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9M133-1 / 9K135 - Kornet (AT-14)

Developer Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • KBP (ATGM),
  • NITI (B) ( IST ),
  • NIIFP (onboard equipment)
  • Years of development 19881998
    Adoption 1998
    ManufacturerATGM: ZiD , PU: VMZ
    Units produced 35,000
    Missile caliber 152 mm
    Missile length 1200 mm
    Wingspan 460 mm
    Guidance SACLOS, laser beam riding, < 5 m accuracy
    Control system automatic tele-orientation in the laser beam
    Interference immunity high
    The number of simultaneously fired targets "in one gulp" 2
    Warhead 152mm tandem HEAT warhead,
    Propulsion Single-stage solid propellant rocket motor
    Speedover 250 m/s
    Weight (kg) 37
    Effective firing range
  • 100-150 m minimum,
  • original : up to 5,500 meters (3.4 mi)
  • current (EM version): 8,000 (5 miles), for Anti-tank missile and 6 miles for thermobaric (day time)
  • 10,000 Firing range, maximum
  • Penetration
  • 1.000 to 1.200 mm RHA penetration behind ERA
  • 12001400 mm (of rolled homogeneous armor)
  • 3 to 3.5 m of concrete
  • 9M133 - up to 1000 mm behind ERA
  • 9M133-1 - up to 1000-1200 mm behind ERA
  • 9M133M-2 - up to 1100-1300 mm behind ERA
  • Altitude Up to 3 km
    TNT equivalent of high explosive warhead, kg 7
    Engagement envelope ----
    Remarks 1.21 m container length
  • 9M133 with a tandem-cumulative warhead;
  • 9M133F with a high-explosive warhead;
  • 9M133-1 with a tandem-cumulative warhead;
  • 9M133F-1 with a high-explosive warhead;
  • 9M133FM with a high-explosive warhead;
  • 9M133M-2 with a tandem-cumulative warhead;
  • 9M133FM-2 with a thermobaric warhead;
  • 9M133FM-3 with a high-explosive warhead.
  • Variants
  • 9P163-1 Kornet: Tripod manpack launcher with 1P45-1 sight tracker and 1PN79-1 thermal sight. Can also be pedestal mounted on vehicles. Export model is known as Kornet-E.
  • 9P163M-1 Kornet-M. Tripod launcher for the longer range Kornet-M missiles. Export model is known as Kornet-EM.
  • 9P163M-1 Kornet-T: Two round launcher fed by a 16 round internal magazine. Mounted on the BMP-3 universal chassis. Prototypes only. Also known as 9P162.
  • Kvartet: Small rectangular turret with two Kornet missiles on each side. Also known as 9P163-2. Fires the original Kornet missiles.
  • Kvartet-M: Improved Kvartet turret based on the BPPU turret, also known as 9P163-2. Has day and night sights installed in the weapon mount and two long range Kornet-M missiles on each side.
  • Kornet-D: Anti-tank platform with Kornet-M missiles based on the GAZ Tigr. Uses two retractable four round launchers, with an additional 8 missiles in reserve.

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