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An-12 CUB

  • 2 photographic bombs FOTAB-100-80 or 2 night-oriented signal-aerial bombs NOSAB-100 or 2-day orientated-signal air bombs DOSAB-100 for dropping from beam holders;
  • 6 color orienteering-signal aerial bombs of TsOSAB-10 or 6 night navigational naval bombs OMAB-25-8N or 6 day navigational naval bombs OMAB-25-12D or 6 radiosondes for dropping from the box holder DY-SS-AT;
  • 70 70-kg aerial bombs (OFAB, ZAB) or 29-32 250-kg bombs (OFAB, ZAB, PTAB, RBC) or 18-22 bombs of 500 kg caliber (FAB, ZAB, FZAB, RBC) or 18 aircraft UDM- 500 for dropping from the TG-12MB conveyor.

    For sighting bombing and dropping of the landing cargo in the navigator's cockpit, the NKPB-7 sight is installed. Two external beam racks are located in front of the fairings of the chassis and two - in the rear part inside. The box holder DY-SS-AT for the vertical suspension of 6 bombs is located in the tail of the fuselage.
  • Specifications
    Country of Origin Russia
    Builder ANTONOV
    Role Medium-cargo/transport, ECM, ELINT
    User Countries Angola, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, CIS, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, People's Republic of China (Y-12), Poland, Slovakia, South Yemen, Sri Lanka, Syria (Y-12), Yugoslavia
    Similar Aircraft C-130 Hercules, C-160 Transall, G.222
    Crew 3-6
    Wingspan 38.0 m / 124 ft, 8 in
    Length 33.1 m / 121 ft, 4 in
    Height 10.53 m
    Wing area 121.7 sq. m
    Empty weight 30500 kg
    Takeoff weight 54000 kg
    Max. takeoff weight 61000 kg
    Engines 4 AI-20M, 4250 hp each
    Max. speed 640 km/h
    Cruise speed 600 km/h
    Landing speed 170 km/h
    Ceiling 10200 m
    Takeoff roll 850 m
    Landing roll 860 m
    Range 5500 km
    Payload 100 equipped troops
    vehicles and weapons
    130 passengers or cargo

    13.5 m x 2.6 m x 3.5 m (122.9 cu. m) cargo bay
    Armament twin 23mm NR-23 cannons in tail
    Bomber weapons

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