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Construction Troops [stroi]

By 1997 military construction troops were to be an early target for reform. Traditionally a dumping ground for below-standard conscripts, the construction troops had helped the military reduce its housing shortfall but had also all too often provided a source of cheap labor for other ministries and jurisdictions.

By 2003 the Russian authorities asserted that the conflict in Chechnya was being "normalized" and demilitarized; being turned into a police operation rather than a war. But a 12 August 2003 article in Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports that the number of Construction Troops serving in Chechnya continued to grow. These troops were working on construction projects that would seem to make sense only if a large number of Russian troops were planning a long stay in the Republic. Lieutenant General Anatoly Grebeniuk told Nezavisimaya Gazeta correspondent Vladimir Mukhin that about 4,000 military construction workers, of whom 2,500 were uniformed Construction Troops, were deployed in Chechnya. And in the near future, he said the number was to grow to 6,000 -- a 50 percent increase. The construction troops were repairing fortifications along the border with Georgia. They are also working to finish the building of military infrastructure in Chechnya for the long term use of the 42nd motorized rifle division and the 46th brigade of interior troops. The facilities to be built include warehouses, garages, repair shops, refueling stations, telegraphic communications systems, and command and control systems. Also needed were more barracks for volunteer contract soldiers.

Since 2003 the association of the administration of the construction of the troops solves problems in the fulfillment of the measures, connected with the implementation of federal special-purpose program "passage to the staffing by soldiers, who pass military service on the contract, a number of connections and military parts during the years 2004 - 2007", affirmed by the decision of the government of the Russian Federation of ? 523 dated August 25, 2003, in the part, which is concerned the construction of connections and parts, planned to the transfer into the new method of staffing.

Up to 2005 was carried out the work on re-equipment of silos [BRK] with the setting to standby alert of rockets "Topol-M", on construction and modernization of the existing ranges of the tests of weapon, were begun preparatory works for the realization of the modernization (reconstruction) of airfield in Engels.

Since January 1, 2005 on the order of government RF and Minister of Defense of task in the erection of special objects are transmitted into the Federal Agency of Special Building. Now the composition of the administration of the construction of the troops [UOV] includes 19 construction administrations, which are stationed from Kaliningrad region to the Far East and from the North Sea to the North Caucasus: UNR and KHRU - 174, VSO - 24, individual companies - 9, construction-assembly and construction sections - 1390, UPP - 23, KMTS - 12, industrial enterprises - 19, autos-enterprise - 20, auto-transport groups - 19.

In all during more than half century history of its existence by forces [UOV] MO RF are put into operation more than 20 airport complexes for the civil and military aviation, the first in the world spaceport Baikonur, more than 300 combat missile complexes, the northern spaceport Plesetsk], more than 10 unique objects of control system of the outer space and of the opposition to rocket attack, five large proving grounds, 16 scientific and training centers and complexes, including on the use of atomic and nuclear energy, four hundred-thousand cities and more than 500 towns with the infrastructure under different regions and conditions, 350 plants, shops, repair complexes for the heavy and light industry, more than 10 000 km of the cable, including underwater and airlines of power transmissions, more than 100 special underground and underwater construction, are more than 4000 km of railroad and highways, and also bridges, tunnels and other transport construction. Military builders elevated 6 complexes on the liquidation of nuclear fuel and toxic substances, more than 25 large ports and the bases of above-water and underwater ships, 12 shipbuilding and ship-repair plants, four stations of the demagnetization of ships, proving ground on Novaya Zemlya.

In 2005 construction organizations [UOV] MO RF built 62 houses to 4936 apartments and 3 hostels in 420 places with a total area of 615 thousand square meters of dwelling. It executed tasks in the reconstruction of 189 units of official- barrack zone in the military posts, intended for the soldiers of the passing service on the contract, including 93 hostels in 20 thousand 482 places, 8 table, 7 bath and laundry combines, 3 clubs, 3 boiler rooms, in the garrisons of military districts and fleets.

In 2006 it undertook the construction of base for the 42nd Guard Motorized Rifle Division in the Chechen republic completes. In all since the beginning of the building to the construction of 42nd Guard Motorized Rifle Division in the Chechen republic more than 7,5 billion rubles were spent. By forces of the construction administration [SKVO] the operation military hospital in Mozdok was built within the shortest periods of time. It completed construction-assembly work on the construction of 503rd Guard Motorized Rifle Regiment in the garrison Troitskaya of republic Ingushetia, the soldiers of regiment are provide for 100 percent, their children walk into kindergarten and they learn in the school, by the constructed military builders.

By this time they had practically completed work on the construction of the parts for the staffing by soldiers on the contract in the garrisons: Budennovsk, Molkino, Bataysk, and Maykop. In accordance with the commission of President of the Russian Federation in 4 quarters of 2004 the administration of the construction of the troops approached the construction of facilities for the motorized rifle brigade (mountain) at Botlikh in the republic of Daghestan.

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