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9K331 Tor SA-15 GAUNTLET - Variants

  • Tor M an improved version of the system;
  • Tor M1 is a further improved version. It is based on a slightly different GM 5955 chassis. It uses improved missiles. The Tor M1 is much more effective comparing with the original Tor. It has a kill probability of 45-80% with a single missile against aircraft. Its development was completed in 1989 and it entered service in 1991. The Tor M1 has been exported to China (35 units) where it is known as HQ-17. Russia refused to co-produce these systems in China and it seems that China is developing a copy of this missile system;
  • Tor M1TA version, on a wheeled chassis, consists of Ural-5323 or other military truck with control cabin and trailer with radar and missile launcher. The Tor M1TB is a similar system, but its control cabin is also based on a trailer. Tor M1TC is a non mobile version;
  • Tor M2 further improved version of the Tor. It is claimed that it can deflect massive enemy air raids when enemy extensively uses electronic countermeasures. It entered service in 2008;
  • Tor M2E is an export version of the Tor M2. It seems that this version is based on a tracked chassis. This air defense missile system is in service with Azerbaijan and Belarus;
  • Tor M2K is an export version, based on Belarusian MZKT-6922 6x6 high mobility wheeled chassis. Belarus ordered 5 of these air defense systems for delivery in 2016;
  • Tor M2EK (also referred as Tor M2KM) is a modular air defense systems, that can accommodate various chassis. It was revealed in 2013. The TELAR vehicle was based on a Tata LPTA 3138 8x8 wheeled chassis;
  • Tor M2U is a recent improved version based on a tracked chassis. It can launch missiles while the TEL is on the move. The Tor M2U was adopted by the Russian Army in 2012.
  • Tor-M2KM is the latest development with enhanced target engagement zone in the modular version, independent and on the mobile chassis.

The Kinzhal [Dagger] (SA-N-9 Gauntlet) shipborne air defense system was developed alongside the Tor and has a number of interchangeable components. It entered service with the Soviet Navy in 1989, installed on some Soviet ship classes, notably the Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier, Kirov class cruisers, Udaloy class destroyers and Neustrashymij class frigates. The system was also retrofited to some older ships.

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