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Arzamaz Machine-Building Plant

Ul. 9 Maya, 2, Arzamas, 607220, 
Nizhny Novgorod province, Russia 
Phone: 83147 40780, 44833, 96600 
Fax: 83147 44833  

Arzamas Engineering Plant JSC is the economic base of Arzamas and one of the largest enterprises of the Nizhny Novgorod region industry. The enterprise was founded in 1972 as Arzamas motor components plant and was a part of Gorky automobile amalgamation. After 35 years of operation the plant is the leader in the filed of wheeled armored troop carriers production. Now the plant specializes in producing armored troop carriers BTR-80, BTR-80A, BTR-80K, BREM-K, UNSH, modernized BTR-60PBM, BTR-70M, BRDM-2A, Vodnik and Tiger special vehicles as well as spares and components for cars manufactured by GAZ OJSC.

The Arzamaz Machine-Building Plant [Arzamas Engineering Plant], one of today's largest motor companies in Nizhny Novgorod region, was at first designed as a spare-parts-producing works. It's main function was to provide the Gorky automobile plant and the numerous users of its products with spare parts. On July the 4th, 1957, the Council of Ministers of the USSR ratified the disposition to build a plant in Arzamas for producing spare parts. The building of it began in 1969 and already in 1972 the plant initiated the production of hydraulic shock absorbers for trucks produced at the Gorky automobile plant (GAZ). Later, as the production capacity of the new company grew, the range of its products increased: the production of gear-boxes for Erevan motor company automobiles was adapted, along with the production of driveshafts for GAZ automobiles, hydraulic pumps, front suspensions for GAZ's "Volga".

In the year of 1980 the Arzamas automobile plant adapted a new product - the armored personnel carrier (APC). In 1983 the company was renamed to "The Arzamas automobile plant of the GAZ group company". Although the manufacturer is normally given as the Gorky Automobile Plant, production of the BTR-70 and the later BTR-80 was undertaken in the neighbouring Arzamaz Machine-Building Plant facility. The development of new products, be it complete vehicle, a subassembly or a mere component part, was conducted with constant support and advice of specialists from the main company - the GAZ automobile plant. This kind of creative communication, business and personal, kept improving later on, even though the plant was already self-sufficient enough.

Built in 1972 in Arzamas as a factory for production of spare parts for home-made vehicles, it became by now one of the major Russian producers of not only spare parts and units for GAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ motor vehicles, but also in 1980 the firm started a production of an army armoured vehicle BTR-70 and various types of combat equipment:

  • amphibious two-axle armoured reconnaissance and patrol vehicle BRDM-2;
  • combat wheeled four-axle amphibious armoured vehicle BTR-80, BTR-80A, BTR-80K;
  • armoured repair and recovery vehicle GAZ-59033 Brem;
  • armoured multi-functional amphibious medical vehicle GAZ-59039;
  • cross-country versatile purpose vehicle GAZ-59032 (UNSH-10, UNSH-12);
  • cross-country all purpose vehicle GAZ-39371, GAZ-3937 Vodnik;
  • amphibious cross-country versatile purpose vehicle GAZ-59037 and BTR-80 chassis;
  • cross-country vehicle with a mobile fire-fighting system GAZ-5903 Vetluga (number of nozzles - 22, fire-fighting range - 300 m);
  • amphibious vehicle with auto-hydraulic lifter GAZ-59038 (lifting range - 18 m);
  • tracked-wheeled vehicle with a hydraulic tour GAZ-5903Zh (hydraulic tour: lifting capacity - 500 kg, lifting height - 8 m, platform turning angle - 180 o.);
  • special purpose vehicle GAZ-39344;
  • special purpose vehicle GAZ-3934 Omon;
  • special cash collecting vehicle GAZ-3934 SIAM;
  • load carrier ML-103 (8x8 drive, load capacity - 10 ton);
  • lorry GAZ-33022 - van (GAZel) (van dimensions 3040x2000x1770 mm) paying volume - 10 m3);
  • motor van GAZ-33022 Torgovy with an isothermal chamber (paying volume - 5. 7 m3, isothermal chamber - 3. 66 m3);
  • motor-tank 3621-0000010-01 Beer on GAZ-33021 chassis (tank volume - 1. 25 m3);
  • motor-tank 3621-0000010 Milk on full-drive vehicle chassis GAZ-33027;
  • motor van for bread delivery GAZ-33022 (paying volume - 10 m3);
  • recovery and repair vehicle for gas utility service 04 on GAZ-33022 chassis GAZel;
  • police vehicle GAZ-32215;
  • motor-van GAZ-330223 Farmer.
The company products enjoy a well deserved demand in home and foreign markets (Turkey, Bangladesh, Algeria, Hungary).

At the border of the 80's and 90's the collaboration of Gorky and Arzamas specialists resulted in the development of civil variants of the APC. Today, civil products of the Arzamas automobile plant occupy about 50% of the total produce. These 50% include automobiles, automobile spare parts and other commodities.

The armored machines made of AMZ are supplied to more as 30 countries. It is very popular among the military of Algeria, Hungary, Indonesia, Sudan, Djibouti, Vietnam, Shri-Lanka, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries. In particular, last year first Vodnik machines were delivered to a foreign customer. In Uruguay the quality of the vehicles was highly appreciated. The machines of AMZ plant have crossed the ocean and now conquer the market of Latin America (Uruguay, Colombia). Close relations with the countries of South-East Asia have been maintained. The company has established partnership relations with Bangladesh republic.

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