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6th Army History

6th ArmyThe 6th Army was formed in August 1939 in the Kiev Special Military District. In September participated in the liberation campaign of the Red Army in the Western Ukraine. By the beginning of the war the army (6th and 37th Rifle Corps, the 4th and the 15th Mechanized Corps, 5th Cavalry Corps, 4th and 6th fortifications, artillery and a number of other parts) was deployed at the Lviv direction. Since the beginning of the war included in the South-Western Front, participated in the border battle northwest of Lviv in July - early August (from July 25, was part of the Southern Front) - in the Kiev defense operations. August 3 enemy managed to surround a large part of the troops of the 6th Army (along with parts of the 12th Army) in Uman. Some groups within these armies fought until August 13, breaking the east. 10 August 6th Army disbanded its army transferred to other armies. Commanders: Muzychenko JH (June - August 1941), Lieutenant-General.

Once again, the 6th Army was established in the end of August 1941 on the southern front on the basis of the 48th Rifle Corps. Originally it consisted of 169-I , 226 th , 230 th , 255th , 273rd , 275th Infantry Division, 26 th and 28 th Cavalry Division, 8th Armored Division, 44th Fighter Air Division, the number of artillery, engineering, and other parts. After the formation of the defending line on the left bank of the Dnieper River north-west of the Dnipropetrovsk. In late September, passed the Southwestern Front and its composition has participated in the Donbas operation, then Barvenkovsky - Lozovskaya operations and Kharkov battle in 1942 At the beginning of June 1942 management disbanded the army, as its troops out of the environment received the reserve Southeast Western Front.

Commanders: R. J. Malinowski (August - December 1941), Major-General, in early November 1941, Lieutenant-General Gorodnyansky AM (January - May 1942), Major General, from the end of March 1942 Lieutenant General. The composition of the beginning of the Kharkov operation in 1942: 41th Rifle Division , 45th Rifle Division , the 103rd Rifle Division , 248th Rifle Division , 253rd Rifle , 266 Rifle Division , 337th Rifle Division , 411th Rifle Division , 21 th TC ( 64th Tank Brigade , 198th Tank Brigade , 199th Tank Brigade ), the 23rd TC ( 57th Tank Brigade , 131st Tank Brigade , 23th IDB )

The third time the 6th Army was established was at the beginning of July 1942 (after renaming the 6th Army Reserve). It includes the 45 th , 99 th , 141 th , 160 th , 174 th , 212 th , 219 th and 309 th Infantry Division, 141st Infantry Brigade, a number of artillery and other units and units . As part of the Voronezh, from December 19, 1942 Southwest (from October 20, 1943 the 3rd Ukrainian) fronts participated in Voronezh - Voroshilovgrad Srednedonskoy defensive and offensive operations, attack on the direction of the Donbass and the reflection of the German counter-offensive - Nazi troops south of Kharkov, in the Donbass operations in 1943, the winter and spring of 1944 - in Nikopol - Krivoy Rog, Bereznegovatoe - Snigirevskoj and Odessa offensive operations. In June 1944, the 6th Army transferred to the 37-th and 46-th Army, Office of the front output in reserve, on July 18 - to reserve the Supreme Command. In December 1944, management of the 6th Army transferred to the 1st Ukrainian Front and near Sandomierz took some of the troops from the 3rd Guards and 13th Armies. In January - February 1945, the army was involved in Sandomir - Silesia and Lower Silesia offensive operations in March - early May was fighting to eliminate the encircled enemy in Breslau.


  • Kharitonov FM (July 1942 - May 1943), Major-General, with December 1942, Lieutenant-General
  • Shlemin Ivan T. (May 1943 - May 1944), Lieutenant-General
  • Kulishev FD (June-August and September-December 1944), Maj.-Gen.
  • Tsvetayev VD (September 1944), Colonel-General
  • Gluzdovsky VA (December 1944 - May 1945), Lieutenant-General.

The composition of the 6th Army as of 1.12.1942g.:

  • 15th ck ( 172nd Rifle Division , 267th Rifle Division , 350th Rifle Division );
  • 127th Rifle Division , 160th Rifle Division , 219 Rifle Division , 270th Rifle Division , 309th Rifle Division ;
  • 106th Rifle Brigade , 1st iptabr, 2nd iptabr, 6th opbr;
  • Artillery RGC - 8th hell , 875 th rang, 1109-th popes, 462 th and 1176-iptap th, 45 th, 87 th and 97 th Guards. minp, 241st zenap;
  • The armor fur. troops - 17th TC , ( 66th Tank Brigade , 67th Tank Brigade , 174th Tank Brigade , 31th UICC ), 115th Tank Brigade , 34th separate armored train;
  • Engineering - 15th MBP MBP 23rd, 123rd MBP 370 th OPB.

Officially there were listed three formations of the 6th Army during the war, in fact, four of them: the first died in Uman cauldron, surrounded by a second near Kharkov, and the third, which was renamed from the 6th Army Reserve 07/08/1942. However, she gave 01/06/1944 all troops in the 37th and 46th Army 3rd Ukrainian Front, its field command displayed in the front of the reserve, and then Stakes, and was there for six months right up to December 1944, after which 07.12.1944 received new troops from the 3rd Guards Army and the 13th Army in the 1st Ukrainian Front and continued to fight until victory Sandomierz bridgehead.

The 6th Tank Army was formed on the basis of the decision of the Supreme Command January 20, 1944 at the 1st Ukrainian Front. Initially, the 6th Panzer Army were part of the 5th Guards Tank and 5th Mechanized Corps, a number of separate parts. In the 1 st Ukrainian, from February 22 - 2nd Ukrainian Front took part in the Korsun - Shevchenko, Uman - Botoshanskoy, Iasi - Chisinau offensive operations, the liberation of Romania, in Debrecen and Budapest offensive operations. At the end of January 1945 reserve bred in the front, in the middle of March passed the 3rd Ukrainian front and in its composition took part in the Vienna operation. In mid-April, was reassigned to the 2nd Ukrainian Front and participated in the Bratislava - Prague Brnovskoy and offensive operations. In the summer of 1945 the army redeployed to the Mongolian People's Republic, is included in the Trans-Baikal Front and participated in Khingano - Mukden operation. For Military Merit was transformed into the 6th Guards Tank Army (September 1944), and units of the Army awarded orders, many of them were awarded honorary titles, tens of thousands of soldiers of the army were awarded orders and medals, 75 awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and A. Kravchenko and SF Shutov awarded the title twice.

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