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Western Military DistrictUnits of Central Subordination

Units of Central Subordination

130th Separate Semenovsky RegimentMoscow
154th separate Preobrazhensky regimentMoscow
449th Separate Fireworks DivisionVatutinko
2nd Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadePromezhits
16th Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadeTambov
49th Air Defense BrigadeElnya
53rd Air Defense BrigadeKursk
202nd Air Defense Brigade Naro-Fomisnk
79th MLRS BrigadeTver
7th Separate Engineer RegimentBelev (Tula)
145th Engineer Regiment ?
27th NBC Defense BrigadeKursk
39th Separate Signal ELINT Brigade OsNOrenburg
82nd Separate ELINT Brigade (OSNAZ)Vyazma
146th Separate ELINT Brigade (OSNAZ)St Petersburg
146th Separate ELINT Brigade OsNBugry
16th Separate ECM BrigadeKursk
1st C3 BrigadeSertolovo
119th Logistics Brigade Orlovskie Dvoriki
Apart from the two combined arms armies and one tank army, approximately two dozen units are directly subordinated to the Western MD commander; they mostly serve in combat support roles. They include the 1st Engineer-Sapper Brigade (Murom), 45th Engineer-Sapper Brigade (Nakhabino), and 45th Engineering-Camouflage Regiment (Inzhenernyy 1).

Also subordinate to the General Staff are the 2nd and 16th Spetsnaz Brigades, stationed in Pskov and Tambov, respectively. The units are tasked with conducting long-range reconnaissance, target acquisition, and diversionary operations behind enemy lines (especially against high-value targets). Despite their subordination to a higher echelon, in times of war the brigades are tasked with conducting special operations within the Western MD areas of responsibility.

An additional force multiplier comes in the form of the 15th and 16th Independent EW Brigades (Stroitel and Kursk). They have proved their effectiveness, or Russian EW capability, in the conflicts to which their personnel have been deployed.

The 202nd Air Defense Brigade deployed at Naro-Fominsk provides army-level air defense coverage of army groupings against aircraft and cruise and ballistic missiles. The unit is equipped with the self-propelled S-300V4 theater air defense system, which can engage targets at ranges of up to 350 km and altitudes of 40 km (24 miles). The system’s engagement umbrella was increased twofold over that of its predecessor through the introduction of “new technologies and hardware” and implementation of an automated battle management system.

Lastly, the 27th NCB Defense Brigade, which provides theater-level NCB defense protection and camouflage capability, is in Kursk.

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