including one optical seeker and three radar seekers. One of them is passive radar and two are Ka and X-band seekers as well. All these seekers are now used in air-to-air missiles and the accuracy of these seekers are well proved.

Radionix – a Ukrainian leader in the design, development and manufacture of seeker heads for a variety of missile systems – introduced several of its state-of-the-art jobs at the Arms & Security 2021 Expo held in Kyiv in June 2021. Radionix had completed development on several active seeker heads optimized for use on new missiles being developed by DKKB Luch.

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