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Vizar, Zhulyany Machine-Building Plant

State Enterprise Zhuliany machine-building plant "VIZAR"
Derzhavne Pidpryiemstvo Zhulianskyi Mashynobudivnyi Zavod Vizar
1 Lomonosova str., c. Vyshneve, 
Kyevo-Svyatoshyn distr., Kyiv reg., 08132, Ukraine
Telephone: +38(04598) 5-23-80, 5-29-33
Phone: (04498) 5-29-33 reception  
Phone / fax: (04498) 5-23-80 

The Ukrainian military factory outside Kyiv that produced missiles allegedly used to hit Russia's Moskva warship was partly destroyed by overnight Russian strikes. A workshop and an administrative building at the Vizar plant, in the Kyiv suburb of Vyshneve near the international Zhuliany airport, were seriously damaged. Around 50 vehicles parked near the plant had their windows blown out. Russia had earlier announced it had hit the factory using Kalibr sea-based long-range missiles. The strike came a day after Ukraine claimed it had destroyed Russia's Moskva warship, which Moscow later said had sunk. According to a statement on Ukraine's state weapons manufacturer Ukroboronprom website, the Vizar factory produced Neptune missiles.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said "Tonight, high-precision, long-range, sea-based Kalibr missiles attacked a military facility on the outskirts of Kyiv. As a result of the attack on the Zhulyansky Vizar machine-building plant, workshops for the production and repair of long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as anti-ship missiles, were destroyed," - said Konashenkov. "The number and scale of missile strikes against targets in Kyiv will increase in response to the Kiev nationalist regime committing any terrorist attacks or sabotage on Russian territory," the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry emphasized.

"Vizar" Zhulyany Machine-Building Plant is a leading enterprise of aerospace industry of Ukraine and the former USSR which produces controlled anti-aircraft rockets of surface-to-air type for C-300 complexes and also wares and units for the equipment of planes and helicopters of different types, produced in CIS countries, including joist holders for hanging and discharge of bombs, rockets, containers, fuel tanks and locking devices.

SE "Zhulyansky Machine-Building Plant" VIZAR "- the only production and economic complex, does not include other legal entities, branches. The enterprise is based on the state form of ownership and is included in the list of enterprises that are of strategic importance for the economy and security of the state and in the list of objects of state property rights that are not subject to privatization.

Project profile of production activity of the enterprise - production of complex science-intensive large-sized products of special purpose. At present the plant also specializes in producing civil products, such as:

    - domestic membrane gas meters, pressure stabilizers of different modifications; - medical tools and instruments; - office equipment; - products made with the help of laser technologies.

    The enterprise carries out repair works, guarantee and after-sale servicing, prolongation of specified life-time. The plant has been working stably for many years, it possesses high technical potential, great production and technological capacities, highly-productive and high-precision equipment. Due to the combination of highly-professional staff and the existing infrastructure the enterprise is able to start producing new technically complex items of modern technical equipment, competitive at modern market.

    The main concept of activity is to ensure quality, reliability and durability of products at minimal prices. Many-year experience of producing defence products and very high demands for reliability are the evidence of our readiness to fulfill new tasks of mastering production of science-intensive units of special technical equipment and civil products.

    Specialization includes manufacture, repair and technical support of products 5B55 for air defense systems S-300 P (PS), manufacture of components of products 48H6 and removable elements of aviation weapons. The technical level of production meets international standards, special purpose products are certified according to the requirements of ARI-026-2003. The quality management system for the production of civil products is certified according to DSTU ISO 9001-2001.

    The main activities of the company are:


    • manufacture, repair, extension of technical operation and modernization of products 5B55, 48H6;
    • manufacture of components of the product 48H6 for export;
    • manufacture of removable products (beam holders, locking devices) of aviation weapons and sets of spare parts, tools and devices for them;
    • manufacture of components and parts for high-precision anti-tank weapons


    • energy saving devices - household membrane gas meters of standard sizes G6, G4, G2.5, G1.6, gas pressure regulators of standard size RDG-10;
    • automated installations for calibration of household gas meters;
    • agricultural machinery - rotary plows PPN-7-45 and PPN-5-45, which are aggregated with tractors up to 250 hp, small machinery for tillage;
    • car trailers;
    • office equipment - stands for storage of CDs, video and audio cassettes, racks for speakers, etc.

    The plant departments possess all the necessary technological equipment for carrying out mechanical processing operations on ChPU lathes, metalware stamping, plastic processing, steel and non-ferrous alloys, galvanic and paintwork coating, wiring and assembly works, autoclave modelling of details , wood processing. Production of press-forms and stamps is being carried out utilizing highly productive spark-erosion equipment of Swiss Comapny "Aji". Laser technologies are being used for carrying out different works.

    The production and technical potential of the enterprise allows to organize a full cycle of manufacturing products from procurement to assembly and installation of special and industrial-civil products. The company has its own tool production, which is equipped with modern advanced equipment, including PC machines, EDM and electro-piercing, which allow to manufacture complex technological equipment (molds, dies, molds, etc.).

    The company uses advanced technologies:

    • complex mechanical processing of case details;
    • machining of parts from high-strength steels, titanium and non-ferrous alloys;
    • electroerosion treatment;
    • laser processing of sheet material;
    • assembly and mechanical assembly works;
    • processing of polymeric materials: thermoplastics, reactoplasts, rubber mixtures, paint and varnish coating, including powder enamels;
    • electrical work, including the manufacture of three-dimensional harnesses.

    These unique technologies provide a real opportunity without significant capital investment to master the production of high-tech science-intensive products for sale in domestic and foreign markets.


  • January 24, 1968. Order of the Minister of Aviation Industry #34 of January 24, 1968 on the basis of the industrial site #1 Kyiv Machine-Building Plant. Artema organized a branch #1 with the formation of shops and services.
  • 1963-1972 Construction of industrial buildings, energy supply facilities. Development and release of 5B61 products for the A35 missile defense system.
  • 1972-1975 Introduction of new production sites. Development and production: removable products of aviation weapons (multi-lock beam holders BD3-UMK2-B, BD4-USK, MBD3-U2T-1, MBD3-U6-68, locking devices D3-57D, D3-UM, D3-U1A) ; HPS (KUF -1 combine units, metal utensils).
  • 1975 Order of the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR #310 from 14.08.1975 branch #1 was granted the status of a legal entity called Zhulyansk Machine-Building Plant KVO them. Artem.
  • 1975-1980 Development and production: 5V55K products for air defense systems C -300P (PS), continuation of production of removable aviation weapons), HPS (sets of kitchen utensils, thermos, pressure cooker).
  • 1980-1985 Serial production of products: 5V55R, continuation of production of removable products of aviation weapons, locking devices; development and release of beam holder MBD3-U9M; THC (dumbbells, potato slicers, spoons, pulleys).
  • 1985-1991 Serial production: Products 5V55R, removable products of aviation weapons; HPS (potato slicer, cutlery); development of the product 48H6. Development and production of HPS (canisters, centrifuges, decorative tiles, mini-saws, overhead locks, car wheels, trunks, trailers for cars, medical instruments: gynecological and orthopedic kits).
  • 1990 by the Order of the Minister of Aviation Industry of the USSR #667 of 29.12.1990 "Zhulyansky Machine-Building Plant" was allocated to an independent enterprise in connection with the withdrawal from the KVO. Artem.
  • 1992-1995 Reduction of production volumes of 5B55 products, multi-lock beam holders. Release of the installation batch of product 48H6. Serial production of honey products. equipment (orthopedic trauma kits, gynecological kits), HPS (canisters, centrifuges, decorative tiles, mini-hacksaws, overhead locks, car wheels, trunks, trailers for cars).
  • 1995-1997 Development and start of production: energy-saving devices (membrane gas meters G6, G4 type "VIZAR", G4, G2.5, G1.6 type "BP", gas pressure regulators RDG-10). Serial production of HPS (trailers for cars, trunks, exercise bikes, electric convectors, band springs).
  • On June 25, 1996, the plant was renamed the State Enterprise "Zhulyansky Machine-Building Plant" VIZAR ".
  • 1996 A service for the repair and maintenance of gas meters and gas pressure regulators was organized.
  • 1997 Work is carried out to repair and extend the life of 5B55 products. Production and sale of aircraft products for export. Reorganization, reconstruction and retrofitting of production facilities to increase the production of civilian products (gas equipment, office equipment, HPS). Expansion of the range of products for civil use (band saws with a set of equipment, attachments for motoblocks, rotary plows mounted PPN-7 - 45 and PPN-5-45, office equipment).
  • 2003 The quality management system of production in accordance with the requirements of the international standard DSTU ISO 9001: 2001 is implemented, which guarantees the production of high quality products.
  • 2004 The certification of the quality management system for the production of military products in accordance with the requirements of GR3-026-2003 was carried out.
  • 2005. Development and release of units and assemblies for the anti-tank guided missile "STUGNA".
  • 2006 Calibration equipment for calibration and calibration of gas meters is developed and produced, which is necessary both in serial production and in operation in the inter-calibration period.
  • 2010. Development and release of components and parts for the anti-tank complex "BARRIER".
  • 2011. Development and production of components and parts for portable anti-tank systems: "SKIF", "CORSA".
  • 17.11.2011 SE "Zhulyansky Machine-Building Plant" VIZAR ", subordinated to the Ministry of Industrial Policy, in pursuance of the relevant Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #374 of 6.04.2011 was transferred to the State Concern" Ukroboronoprom ".
  • 2012 Work is underway to repair and extend the life of 5B55 products. Manufacture of components of the product 48H6 and removable products of aviation weapons for export.

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