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An-12 CUB - Variants

An-12 Initial production of the military transport model powered by 4,000ehp Ivchenko AI-20A engines.
An-12A (1961) An improved model with four additional fuel cells in the inner wing panels and 4,250ehp AI-20K engines. The engines AI-20a (4000 H.P.) and 4 additional soft fuel tanks in a wing in a zone of engines (the total capacity of tanks have been brought up to 16600 L) are installed. Load capacity increased to 20 t.
An-12AD One Tashkent-built An-12 (CCCP-11528 No.2) was delivered as the An-12AD, with no known reason for the suffix.
An-12AP Conversion of the An-12A, fitted with the two extra underfloor tanks of the An-12P.
An-12B (1963) Further improved, with detachable outer wings forming integral fuel tanks housing 1,390 liters (305.8 Imp.Gal.) each. In parts of a wing are made caisson-tanks (the total capacity of tanks is brought up to 19500 L). Reinforced wing center-section supports the extra fuel weight, a separate Flight Engineer station, more powerful cargo-handling winches and a TG-16 APU in the port undercarriage fairing, which necessitated removal of the rear bomb pylons from the undercarriage fairings. Power was supplied by Ivchenko AI-20M engines with improved reliability at the same rating as the AI-20K. For autonomous starting of engines and power of the on-board network up to height of 1000 m in the left fairing chassis the generator TG-16 is installed. The rudder trimmer is enlarged, two rear bomboderzhateljas are removed, the Borttehnika working place is added. For loading of the nonself-propelled technics by weight up to 8 t winches BL-52 are replaced on BL-1500. Some An-12B aircraft were built at the factories as commercial transports with all military or sensitive equipment removed, the designation for these aircraft was unchanged.
An-12B (LIAT) (Laboratoriya Issledovaniya Aviatsionnoy Tekniki aviation hardware examination laboratory) In 1972 a single An-12B was converted as a flying accident investigation laboratory with equipment for investigating crashes and analysing accident and voice recording systems.
An-12B-30 A projected 30-tonne (66,140 lb) payload version of the An-12B, to be powered by 5,180ehp AI-20DK engines.
An-12B-I (Individooal'naya individual protection) Electronic countermeasures version with the Fasol (String Bean) active jamming system. Only seven aircraft were built/converted.
An-12p/AP/BP (1963-1989-2005) Installed fuel tanks under the floor between the Pappas. - 14 and Pappas. - 24 (5500 L) and between Pappas. - 33 and Pappas. - 41 (4350 L).
An-12BK (1967) The AI-20m engine (4250 H.P.) is installed, the equipment complex is modernized. The opening of the cargo hatch increased on the threshold of 105 mm, on the sides installed fairings cargo hatch. Generator TG-16 is replaced by TG-16m, which ensures the start of engines up to a height of 3000 m. Winches CH-1500 DP with remote control, crane-beams with lifting capacity of 2300 kg and cargo ladders-seats are installed. (Kompleks avionics) An increased 30-tonne (66,140 lb) payload, improved avionics suite, TG-16M APU and the widened cargo door of the An-12BP characterized the An-12BK, which was built exclusively for the VTA.
An-12UD/UD-3 (1960) -Extended Range option with two/three additional fuel tanks (4000 litres) in the cargo cabin.
An-12PL (1961) Polar, ski option with unclean ski chassis and heated skis with air when they primerzanii to torque the plane from the place. Built 2 copies.
An-12T (1961) -Trucks, was intended for transportation of aviation, automobile and rocket fuels and oxidants in containers, installed in the cargo cabin.
An-12BM (1962) -An-12b for the study of the possibility of long-distance radio communication through the satellite "lightning-1". 4 operators of communication equipment are placed in the cabin of the attendants. 1 plane has been converted.
An-12BK (1963) -Search and rescue variant with the equipment "source-dove" direction of working emergency VHF-radio stations.
An-12B-bis (1964) -Option An-12b with the station of individual radio-electronic counteraction "beans". Built 7 copies.
An-12BP (1968-1969-2005) -Scouts of the degree of radioactive contamination of the atmosphere.
An-12BKV (1969) -Bomber and director of mines, equipped with a stationary conveyor to reset 12 tons of bombs.
An-12B Kubrick (1969) -Aircraft complex of equipment for the study of infrared radiation of surface, ground and aerial targets and testing of objects of infrared technology.
An-12PS (1969) -Aviation-Sea search-Spasatelnyi complex on Bazean-12b. It is intended for search and evacuation of Privodnivshihsja cosmonauts, and also people in distress at sea. The plane delivers and desantiruet to the water area of rescue Speckater type 03473 with a team of rescuers of three people.
An-12BSH and An-12BKSH (1970) -Training and navigational variants of an-12b and an-12BK for group training (10 workplaces in a cargo cabin) of BTA Cadet-Navigators.
An-12BL (1970) -An experimental aircraft on the basis of an-12b, equipped with the purpose of reducing losses while overcoming the enemy's air defense with the X-28 anti-radar missile system.
An-12BK-IP (1970) An-12BK, equipped with means of individual technical protection "beans" and "lilac" in four containers on an external suspension. 45 copies were converted.
An-12BK-IS (Individooahl'naya zaschita s sistemoy Seeren individual protection active jammer Siren) 40 An-12BKs were built as ECM platforms with Fasol and Sirena mission systems housed in four pods suspended from pylons either side of the lower forward fuselage and either side of the gunner's position.
An-12PP (1970) -Option An-12b/12BK-director of interference group protection. Equipped with automatic stations aiming and aiming-barriers active and passive interference with the radio technical means of missile guidance of the enemy. It is equipped with special radio-absorbing devices of biological protection of the crew from radiations. Built 27 copies.
An-12BK-PPP (1971) -Option An-12pp-the director of interference group protection. From an-12pp is distinguished by the presence of stations of retaliatory noises "lilac" in external containers. 19 copies were built.
An-12BK-PPP (1974) -Option An-12BK-director of interference group protection of increased efficiency. From an-12BK-PPP (1971) is distinguished by more perfect target equipment (including the presence of an automatic device of infra-red interference) and preservation of gun installation. Jamming planes allow to hide the direction of flight, composition and construction of BTA units; interfere with the operation of the radar, fighter planes, homing heads of missiles (including heat), radio and microwave communication networks of the enemy.
An-12BK-IP (1974g.)-An-12BK, equipped with the means of individual radio technical protection "barrier", "Lilac" and automatic IR jammers. Refurbished 105 copies.
An-12M (1972) The engine AI-20DM (5180 H.P.) and screws ab-68 DM in the diameter of 4.7 m. Flight characteristics are improved. 1 copies were converted.
An-12 MGA (1959-1972-2005) A civilian aircraft without weapons (sometimes with a stern cabin) and amphibious equipment. The deferral-3 radar has been replaced by the radar survey of the Earth surface of roses-1. On some aircraft, a compartment with 16 additional batteries is installed instead of an arrow cabin.
An-12BKT (1972) -Tanker of frontline aircraft. The volume of the given fuel 19500 L. Runs on the ground simultaneously two fighters.
An-12B (1972) -Laboratory for metrological verification of Kip Regiments. 1 copies were converted.
AN-12B (1972) -Laboratory for work on the field of flight accidents, has laboratory compartment and additional household equipment. 1 copies were converted.
AN-12BSM (1973)-a variant of MGA for transportation of containers, equipped with two crane-beams with a total payload of 5000 kg, roller tracks and guides. To align the freight floor between the Pappas. - 34 and Pappas. - 43 laid special flooring. The plane transports 8 pallets of PA-2.5, or 8 containers uaq-2.5, or 4 pallets pa-5.6, or 4 containers uaq-5a.
An-12BKK capsule (1975) -Aircraft of the commander of BTA. Equipped with a sealed capsule cabin. 1 copies were converted.
An-12BKC cyclone (1979) -Laboratory on the basis of an-12BK for research of meteorological processes, equipped with measuring and computational equipment, means of influence on clouds. 2 copies were converted.

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