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AN-74TK-300 Interior

Interior of An-74TK-300 passenger cabin, which is, as a rule, highly appraised by passengers and experts, was designed and manufactured by InterAMI Interior, a subdivision of InterAMI which specializes in vehicles interior design, and specifically VIP aircraft interiors. The wide fuselage that AN-74TK-300 inherited from its predecessor, AN-74 basic model, allowed the designers to create a spacious and comfortable passenger cabin. The efficient volumetric solution of the passenger cabin is enhanced with high ceiling, substantial distance between the seats and spacious overhead stowage bins. The unique lighting system visually enlarges the interiors of economy, business and VIP class passenger cabins. The dark plastic moldings on the stowage bins support and enhance the unusual prospective created by the cabin partitions and partition arches.

Aviation has traditionally high safety standards and requirements, and they were most certainly taken into account in process of Antonov aircraft interior design and production. Thus, for example, overhead stowage bins not only have a distinctive modern design but also a reliable operating mechanism, rational kinematics and locks construction so that they remain closed and secured during the flight. Passengers do not need much effort to put their carry-on luggage inside the bin, and once it is locked, the accidental opening is impossible regardless of any flight conditions.

The modern design of the aircraft passenger cabin is emphasized by the combination of warm pastel colors of wall panels, diffused artificial lighting, and natural light that comes through aircraft windows. Window shutters are easily pulled up and down and can be fixed in any position. The minimum background noise allows the aircraft passengers to relax during the flight and communicate without any difficulties.

Passenger seats are very comfortable due to the high backrest and ergonomic armrests. The folding tables mounted on backrests of passenger seats serve as meal trays and work surfaces. Armrests are equipped with individual remote controls for switching channels and adjusting the volume of sound in headphones so passengers can concentrate on watching movies and listening to music. An-74TK-300 aircraft is equipped with a vacuum toilet.

An-74TK-300 is equipped with the galley that provides everything for quick and efficient servicing of passengers. The galley has all necessary equipment for cooking and serving the most exquisite meals and drinks. The main panel with DVD players controls is also located here. The certified fire-safe materials that the interior of An-74TK-300 is made of, highly reliable aircraft systems tested for years, the longevity of the fuselage, and well designed system of emergency exits bring the safety of An-74TK-300 to the unprecedented level.

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