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Derzkii Project 20386 Corvette

The new project 20386 is very different from the base project 20380, its seaworthiness and habitation are significantly improved. Project 20386 is designed to conduct combat operations in the near and far sea zones, protect communications and economic activities in the sea, artillery support troops. In particular, the ship of project 20386 must strike combat surface ships and vessels with cruise missiles of the ship missile complex, search for and destroy enemy submarines with torpedoes of a small anti-submarine complex, ensure the combat stability of ships and ships from air strikes against enemy air defense missile systems. The corvette will be equipped with an A-190-01 artillery installation of 100 mm caliber developed by the Central Research Institute "Burevestnik".

The main feature of the new Corvette project 20386 is a modular design that will allow, if necessary, to quickly optimize the vehicle under a wide range of tasks, changing the standardized modules with equipment and weapons systems. The corvette can carry onboard deck helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles. This is a fundamentally new modification of a surface ship, its design will combine elements of the basic configuration and removable combat modules, which greatly expand the range of performed Corvette tasks.

The Corvette project 20386 has onboard a helicopter, and designers consider the possibility of equipping unmanned aerial vehicles. The ship will also be equipped with new electronic systems. As a result of all these modifications Corvette of this type will be multi-purpose and can act not only near but also far sea zone. A number of these latest systems, including electronic equipment and electronic weaponry, will be installed on two Corvette project 20380 “Zealous” and “Strict” laid on “Northern shipyard” February 20, 2015. These systems are far superior in its capabilities similar equipment four corvettes of this project, is already transferred to the fleet.

The 100-mm Lightweight Multipurpose Naval Gun is a single-barrel turreted automatic gun that may be installed on ships with the displacement of 500 t and more. Upon the operator’s command the fire control module automatically turns the artillery system to standby or combat-ready position, ensures ammunition selection and feeding, gun laying and firing. As a result, the artillery system has minimum response time and high rate of fire. The corvette will be made with the use of Stealth technology will become invisible to the enemy. As a result of innovations corvette project 20386 will be multi-purpose and can operate not only in the near, but in the long-range maritime zone.

In July 2013 on the drafting of 20386 reported by the chief engineer of CMDB “Almaz” Konstantin Golubev, clarifying that the design of the ship was a benchmark for Russian weapons. President of JSC “USC” Alexei Rakhmanov reported July 18 2014 on the construction of corvettes for advanced project 20386. Bookmark of the new generation corvette of project 20386, which implement modularity of weapons and the possibility of basing drones, had been scheduled for 2015. CEO CMDB “Diamond” Alexander Shlyakhtenko said that laying down the new Corvette was scheduled in 2017, and handing the lead ship was scheduled for 2019.

The newest multi-purpose warship was laid on 28 October 2016 at the plant "Severnaya Verf" in St. Petersburg for the Russian Navy. The company reported that the Russian Navy will receive the ship in 2021. Official of the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defence Ministry for the Navy Igor Dygalo said. "Corvette Project 20386 will have the hull and superstructure, significantly reducing the radar signature ship will be equipped with modern anti-ship and anti-submarine armament and anti-aircraft missile complex crew held a full training cycle in the United training of the Navy center of Russia in St. Petersburg.." - Dygalo said. According to him, the order of the Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev corvette was given the name of "Derzkii". Officially tranlated as "Defiant" [but also tranlatable to: saucy; pert; insolent; brash; impertinent; audacious; cheeky; impudent; daring; and cocky - all perfectly excellent nams for such ships]. "Corvettes of the new generation will carry out the tasks as part of naval battle groups, heterogeneous groups of naval forces in the near and far offshore areas. Russian propulsion systems will be installed on the ship, with a perfected radar system."

The Naval Fleet of Russia expects to receive more than ten corvettes new project 20386, Deputy Navy Commander Victor Bursuc told reporters 30 October 2016. "The series, of course, will continue to hope that there will be more than a dozen ships in it." - He said. "Plans for the construction of this series introduced in the shipbuilding program until 2050," - said the deputy commander.

The principle of modularity is based on the project developed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau. This suggests that the corvette will be able to carry temporarily installed weapons, which will expand the range of tasks to be performed by the ship. The displacement of teh corvette, according to the "Severnaya Verf", would reach 3,400 tons, length - 109 meters. The ship will be equipped with a combined gas turbine plant, he will receive two gas turbine engine M90FR (capacity of 27,500 horsepower each), and two electric motors (with a capacity of 2,200 horsepower). Cruising range of the corvette will be 5000 nautical miles, the crew consists of 80 people.

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