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An-74 is a light transport multipurpose aircraft designed in ASTC Antonov for Arctic and Antarctic regions. The aircraft is purposed for carrying cargo, equipment and passengers at short and medium range routes under any climatic conditions within temperature range from -60 to +45 C and at any latitudes, including North Pole and mountainous areas. An-74 can be operated on domestic and international airlines at any time of the year, during daytime and nighttime. An-74 takes off and lands on concrete, pebble, ice-covered and snow-covered airfields.

An-74 can transport 7.5 tons of cargo at 10,100 meters altitude with a cruising speed of 550 to 700 km/h. Besides, An-74 is intended for a number of specific tasks such as guiding ships along their routes, establishing and servicing drifting stations, carrying out scientific research in high latitudes of Arctic and Antarctic regions, carrying out visual ice patrol, and searching for fish shoals. In process of operating, An-74 can be easily converted into ambulance, firefighting, paratroopers' carrier and other versions.

An-74 aircraft corresponds to airworthiness standards set for civil aviation.

The high lift-to-weight ratio of An-74 was made possible due to the use of the new construction materials and new advanced manufacturing technologies.

An-74TK-200 aircraft features a high wing design with two turbofan engines D-36, series 3-A. The engines are mounted over the wing and have thrust of 6500 kgf (63,7 kN) each. The aircraft has a Tee-tail assembly.

Mounting the engines high over the upper surface of the wing and shifting the engines forward prevent foreign object ingestion from the surface of a runway during take-off and landing. The aforementioned peculiarity also improves wing lift due to the blowing over of wing upper surface and inboard flaps by engine streams and reduces noise level at the terrain due to screening engine streams by the wing.

Aircraft crew consists of four persons: captain, co-pilot, navigator, and technician.

High thrust-to-weight ratio, availability in the aircraft of auxiliary power unit for independent starting of the engines and cargo handling equipment, and high location of the engines and low-pressure tires provide autonomous operation of the aircraft from uncontrolled unpaved, pebble, ice and snow covered airfields.

Modern flight and navigation and radio communications equipment, mounted in the aircraft, provides aircraft flights in all geographic regions, over land and sea, in standard and adverse weather conditions, during day and night with high precision of navigation en-route and landing in the conditions of ICAO category I weather minimum (60x800 m).

The aircraft is simple to operate and can be easily mastered by flight and servicing personnel of average qualification.

Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company completed the production of An-74 aircraft under contract to Kazakhstan with delivery scheduled for February 2013. The company also anticipates delivering three An-74 aircraft to Samara (Russia) by the end of the year, to complete a contract for the manufacture of five aircraft (two were delivered in the first quarter of 2012). A third contract, with Turkmenistan, saw the Kharkiv Plant ship one An-74 aircraft in September 2011 and the second one at the end of June 2012.

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