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Red Square Parade Deceptions

Over the years, the annual military parades on Red Square acquired another meaning. The demonstration of military power and strategic potential gradually came to the fore. Traditional for this kind of processions were demonstrations of the newest types of weapons and achievements of the defense industry. In the face of constant confrontation with the United States of America, military parades have become a significant weapon in the geopolitical struggle of the two superpowers.

It is reported that the Russian Military History magazine in February 2016 featured an article [not seen on the magazine's website] entitled "Parade in the Strategy of Deception," the Russians put the Red Square parade as the best strategy for deception. The Red Square parade became a "cheating dance". Starting from the 1930s, each year in the Red Square there was held the Labor Day parade and the October Revolution Day parade, which the Soviet Union put to good use. For example, in the early 1930s the overflight of the giant "Gogle" type of large aircraft hid the fact that the technology was completely immature. The airplane was just a sample, but in addition to flying, it could do nothing, but it was deliberately taken out to scare the Western countries.

After entering the Cold War, for the Russians the Red Square parade was a "grand deception dance." For example, in 1947, the Soviet Union had just completed the US B-29 bomber imitation work. At that time, only six prototype existed, the technology was completely immature. It simply could not equip the troops, and did not have actual combat capability. But the Soviet high-level command ordered prototypes to immediately participate in the parade, flying over Red Square. The aircraft turned, and then again flew over Red Square. After repeating this stunt several times, the Western intelligence personnel began to believe that two years after World War II, the weak Russian Air Force had a large number of heavy bombers which can cover the whole of Europe, and even posed a potential threat to the United States.

In 1956, after “one of the briefest and least warlike” May Day parades “ever seen in Red Square,” the White House responded by pruning a District of Columbia flyover from 216 B-47s back for 45 such aricraft. Though New York's 1959 parade exhibited smaller guided missiles, one reporter saw little other “military 'hardware' not familiar in the Korean War.

In the 1950s, the protagonist of deceit became a missile. For example, in 1956, the Soviet Union's original intercontinental missile SS-6 was still in the development stage, and even samples were still not assembled.

Since the parade in 1957, it will be a tradition to demonstrate various missile systems. In the same year, aviation did not perform at the celebration due to non-flying weather. Participation of pilots in the parades on the main square will resume only after forty-eight years at the May 2005 parade.

Since the May Day parade of 1960, military parades have become a kind of formidable symbol of confrontation between the two political worlds. This celebration began with the decision of Khrushchev, then in power, to destroy the reconnaissance aircraft U-2, which broke into the sky over the USSR and proceeded to the Urals.

In the early 1960s, the Russian Red Square strategy was to cheat to the extreme. For example, in 1960, when the Soviet Union's latest T-62 tanks were being developed, the body had been perfected, but with the turret weapon system there are still many problems. In order to scare the West on the parade, the Soviets carried false rockets and false artillery on the real body - these fakes made more powerful and bulky in shape than they were, causing the West to overestmate the strength of the Soviet tanks. Red artillery shown in Red Square had no actual combat capability, and was a failed product, but its mighty shape is used for parade.

The Red Square parade strategy was masterminded by the Soviet Union's KGB, its single-handed director. The military and arsenal are actors, the use of Red Square was a big stage to play a scene of the show to the West. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, through the open Soviet army and the KGB file, the West was the first time to understand this embarrassing fact: they were cheated. According to the description of the "Military History" magazine, the US side responsible for the Cold War on the Soviet intelligence collected officials in the 1990s after the truth has been revealed: in the Russian parades, half of the things were fake!

The Russians were armed with a parade, but many other things were hiding. For example, the Soviet Union in the 1960s as the elite tanks used T-64 tanks, which never appeared in the Red Square parade. Soviet Army Air Defense Air Force's most heavy and long-range air defense missile S200 (SAM 5), never appeared in the Red Square parade. The T-80 tanks, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, did not appeare in the Red Square parades. "Suvorov", the "Soviet insider, claimed that "at least nearly seventy percent" of the advanced weapons, did not appear on the Red Square - they are like the shadow of the fog.

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