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The aircraft was developed on the basis of the AN-74. The aircraft provides maritime patrol and detection of the trespassers within the coast area around-the-clock in VFR and IFR weather conditions. Besides, the equipment of the cargo compartment (of the 7 m length) allows to perform: air drop of 22 para-troopers with the personal weapon and equipment; transportation of 44 soldiers with personal weapons and equipment; transportation of 16 stretcher cases accompanied by a medical attendant; transportation of ammunition, physical and technical resources of a total weight up to 10,000 kg. For performing the patrol missions, the crew is complemented by the navigator and the radio operator with the specially equipped individual workstations. Both workstations are located next to the blisters to allow visual monitoring of the ground or water area.

The aircraft is equipped with: integrated sight navigation and flight system providing automatic piloting during all flight stages, the aircraft enter to a given point, the electronic search, determination of the coordinates of the ships on the surface, their speed and headings; stationary photo equipment that allows to perform the aerial photography of the targets: at the daytime: vertical and oblique aerial photography with the orienting reference to the geographical coordinates; at night: vertical aerial photography using flare bombs; radio communication equipment providing communication with the ground points and between the airplanes, the radio guidance to the detected border or other ships in the VHF, UHF, MF and HF ranges; armament to provide the obstacles to the trespasser ships movement by firing the 23-mm gun, launching unguided missiles, and dropping the aerial bombs of 100 kg calibre; television system for underlying the surface monitoring providing operation at night and day time.

The cargo compartment is pressurized and equipped with the air conditioning system providing comfortable conditions at heights up to 10,000 m; it can be used for carrying people at the side and central demountable seats, including the ramp seats. The side seats are of fold-back type and it is not necessary to remove them when using the aircraft in the cargo variant. A large cargo door is provided at the rear part of the cargo compartment. The cargo door opening is closed by the ramp that can either be lowered to the ground to serve as the gangway for the wheeled vehicles loading or can be slid under the fuselage, thus providing unobstructed door opening for the aircraft loading from a truck body or for air dropping the para-troopers. There is a cargo handling gear of 2,500 kg lifting capacity on the cargo compartment ceiling and the removable roller track equipment on the floor for the loading/unloading operations.

Source: Antonov

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