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Zavod Korpusov OJSC / Plant No. 177

JSC Hull 
607061, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region, 
Vyksa St. Factory, 1 
telephone numbers: 
tel.: 8 (83177) 3-78-70, 
fax 8 (3177) 3-13-45 

OAO «Plant Korpusov» has large long-term experience in the field of metal working and fabrication of metal products for various purposes, skills, has great productive capacity, uses modern technology processing of metals and offers a wide range of works and services. Zavod Korpusov OJSC with its solid, long-standing operation experience in the area of metal processing and manufacturing of metal elements for various purposes, highly qualified staff, with immense production potential, taking advantage of the most modern metal processing technologies offers a wide range of products and services:

  • production of armored bodies for army personnel carriers, types BTR-80, BTR-80A, BTR-80K, BTR-90 and their modifications;
  • manufacturing of armored rooms, armored booths, armored doors (including for currency exchange outlets), designed to provide safe functioning of staff, material valuables protection in line with State Standard requirements (GOST P 50941-96 );
  • manufacturing of armored plates for rooms and motor vehicles (as per customer's drawings);
  • manufacturing of armored elements of any protection class;
  • project development and armor protection of existing and completed rooms and installations;
  • manufactured armor elements installation;
  • manufacturing of armored special motor vehicles: 1935 Ratnik 2 mounted on GAZ 33021 chassis, 3947 Strelets mounted on GAZ 3307 chassis (4301), 39472 Vityaz mounted on GAZ 3307 (4301) chassis, 3939 mounted on UAZ 3153 chassis, Uragan mounted on Chevrolet Blazer 5006 chassis.
  • Armor elements, produced by the company, undergo bullet-proof tests, they provide protection up to class IV, they all have quality certificates;
  • production of heat generating ovens, PG-1-PG-5 types;
  • production of metal elements of any shapes and sizes with a use of hand and semi-automatic welding technologies (as per customer's drawings);
  • mechanical processing of elements of any shapes and sizes;
  • production of construction metal sections.

In 1933 the enterprise was created for the solution of the important national-economic and defense problems of the state. To it was assigned organizing production on the release of hulls [Korpusov literally, "housings", "buildings" or "shells"] for armored cars. This was technically complex task because in short periods it was in prospect to prepare qualified personnel, to master the newest for those times technologies and to arrange the output of product, which corresponds to very high demands. It's no secret to anyone, that then and now. armament is necessary not for the demonstration at parades, but for the protection of the fatherland, strengthening of its military might and guarantee of peaceful and safe life of citizens. And this task, the plant accomplished with the honor.

Still more responsible tasks were set to the plant in the years of World War II. In its production shops the weapon which played the decisive role in all stages of war, demolished the Fascist aggressor, and covered the heroic Red Army with the unfading glory was created by the hands of workers, technicians and engineers. In the postwar years, loyal to their working and civil traditions, the workers of the plant with undertook the accomplishment of new objectives. The plant, as before, remained one of the leaders of domestic defense complex in the sphere of development, mastery and output of special-purpose product.

With the disintegration of the united powerful state of the USSR and with the passage to market relations in the 1990s, as with the absolute majority of industrial enterprises, the plant began hard times. With the support of the working association was in December 1992 accepted the solution about separation from the plant of crushing equipment and creation of joint stock company "Plant of Housings". Joint stock company "PLANT OF HOUSINGS" was registered 07 December 1992 by decision N of 964 Heads of Administration.OAO «factory buildings» was created in 1992 based on Spetsproizvodstva OAO «Drobmash» (Vyksa). The «DROBMASH» plant located in Vyksa, N. Novgorod region was founded in 1933. It was the first domestic enterprise to launch production of crushing and screening machinery for construction industry. Since then the company has produced more than 250,000 items of various equipment. In 2002 JSC «DROBMASH» joined the «Construction Machinery and Equipment» company. Now «DROBMASH» is one of the largest manufacturers in construction and road building industry. The plant focuses on complex development and manufacture of aggregates, crushing and screening sets of equipment for processing of mineral raw materials, construction and domestic waste, as well as specially designed lines for screening , loading and supply of various materials. The product line includes jaw, rotary, cone, hammer crushers, feeders, screens, conveyors, mills, mobile and transport aggregates, control machinery and other equipment for technological lines and mini-plants for hard materials processing. «DROBMASH» is ? unique enterprise. It features all necessary complexes including steel and cast iron, blanking, assembly-welding and assembly-painting complexes and developed infrastructure of repair, tool and power workshops, ? fleet of automobiles and railroad stock, ? line of warehouses and stock sites. The enterprise employed more than 1,500 people as of 2007.

OAO «Arzamas Machine-Building Plant» (AMZ, Arzamas, Nizhniy Novgorod Region) increased it share in the authorized capital of OAO «factory buildings» (Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region, the company OPK) from 76.74% to 91.74% of charter capital. The percentage of participation in the authorized capital of AMZ Factory buildings changed on 29 May 2007. The authorized capital of OAO «factory buildings» of 31177 million rubles. Arlian Consulting Limited, Encrco (Cyprus) Productions Limited, Larandale Trading Limited, Lenticel Trading Limited, 16.4% Biozest Management Limited, 10.35% ??? GAZ Finservis (Nizhniy Novgorod) and 5% AMZ. According to the report Factory buildings at 31 March 2006 to 15% of the shares owned by offshore companies Arlian Consulting Limited, Encrco (Cyprus) Productions Limited, Larandale Trading Limited, Lenticel Trading Limited, 16,4%-Biozest Management Limited, 10,35% -OAO «GAZfinservis» (Nizhny Novgorod) and 5% AMZ. However, the report pointed out that shareholders owning not less than 5% of shares of authorized capital, on the last day the 1st quarter of 2007 corresponds shareholders as of March 31, 2006. In 2006, net income Factory buildings, according to the report, fell 2 times and amounted to 7364 million rubles, profit before tax increased by 22.9% to 39,256 million rubles, profit from sales increased by 5.7% to 36244 RR.

Now this is the plant of machine-building profile with the specialization for the production of housings for the armored carriers BTR-80 (GAZ-5903), BTR-80A (GAZ-59034) and their modifications.

The end user of the core product of OAO «factory buildings» is AMZ. In particular, the plant produces the shell casings and frames for the special purpose vehicle «Tiger», having no analogies in Russia. Armored army multi-purpose vehicle designed to carry people and cargo in heavy traffic conditions and protect crews from small arms. The main consumers of «Tigers» a government security agencies, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, oil and gas industry, the hunting farm, forest management, etc.

With the collapse of the united powerful state of the USSR and with the transition to market relations in the nineties, as well as for the absolute majority of industrial enterprises, difficult times began. In December 1992, with the support of the workforce, a decision was made to separate the Vyksa plant from the crushing and grinding equipment and to create the Open Stock Company "Building Plant".

Open Joint-Stock Company "Zavod Korpusov" was registered on 07.12.92. Decree No. 964 of the Head of the Vyks Administration. Now OJSC "Zavod Korpusov" is a machine building plant with a specialization in the manufacture of cases for armored personnel carriers BTR-80, BTR-80A, BTR-82 and their modifications.

The plant covers an area of 162.852 thousand square meters, including 84.68 thousand square meters of production. The structure of OJSC “Zavod Korpusov” includes six main workshops and three subsidiary production units, which, by areas of activity, are assigned to the “Serial Production” grocery center and the “Tiger and PU” grocery center.

The main products of OJSC “Zavod Korpusov” are military products - the hulls for armored personnel carriers manufactured by the State order.

The technical intellectual potential accumulated over the decade, the presence of highly skilled personnel allows OJSC Zavod Korpusov to create and deliver products to the domestic market according to most technical specifications that are not inferior to foreign analogs. In 2001, the plant entered the group of companies BSC (Baltic Construction Company.) In 2002, on the basis of previously mothballed facilities, mass production of metal structures for an automobile crane ST.2-2 was organized. In 2003, the production of elements of the railway pontoon bridge was prepared at OJSC Zavod Korpusov. As a result of significant investments in the technical preparation of production and the purchase of additional equipment, production of these products was started in the 4th quarter of 2003. The production of an experimental set of metal structures for the railway pontoon bridge was completed at the end of 2004. In July 2005, the bridge was successfully tested.

Since July 31, 2006, the manufacture of military-made vehicles has been separated from the GAZ Group into a separate structure, OOO Military Industrial Company. In addition to the production of serial products, the company takes part in the modernization of the armored vehicles in the army.

Since February 1, 2006 joint stock company "the plant of housings" became part of the battalion "of the special-technician" of group "GAZ", controlled by holding "Russian Machines". Management of enterprise was charged to Mikhail Viktorovich Makarov to experimental manager, who occupied leading posts in the leading machine-building enterprises of Russia (joint stock company "GAZ", joint stock company "the auto-diesel" of Yaroslavl). Since July 31, 2006. the production of the transport technique of military designation was isolated from the group "GAZ" in the separate structure - Military Industrial Company, which was headed Dmitriy Alexandrovich Galkin.

The progress of joint stock company "the plant of housings" is obvious during period preceding from that moment. The volume of production in the first half-year of 2007 in the comparable prices grew in comparison with the corresponding period of last year by 88%, the volume of sales increased 2.1. Profit from the realization of production grew by 76%. Productivity of labor of the workers of enterprise increased by 62%.

Profit earned on sums of half-year of 2007 was wholly directed toward the development of the enterprise: is acquired contemporary highly technological equipment (laser complex and the plate bending press of German firm "[AMADA]"), the working conditions of the workers of enterprise are improved, are [usovershenstvovany] exterior view and infrastructure of plant, realize the measures within the framework of the introduction of KAIZEN production system. It is especially necessary to note that in last year the mean wage of the workers of joint stock company "the plant of housings" increased 1.5 and was 13 thousand rubles, that not below the average level of the region.

Taking into account the successes of joint stock company reached "the plant of housings" with the optimism looks in the future: is expected further increase in the volumes of production and realization, mastery of the new forms of production, claimed not only in Russia, but also abroad, one must realize large-scale investment programs, but will be, which means, improved both the level of payment and the working conditions of the workers of enterprise.

Over the past period, the progress of OJSC “Plant of the buildings” is obvious. There has been an increase in the production and sales of products, an increase in the productivity of the enterprise’s employees. The working conditions of the company's employees are improved, the appearance and infrastructure of the plant are being improved, and measures are being taken to implement the production system.

It is especially necessary to note that in recent years the average salary of employees of OJSC “Zavod Korpusov” has increased. Taking into account the successes achieved, OJSC “Zavod Korpus” is optimistic about the future: further growth in production and sales is expected, development of new types of products that are in demand not only in Russia, but also abroad, will have to implement large investment programs to improve both the level of pay and the working conditions of the company's employees.

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