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Length 9.53 - 6.86 meters
Width 3.78 meters
Height 2.225 meters
clearance 0.47 meters
Weight 46.5 - 50 metric tons
Armored volume 11.04 m3
turretvolume 1.85 m3
Crew 3
Engine 840 hp V-84MS diesel
1,000 hp V-84KD turbo-supercharged diesel
1,000 hp V-85 diesel
1 kW AB-1-P28 auxiliary power unit
Max Road Speed 65 km/h
Max cross-country Speed 45 km/h
Power/Weight 18 - 20.0 hp/tn
Ground Pressure 0.938 kg/sq.cm
Range 550 - 650 km
Obstacle negotiation  
Fording depth 1.2 m on the move/5 m with OPVT (snorkel)
Trench width 2.8 m
Vertical obstacle 0.8 m
Maximum gradient 30
Main Weapon 125mm 2A46M-2 smoothbore
Stabilization 2E42-4 Zhasmin
Rate of fire 6-8 rounds/min
Ammunition 43 rounds (22 in carousel)
Ammunition Types APFSDS, HEAT, HEF
ATGM through 125mm 9M119M Refleks-M (AT-11 Sniper-B)
Machine Guns Coaxial PKT 7.62mm (2000 rounds)
Remotely-controlled AAMG mount Utjos NSVT 12.7mm (300 rounds)
Smoke Screens 12 902B 82mm mortars with 3D17 smoke grenades
smoke discharger
Night Vision TO1-PO2T Agava-2 TI (target id range 2.5 km)
TPN-4-49-23 Buran-PA (target id range 1.2/1.5 km)
Fire Control 1A45T Irtysh computerized system with 9S515 missile guidance system
Onboard sights  
Commander PNK-4S sight includes TKN-4S Agat-S day/night sight (target id range 800 m (day)/700 m (night))
Gunner 1V528-1 ballistic computer
1A43 rangefinder/sight
1G46 laying device
DVE-BS wind gauge
Driver TVN-5 IR night viewer
Radio R-163-50U
R-163-50U + R-163-50K (T-90K)
Navigation TNA-4-3 (T-90K)
Jammers Shtora-1 EOCMDAS
Dazzle painting
Other NBC, 3ETs13 Inej auto-fire-fighting equipment,
self-dig-in blade,
air conditioning,
KMT-6 mine clearing equipment (optional)
Front & side armor laminated front, side and top armor behind Kontakt-5 ERA
Front armor rating, mm RHA vs APFSDS: 550 mm + 250-280mm with Kontakt-5 = 800-830mm
vs HEAT: 650 mm + 500-700mm with Kontakt-5 = 1,150-1,350mm

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