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Kaliningrad - Baltic Fleet Headquarters

The headquarters of the Baltic Fleet is located in Kaliningrad. The administration of the Baltic Fleet consisted of 3 military units: military unit No. 26898 (repair of ships), military unit No. 87357 (repair of weapons for ships), military unit No. 99353 (supply of weapons for ships). The Baltic Fleet is deployed in Baltiysk(former Pillau Fortress, 30 kilometers west of Kaliningrad) and Kronstadt, located near St. Petersburg. BF includes naval forces, naval aviation, air defense and coastal forces.

In 2009 the Baltic Fleet successfully completed the main activities for the transition to a new look. The organizational and staff structure has been optimized, and the combat readiness of units is being improved on qualitatively new principles. All of them are parts of constant combat readiness, capable of completing missions to their destination on time.

In 2011 the Baltic Fleet, like a swarm of bees, is shrouded in numerous rumors. Some said that the fleet’s headquarters is being transferred from Kaliningrad to St.Petersburg, others said that the fleet will be completely abolished. The BF headquarters remained in Kaliningrad and continued to manage subordinate forces.

The building of the Supreme Directorate of Posts was built in Königsberg in the 1914-1916s. Currently, the building houses the headquarters of the Twice Red Banner Baltic Fleet. The building of the Supreme Directorate of Posts was built in Königsberg in the 1914-1916s. The main facade of the building of the Supreme Directorate of Posts from the second to the fourth floor is decorated with a portico of six ionic columns, above which is a classic pediment. The building has an extensive courtyard.

The Königsberg Postal Directorate was in charge of the city and territorial offices of the post office, telegraph, telephone exchanges and control of postal payments. During the Second World War, the building was badly damaged by fire, the outer walls and portico were preserved, the right part of the pediment collapsed. In the early 1950s, the building was restored.

Twice Red Banner Baltic Fleet (BF, DKBF) is an operational and strategic unit of the Navy of the Russian Federation on the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Fleet is the operational and strategic association of the Russian Navy in the Baltic Sea. The main basing points are Baltiysk (Kaliningrad region) and Kronstadt (Leningrad region). It includes a division of surface ships, a crew of diesel submarines, a combination of auxiliary and search and rescue ships, the Air Force fleet, coastal troops, and parts of the rear technical and special support.

From May 11 to June 10, 2016, the Ministry of Defense conducted a comprehensive audit of command structures and headquarters of all levels, formations and units of the Baltic Fleet. The audit was carried out with particular care and clearly had the goal of digging up as much negative material as possible. This revealed the disastrous situation in the construction and reconstruction of naval bases and military camps, the inefficient spending of allocated funds. In addition, it turned out that the state program for recruitment for contractual service in the Baltic Fleet was disrupted.

The dry wording that “violations were discovered during the construction of military and social infrastructure, housing, catering and service facilities in military camps” were followed, as the military says, “tough organizational staff conclusions,” in other words, an unprecedented series of resignations. Officially, the top of the Baltic Fleet "left" for "serious omissions in combat training, as well as distortions in reports on the real state of affairs." Also departing was Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Kravchuk, Chief of Staff of the Fleet Sergey Popov, and after them another 50 Rear Admirals and Captains of the 1st rank lost their posts. The purge affected many fleet headquarters officers, squadron commanders, brigades, and military units.

A new 132-apartment building on Gaidar Street in Kaliningrad was built by experts of the Baltic Fleet’s military construction department, was built in less than a year, and, without exaggeration, it adorned Selma microdistrict, a dynamically developing area of new buildings in the regional center. All the necessary infrastructure is thought out and correctly organized. A stone's throw from the house - a shopping center, school, hospital, and now the most modern sports complex in the North-West, the opening of which was attended by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Today, in the Baltic Fleet, more than 5,000 military personnel require permanent and official housing, of which 980 people have the right to improve housing conditions. It should be noted that the priority in obtaining and buying housing is given to servicemen retired to the reserve, to those who have given service for more than a dozen years. In addition to construction, 96 apartments have already been transferred to the Ministry of Defense, some of them not only in Kaliningrad, but also in large cities of the region - Sovetsk and Chernyakhovsk.

Baltic Fleet Headquarters Baltic Fleet Headquarters

Baltic Fleet Headquarters Baltic Fleet Headquarters

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