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Red Square Parades

The parade is a powerful way for many countries to love to show armed forces. In accordance with this thinking, the parade can show the latest type of the most powerful weapons. In many cases, the parade has become a perfect place for strategic deception, to show the weapons that are bluff, or secretive, with majestic military music and neat pace in the background.

Red Square is not only the most popular and visited place in the Russian capital, a visiting card and the heart of the country. It had long since become the main military cloak of the Motherland. It was here that glorious military parades took place, the splendor and power of which always caused not only the pride of compatriots for their power, but also the fear of enemies and political rivals.

Despite the change of governments, social systems and even the name of the country, colorful rituals with the participation of the elite of the army and navy were held for many decades on strictly fixed days of state holidays near the Kremlin walls. The main purpose of the military parade, in addition to the magnificent extravaganza, is the demonstration of our country's readiness at any time to repel the military invasion of enemies, to force them to incur severe punishment for encroachments on the holy Russian land.

Gradually became a tradition for the Russian troops after another victorious battle with pride to pass through the central square past the Kremlin. One of the most amazing spectacles of ancient times was the return of the Russian army from near Smolensk in 1655, when the tsar himself was walking ahead with his head uncovered, carrying his little son in his arms.

Many historians believe that the parade, which took place on October 11, 1702, can be considered as the first one, after the army led by Peter the Great returned after the capture of the fortress of Oreshek (Noteburg). Myasnitskaya Street was covered with red cloth on this day, along which the gilded carriage of the Tsar passed, dragging down the defeated Swedish banners on the ground.

Along with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the global political symbolism, the tradition of holding military parades on Red Square, nearly disappeared. In the period from November 7, 1990 to May 9, 1995 parades were not held. And only in 1995 on the Red Square marched pedestrian columns.

It should be noted that the first parades of post-revolutionary Russia resembled little the military marches of the Tsarist army, they were more like people's processions with the participation of the military.

The first Red Army military parade was the parade in Moscow, which took place on May 1, 1918 on the Khodynka Field. The Red Square was the venue for the iconic processions only a year later.

In March 1919 a march was held, dedicated to the Moscow congress of the Third International. And at the May Day parade in the same year on Red Square for the first time after the columns passed a tank. The first military parade in the main square of Moscow was the All-Education Parade, which took place in May 1919 . The parade was personally taken by Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin. In the autumn of 1919 the first parade devoted to the anniversary of the October Revolution was also held.

On February 23, 1925, Mikhail Frunze, who succeeded Trotsky as head, for the first time did not bypass, but bypassing the army builds, sitting astride a horse. The last parade with the participation of this hero of the civil war was the May Day celebration of 1925, at which gun salutes from the cannons set inside the Kremlin were first given.

In the years of stagnation that lasted twenty years and led to the disintegration of the USSR, after the signing of the treaty on arms reduction in 1974 on the Red Square, the last time intercontinental ballistic missiles were demonstrated to the people. In 1975 and 1976, the armored vehicles did not participate in the parades and the celebrations took only thirty minutes. However, on November 7, 1977 tanks again appeared on the main parade of the country. And on November 7, 1982 Brezhnev appeared for the last time on the rostrum of the mausoleum.

Today's parades are significantly different not only by the increased technical capabilities and the presence of a mass of colorful special effects, but also by the unprecedented amount of equipment involved, not only military, but also video shooting, which allows us to show the event in the most favorable perspectives and make close-ups of any place or person. In addition, the stands now set a huge screen, which displays a live picture of the passing parade.

Every year, a television broadcast of the festive parade on Red Square is conducted live on the leading TV channels in Russia, as well as a number of television companies of foreign countries. Traditional for such events the voice of the announcer, broadcasting from the speakers, is carried throughout the Red Square.

Preparation for the parade begins in advance. Most often, the first preparatory activities are held one more year before the upcoming holiday. The preparation of this event is led by a specially elected working group, which includes members of the Moscow government, as well as representatives of major law enforcement agencies and healthcare organizations. The budget of the event is submitted to the consideration of the working group. After discussion, the estimate of the festive procession is adopted by an ordinary majority. Monetary amounts that are allocated for this celebration, each year vary significantly. This is connected with a number of reasons. So, the preparation budget for the parade in honor of the day of May 9 in 2009 amounted to 205.4 million rubles. Just one year later in honor of the 65th anniversary celebrationsvictory in the Great Patriotic War, about 1 billion rubles were allocated for the organization of the parade.

Most often, the necessary funds are allocated from the budget of the city of Moscow. However, in some cases (for example, the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Victory), the financing of the parade takes place at the expense of the federal budget.

Rehearsals of the participants of the festive parade begin almost the very beginning of the calendar year. It should also be understood that the larger the parade being prepared, the sooner the training starts. In the week of the upcoming parade, a series of general rehearsals are held. Some of them also pass at night. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of the population is vested in the city police, FSB and FSO . As a general rule, the press services of all listed organizations must inform citizens in advance about changes in the timetable for the work of municipal transport, and also about changing its routes. Also, a few days before the parade, visitors are blocked access to the Lenin Mausoleum, as well as to the necropolis near the Kremlin wall.

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