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BTR-D is a variant of the BMD-1, with an additional road wheel, the turret removed, and with a raised hatch area. The BTR-D, which can carry 13 men including 10 infantrymen in the rear compartment, features improved protection through the use of a dual slanted angle in the upper plates of the front armor. First seen during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the BTR-D is often referred to as the BMD M1979 by NATO. This a multi-purpose armored transporter can be parachute landed with airborne troops, and is used by Air Assault Forces in a variety of roles and configurations. The BTR-Ds in grenade launcher units will carry one AGS-17 30-mm AGL in the rear. Options include the Kliver turret with a 30-mm gun, 7.62-mm coax MG, thermal sights, superior day sights, and (four) Kornet ATGM launchers.


  • 1V118 Reostat/1V119 Spektr - Artillery command and observation posts for amphibious and airborne forces.
  • 2S9 - 120-mm self-propelled combination gun, with a turreted breech-loaded mortar/howitzer system.
  • BMD-KShM - Former Soviet regiment or division command and staff variant, with large Clothes-line antenna.
  • BREM-D - Armored repair and recovery variant.
  • BTR-RD/Robot - An ATGM variant (AT-4/-5) with 2 launchers, dismounted or mounted on pintles for vehicle launch.
  • BTR-ZD - [Z for zenitnyj] Air defense variant with ported or towed ZU-23 twin 23-mm air defense gun. Vehicle also carries manpad SAM launchers.
  • BTR-3D - Air defense variant with a rear-mounted ZU-23 gun.
  • Sterkh (Malakit/Shmel)- UAV transporter and launcher vehicle.

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