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9K331 Tor

Designations 9K331 Tor-M1
Date of Introduction 1990
Proliferation At least 5 countries
Crew 3
TLAR 9A331 combat vehicle
Chassis GM-355
Combat Weight (mt) 34
Length (m) 7.5
Height (m) 5.1 (TAR up)
Width (m) 3.3
Engine Type V-12 diesel
Cruising Range (km) 500
Max. RoadSpeed 65 (km/h)
Radio INA
Protection NBC Protection System
Launcher Reaction Time (sec) 5-8
Reload Time (min) 10
Fire on Move Yes
Emplacement Time (min) 5
Displacement Time (min) Less than 5
Missile Name 9M331
Max. Range (m) 12,000
Min. Range (m) 100
Max. Altitude 6,000 (m)
Min. Altitude 10 (m)
Length 2,900 (mm)
Diameter 235 (mm)
Weight (kg) 167
Missile Speed (m/s) 850
Propulsion INA
Guidance Command
Warhead Type Frag-HE
Fuze Type RF Proximity
Warhead Weight (kg) 15
Self-Destruct (sec) INA
FIRE CONTROL Sights w/Magnification
Electro-optical (EO) television system
Range 20 km
Radar Function Target Acquisition
Detection Range (km) 25
Tracking Range (km) INA
Frequency INA
Frequency Band H-band Doppler
Radar Function Target Tracking and Guidance
Detection Range (km) INA
Tracking Range (km) 25
Frequency INA
Frequency Band K-band Doppler, Phased Array
VARIANTS SA-N-9 Naval version

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