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An-72/74P is a modification of the certified An-74 designed for border guarding, sea patrolling, cargo operations, and many other tasks.

The new military modification was created in 90s in ANTC Antonov on the basis of the specification provided by the Air Force and Border Guarding Commandment of KGB USSR. The aircraft is equipped with satellite navigation systems, distant radio navigation equipment, equipment for aerial photography, and optical TV equipment, which allows detecting of intruders even in the most adverse weather conditions. An-72/74P weaponry consists of suspended containers with double-tube cannons, air bombs with the total weight of 500 kg, and starter units installed on two under-wing pylons.

Technical characteristics and equipment of An-72/74P satisfy the requirements set for the aircraft of this type in the world. The aircraft can be operated during day and night in adverse weather conditions and in the mountainous areas within the temperature range of -60C to +45C. The An-72/72P aircraft is reliable in operation in all climatic zones. An-72/74P does not require any special servicing or maintenance and thus can be operated off the main base for a very long time. Main aircraft system redundancy, high maneuverability on the ground and in the air and other remarkable qualities of An-72/74P make this aircraft an excellent choice for operations in emergency situations and in complicated tactical conditions.

Navigating and flight control equipment of An-72/74P ensures automatic operation of the aircraft at all stages of flight, guiding the aircraft to the selected location, apparatus search, determination of coordinates of ships, their speed and direction. Aircraft can fly under all climatic conditions, at any time of the year, during daytime and nighttime, and takes off from underequipped airfields. Depending on the mission, An-72/74P can be easily converted and adjusted for transporting military personnel of up to 67 people, or 42 parachute jumpers, or 40 patients on stretchers. An-72/74P can also be operated as a flying headquarters.

Freight cabin is pressurized and equipped with air conditioning system, which provides for comfortable conditions at the altitudes of up to 10,000 m. An-72/74P transports up to 44 persons on the side, central and ramp seats. Side seats may be left in position when operating the aircraft in other configurations. Freight cabin conversion for different configurations is done during aircraft operation. Cargo with the total weight up to 10,000 kg is transported in containers or on pallets. The equipment installed in An-72/74P allows to airdrop cargo of the total weight of 7,500 kg.

Cargo door is located in the tail section of the aircraft. It is covered with a ramp, which can be lowered down on the ground and used as entrance stairs or slid forward under the fuselage, which makes it comfortable for airdropping or loading the aircraft right from the truck.

Loading and unloading cargo, packed on pallets, cargo in containers and other kinds of cargo is done with airborne cargo handling device with lifting capacity of 2500 kgf (24,5 kN).

An-72/74P can patrol 200-mile sea zone with the purpose of detection and engagement of intruders, search and rescue operations, and protection of fish stock. Depending on weather conditions aircraft patrols the area at the altitude of 50 to 1,000 meters at 300-350 km/h. If the pilot already has information regarding the location of the intruder, then the aircraft patrols the area making extending squares with a center in a suggested intruder's location.

Serial An-72/74P were delivered to border aviation in Pacific region where they successfully replaced old and obsolete An-26s.

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