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Military Industrial Company (MIK)
Voenno Promyshlennaja Kompanija

VPK LLC works with more than 30 government customers. The main ones are the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, the FSO and other power structures of the Russian Federation. The company develops, mass-produces and modernizes: armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, and armored cars, which form the basis of the wheeled vehicle fleet of the ground forces of the Armed Forces and power structures of the Russian Federation, as well as the armies of more than 40 countries.

The management perimeter of VPK LLC includes the public joint-stock company Arzamas Machine-Building Plant (PJSC AMZ) located in the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod Region in Arzamas, the public joint-stock company Zavod Korpus (PJSC ZK) in Vyksa and located in Nizhny Novgorod "Military Engineering Center" (LLC "VIC"). VPK (Military Manufacturing Company) coordinates the activities related to development, production, repair, sales and possible utilization of military equipment at the Arzamas Machine-Building Plant, Korpusov Zavod [Hull Plant / Frame Plant, city of Visk / Vyksa), Holding Company Barnaultransmash. On May 1, 2017, VPK LLC transferred the powers of the sole executive body of Bryansk Arsenal OJSC in Bryansk.

Enterprises controlled by "military industrial company", produce multipurpose automobiles and armored technology with the light armoring, which compose the basis of the land groups of armed forces, other troops, military formings and organs of Russia (BTR-80 and BTR-90, BRMD-2M and many others). The nomenclature of production for the state needs on the basic final models of weapons and military equipment counts more than 80 positions. All works are conducted in accordance with the special licenses on the realization of the works, connected with the use of information, which compose the state secret One additional specialized by sphere activity Military Industrial Company is the adaptation and modification of the technology which is generated in the enterprises which form part "Group GAZ", in accordance with the needs of primary structures.

On June 9, 2006, Igor Raufovich Ashurbeyli became the founder of the Military Industrial Company CJSC (MIC), the managing company of a group of enterprises that began to form since the mid-1990s. Acquiring existing or creating new enterprises, Igor Raufovich laid the foundations of this holding. The main idea of VPK CJSC is to consolidate disparate assets of the military-industrial complex, which ended up in various private hands, and integrate them into meaningful technological chains, as well as provide quality service to defense industry enterprises in the form of public-private partnerships. The group included more than 20 enterprises.

From 2000 to 2011 Ashurbeyli was General Director of Academician A. A. Raspletin NPO Almaz OJSC (Almaz-Antey GSKB OJSC). Under his leadership, the latest modifications of the S-300 Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems were created, the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems were developed and delivered to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The Military Industrial Company Limited Liability Company (VPK LLC) is a strategic partner of the state in equipping the Armed Forces, other military units and security structures with modern high-tech models of wheeled armored vehicles. It has state licenses for the development, production, repair and disposal of weapons and military equipment.

Today "military industrial company" governs the enterprises, in which work more than 10,000 highly skilled specialists - workers, masters, engineers and technologists. Within the framework of the Military Industrial Company has been created the military-engineering center, which ensures expansion and modernization of the existing model number, the unification of the utilized assemblies and aggregates, and also calculation and fulfilling the special demands of the customers of military equipment. In the center already realize promising programs in the region of development and equipping of the armed forces, other primary structures by the contemporary models of weapon.

Basic users are state structures (Ministry of Defense, MVD, the FSB, [FSO] and the like) and FGUP Rrosoboroneksport, which supplies the production, produced in enterprises in the corporation for export.

Enterprises managed by the Military Industrial Company produce multifunctional cars and light armored vehicles, which are employed by land forces and other military formations and authorities of Russia (BTR-80, BTR-90, BRMD-2 and others). The company's product list for purchase by state agencies includes over 80 items. All operations are conducted in accordance with special licenses for use of classified information. Another specialized area of the Military Industrial Company's business is adaptation and modification of vehicles produced at GAZ Group for the use by security and law enforcement agencies.

Within the framework of the Military Industrial Company, the Military-Engineering Center has been founded. It ensures the expansion and modernization of the existing model lines, standardization of units and equipment, as well as implementation of special customer requirements for military equipment. The Center already conducts long-term R&D programs to design modern armaments for military forces and law enforcement agencies. VPK's main customers are state agencies (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Services, etc) and Rosoboronexport - the exporter of VPK's products to foreign markets.

The existing research, production, material and technical base and personnel qualifications allow us to successfully complete the tasks and meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets in wheeled armored vehicles. The enterprises are equipped with modern high-tech equipment, ensuring a consistently high level of quality of products with guaranteed compliance with all declared technical characteristics. The equipment developed and supplied by VPK LLC in the interests of state needs and export obligations passes official state tests with the participation of specialized organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and other law enforcement agencies. VPK LLC ensures the uninterrupted operation of the manufactured equipment and its maintenance in a ready state throughout the entire life cycle. For this purpose, the service structure is constantly being improved with the expansion of the repair range. On the territory of the Russian Federation, a network of dealer service centers and equipment maintenance and repair points has been established that are equipped with the necessary equipment, special tools and have spare parts warehouses.

Products shipped abroad are under warranty for an agreed period. VPK LLC organizes the training of local specialists for the maintenance and repair of delivered machines. If necessary, teams of highly qualified repairmen are sent to the countries of customers.

Founded in Agust 2007, the Military Engineering Centre LLC - Voyenno-Inzhenernyy Tsentr, Ooo - is responsible for development, modernisation and research of the prospects of the whole VPK product mix. Thus, the company is becoming the Defence Ministrys and other uniformed services single contractor responsible for the development and supply of products built by the Russian Machines holding companys subsidiaries under the governmental armament acquisition program. The vehicles VPK develops and supplies for governmental agencies are subjected to official state tests, with specialist organisations with the Defence Ministry and other uniformed services participating. The quality control personnel and appropriate military representatives control the vehicles too, even if tests are conducted in-house.

The manufacturer of Tiger SUVs and armored vehicles, the Military Industrial Company (MIK), will begin to develop caterpillar armored vehicles. For these purposes, the company will buy a plant for the production of tracked chassis, General Director Alexander Krasovitsky told TASS 14 August 2019. We are carrying out 17 development projects (OKR), which we will complete with some success in the near future. These are vehicles in new weight categories, on new chassis, including tracked ones, Krasovitsky said. This would be a family of armored vehicles of a light class of military and dual purpose.

Krasovitsky added that the company will buy one of the Russian manufacturers of tracked chassis. Today, the shareholder sets the task of working out the acquisition issue, I wont say which plant for the production of tracked vehicles. We consider the feasibility study, look at the business plan and the appropriateness of these investments, the general director explained.

In August 2017, he reported in an interview with TASS that the company is on the path to joining the Zavolzhsky tracked tractor plant (ZZGT). The fact of joining the WZGT to the military-industrial complex was not reported later. The plant produces caterpillar snow and swamp vehicles, including two-link ones adapted for work in the Arctic.

The military-industrial complex produces armored vehicles on a wheelbase - Tiger, Medved and Athlet armored vehicles, as well as armored personnel carriers of the BTR-80 and BTR-82 family and vehicles based on them, the prospective wheeled platform Boomerang. The companys lineup lacks armored vehicles using tracked chassis.

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