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AN-74TK-300 Specifications

Maximum takeoff weight 37500 kg
Maximum landing weight 34000 kg
Maximum payload 10000 kg
Maximum weight of the loaded fuel (r=0,775 kg/dm3) 13210 kg
Cruising speed 725 km/
Operating ceiling 10600 m
Required runway length (SA, H=0) 720 m
Specific fuel consumption 265 g/t*km
Number of passengers 52 persons
Flight range:  
- with 6 tons of cargo 2580 km
- with maximum fuel reserve 4770 km
Crew 2 pilots  
Flight control equipment conforms with ICAO 2015 regulations. Navigation system corresponds to B-RNAV, RNP-5 standards.
- GPS "SN-3301"
- Heading reference
- IRS "Buran-A"
- Dual RA "A-037"
- Dual VOR/ILS
- Dual DME
- Shoran "Beep-M"
- Dual ADF "ARK-22"
- ATC Transponder "SO-72M"
- TCAS 2000 (with mode S transponder)
Wingspan 31,89 m
Length 28,068 m
Height 8,65 m
Wing area 98,62 m2
Fuselage diameter   3,1 m
Communication equipment of An-74TK-300
- HF radiostation "Arlekin"- DA
- VHF (Frequency spectrum of 8.33 kHz) 2 radiostations "Orlan"-85ST
- CVR "Opal" - B
- Emergency MW/UHF
- Emergency beacon "Cospas Sarsat" ARM-406P - ARM-406AS1
An-74TK-300 avionics
- Flight environment data system
- Ground proximity warning system
- IFF system
Takeoff power (H=0, M=0):
        - Thrust, kgf (kN) 6 370 (63,7)
        - Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf*h0,358
Maximum continuous power (H=0, M=0):
        - Thrust, kgf (kN) 5,000 (49)
Maximum cruising power (H=8,000 m, M=0.65):
        - Thrust, kgf (kN) 1,600 (16.0)
        - Specific fuel consumption, kg/kgf*h0.602
Critical altitude, m 10 100
Engine starting critical altitude:
        on the ground up to 3 600 m
        in the airup to 8 000 m

D-36 engines and their modifications are highly reliable and economic. Among their main advantages are low specific fuel consumption, ability to take off in the extreme weather conditions, "hot and high" characteristics. These engines are simple to service and repair because of their modular construction.

The exhaust section of the bypass duct is arranged to make it possible to equip the engine with a thrust reverser.

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